Guess who did the above drawing for Dommy?

The drawing above is by my sweet blogger friend Yoon See from Greener Pastures. Dommy was so delighted to see a drawing done specially for him and dedicated to him. He was going.. "Even Anny never draw anything for me. You are a lazy bum Anny" Woof! Dommy sends his love and thanks to you Yoon See.

Thanks a lot for the many lovely drawings that you sent my way last week. I love them all. I love the Smart Dommy picture most. I will treasure it for a very long time.

Yoon See is a great pianist and an artist. You can hear her play Wonderful Tonight on her blog. I love her paintings and drawings because they spell playful and friendly and loads of happiness. Her strokes are free.. and not rigid or confined. The colors are what makes her drawings very special. She is also a very kind person and who is ever so generous in leaving good comments for us on our blogs. Sometimes she takes lots of pictures of sights and things she sees along her way and share them all with us in her blogs.

She is a wonderful person and i am so glad to have her as my friend. Hope to meet up with her one day soon. Do visit her blog Greener Pastures and be inspired.

Thanks again for all the lovely drawings and gifts Yoon See. And Dommy said Woof!

oh ya Yoon See.. i love the Doggy bookmark very much!

11 woofs:

baincardin said...

the drawing is indeed beautiful! bookmark for Dommy tu mmg cute Anny! ^_^

Nessa said...

woweee.. fabulous drawings from the talented Yoon See!! Dommy is berrry lucky indeed :D

Hv a hapi Friday, Anny!

Spiffy said...

Wah, why don't I have friends like this? Maybe if I stop being so annoying people might send me things ... hehehe!

Spiffy said...

And what a cool drawing it is too. You think Yoon See will draw one for Pebbles, ah? LOL!

yoon see said...

Thanks Anny, I am glad you like this.
And you are definitely so thoughtful to put up such a heart warming post.
I love you.

Take care yeah!

Thanks bain, nessa and spiffy
I will draw for you too.
But I am so busy with a lot of dealines. I will do but delay....

Unknown said...

Yoon See's drawing is indeed very beautiful and alive Bain.. and the bookmark is supa cute :)

Unknown said...

ya ya.. Dommy is a very lucky doggie Ness :) he was happy to see that the drawing was about him.. hehehehhee..

hope u r having a great weekend paktoh with hubby :)

Unknown said...

Urmm... u do have friends like this.. Yoon see is your friend le Spiffy.. hehhehehehee.. ok ok.. i'll send you something for christmas if u'll send Pebbles over for the weekend :)

Unknown said...

I think YoonSee will draw for Pebbles one day :) you go ask her Spiff :)

Unknown said...

Hey YoonSee.. thanks a lot for the drawings.. you see.. now you have to draw for everyone.. hahhahahahaa.. they all love your drawings :) keep up the good work!

yoon see said...

Thanks, I actually wanted to draw the actual Dommy, that look like Dommy but too busy.
I hope I can do so one day.
Please wait OK anny.