It jingles

Ahhhhhhhhhhh... i know Christmas is just weeeeeee right there :) I'm all decked in ma best jingle blue and waiting for my big greenie treat on Christmas day. That is if someone remembers to get us our greenies.

As the internet was crawling slower than a snail today, Anny decide enough is enough. She says i stink. Stink? What has slow internet speed got anything to do with me stinking?

I think i smell just fine. With a touch of doggy breath. When Lester came by yesterday, he didn't say i stink. He was just too happy having super races with me in the garden. And so... off to the bath i went.

Usually i have my bath on Saturdays or Sundays. But last weekend, there was a lot of family around, no one got around to giving me a bath.. can you believe it? They were all just chattering away endlessly. So you see, it was not my fault if she thinks i stink.

Monday came by.. and she got busy and it was gloomy. She was afraid that i might catch a cold in the rainy day. Tuesday came... and she was too tired cos she had to wake up real early to wait for Aini. Wednesday came by... and still no bath. Thursday came... and she says i stink??

I see her taking all my bathing stuffs and rubber ducky. (urmm.. no rubber ducky.. it was just the rubber towel) There was the pail for the water.. the blue scoop... the scrubber... my two shampoos (why two? don't ask me).. my cloth to clean my eye... big yellow towel that taste like rubber... the hairdryer.. the ear drops.. the painful comb... the tea tree skin calm big chair for me to sit still when she is blow drying me.. her orange stool.. the green stool in the toilet.. the shower.. the water.. the heater.. the the the... urmm... i think i kinda covered everything. Oh ya. And me.

I ran quickly to my chair... and sit very still like a heavy rock when i see her getting all these stuffs ready. She came and try to carry me... but i sit harder and stiff up my body so maybe she'll give up and go away. But noooooooo... she scoop me up and nearly fell backwards. She mumbled that i am getting wayyyyyyyy too heavy and she's gonna put me on a diet soon. Oh nooooooooooo... i am not fat. I am just big boned... Urmm.. i am just.. full.

Well.. its a relief to have a bath after all. I feel lighter... fluffier than a sponge cake.. I am smelling like a million bucks now. I got more hugs and tummy rubs too.

When Boy came home, he even invited me to jump on Anny's bed. I had a big roll about and turn round and round. (I am usually not allowed on the bed... but they don't know that i jump on their beds when they go out and leave me all alone at home) especially grandpa's bed. I feel that his bed is the safest.

Here's me after my bath in my blue bed and wearing my jingle blue (not that i can tell colors). Don't i look smashing with the jingle blue?

Anyways.. TGIF tomorrow :) Hopefully Anny will take me for car rides come Saturday. Have a great evening and good night *woooooof*


11 woofs:

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! You look Golden smashing with your Jingle Blue (Like that!!!). Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

baincardin said...

Happy Friday Dommy! ^_^

Spiffy said...

Wadui, banyak nyer stuff you have for your bath la Dommy! I only got one hair and body wash je ... LOL!

Yay, it's Friday! :D

Happy weekend and don't forget to pester Anny to take you for your Saturday drive! LOL!

emilayusof said...

waaa i can smell the freshness!!! Happy Friday Anny and dommy!

Marg said...

You really do look handsome in the blue jingle. Our staff really likes that. Have a great week end.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sweet Sugar! I think i looking smashing too with the jingle :)
Looootta woofs,

Unknown said...

Happy Monday dah Bain :) sramooot pagi

Unknown said...

wahhhhhhhhh.. good thing too. But i only have a bath once a week :P so i'll need the full works.


Unknown said...

I got 2 car rides... ain't i lucky uncle Spiffy :D


Unknown said...

selamat Monday Emi :D sorry i hilang hilang tiap ari.. hehhehehe

Unknown said...

hi Marg :) Welcome to our site and thanks for dropping by.

Have a great day too!