Grandma's 1st Anniversary tomorrow. How i miss her. I used to like to go into her room and sleep near her bedpost. Sometimes she will sit there and watch me like a hawk, occationally giving me a pat on the head.. and remind me not to pee at her bed post. Sometimes i do like to leave my mark there, just in case some other doggies come along and claim my place.

I know my grandma loves me even though i m just her grand furkid. I am proud to say that i am her 1st grand furkid. I love when she speaks softly to me and tell me softly but sternly not to pee everywhere.. but woof! i think sometimes i m just notty.

May her soul rest in peace. One day i will see her at the rainbow bridge.. and i hope she will be there waiting to pat me on my head again.

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Su-Lin said...

very touching indeed!

miss mom so very much.

may her soul rests in peace...