We started snoozing from last friday. We carried on till Saturday and Sunday and then Monday. Monday was a public holiday here in Malaysia as it was the Eid al-Adha. So we continued snoozing till late Monday afternoon. That was when Grandpa came home.

We sent grandpa off to Kuala Lumpur last Friday on the electric train. It takes about 2 hours to get to Kuala Lumpur. This trains do not allow pets to be on board. It would be quite nice if i can ride in one of these. All the trains and public transport in our country do not allow pets.

First my cow started vegetating in front of the television. She always watches a lot of tv when grandpa is not around. I watch some tv with her and decided to snooze a bit.




When she got bored with all the tv time, we went out in the car to a new place for walkies. She has brought me here before on my birthday last year.

Its very nice to walk here as there are new scents and not so much mails. The air is very fresh here too.

There's a mining pool beside me in this picture. In our hometown, certain areas are still with mining pools as Ipoh used to be a booming mining town many many cow years ago. It is a town built on tin as fortunes were made during the boom.

I saw this banana tree by the mining pool. If you looked closely, you will see the banana tree flower. The banana leaves are very useful and in some restaurants in town, we still eat rice off the banana leaves. The banana leaves are used as a plate substitute. The fragrant smell from the banana leaves makes you wanna eat mountains of rice with gravy. I know my cow usually eats mountains of rice. She looks like a pot of rice.


Walkies usually brings a smile to my face. Can you see my set of wonderful teeth ^.^


Do you see the hills in the distant? Our town is in a valley and we are surrounded by limestone hills all around. Its like surround sound system :) A lot of the town folks do go up and down for walkies up the hills. My cow is too lazy and she does not have the stamina for it. She is just lazy actually and she loves her rice.

Ops! Where's this place. Are we going to the V-E-T again. Gosh! She always trick me.



I can't read chinese characters and she can't too. I wonder what these means.

Ride & Shine! I wonder what they do in Ride & Shine.

HALPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Get me outta here. There's all these soap outside and we have strangers wiping the mirrors. They stare and smile at me. I show them all the teeth that i have left and BARK at them. I got to protect my cow. They move slowly away but they still smile and wave at me. I am no friend to anyone who pours soap on my ride.

We left the Ride & Shine place and we ended up next door which is McDs. We got a bag of Chicken McBites and a hugeeeeeeeeeee Big Mac. She shared some of the Big Mac with me and i love the McBites.

We continued to vegetate in front of them tvs and ate OUR McDs when we got home. It was a good quiet loooooooooooong weekend. I am glad grandpa finally came home on Monday. Else my cow will just be a lazy ole cow and continue to watch tv all day and night.

We are still sleeping in Boy's room till my Jaiboo comes back in December. We are counting the days till this smaller Boy comes back home to play with me. I am sure we will be great friends.

Its been raining quite a lot lately in the evenings. Sometimes i get to go for walkies, sometimes not. I've discussed this with my cow and we have rescheduled our walks for 4.30pm. We look like a weird pair to go walkies in the afternoon but walkies are important as i have urmm.. gain some weight and back to my robust round self. She almost toppled over when she carried me to the bathroom to give me a bath last Saturday. *BOL* She is such a weakling.

I think she's gonna sneak off somewhere with her camera tomorrow. She is treating me extra nice today. I wonder why she is not taking me along.

If you don't hear from us it means our cow is not around. I'll try to get grandpa to help me to blog and visit all of yous but i don't think he like to do that. He loves to sing and listen to oldies only.




I'll be back soon. Meantime, i'll just have to stay close to grandpa and hope he does not forget about me and leave me in the garden. He will remember to feed me i am sure... cos he always share all his meals with me. I am just worried that grandpa might just forget that i am outside chasing cats in the garden. Sometimes he forgets. I might end up sleeping with all the cats in the garden for the night. 

Maybe i can sneak into her backpack and she can take me along.

oh woe is me...

woofs n licks,

13 woofs:

Kari in Alaska said...

Isn't it great fun to visit new places?

Stop on by for a visit

Doxie Rod said...

really cute pictures! you see a lot of interesting sites, love the banana tree! very cool. i also love how piper is smiling in a lot of the pictures :)

Sandee said...

I'm sure Grandpa will take good care of you. After all he knows how much your mom loves you.

Have a woof woof day. My best to your mom. :)

Maggie Mae and Max said...

I think da new place where you got to go walkies is really nice! :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Sounds like you are having a good time without Grandpa--lots of cow time.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Ann said...

Long lazy weekends are the best. I love your smile while you were out on your walkie. too cute :)
We need to take our ride to the Ride & Shine, it's filthy

BeadedTail said...

We love your smile Dom! That was quite an adventure you went on with walkies, soapies and Mickey D's! Thanks for taking us along! We hope your grandpa doesn't forget you outside either.

PeeS: We saw Kuala Lumpur on the Today show (morning news program) here in the US this week. It's a very neat city!

Anonymous said...

What a weekend you had! Luved the photo of you smiling. Such a great smile! :D Remember to bark at grandpa so you don't have to sleep outside with the cats k? ;)

Waggin at ya,

yuki and rocket said...

Oh, that is so cool we get to hear a little history about the area you live. Also, its good you've gained some weight! Tell your human to lift some weights to get some big muscles...hee hee hee

that car washy place looked scary! I'm glad you were being a good watch dog, showing your beautiful teethies and barks... Good job!!

yuki and rocket

Anonymous said...

Dommy looks soooo handsome! I really like this shorter version on Doms - it's like he is wearing a crew cut all around. Glad to see that Dommy is out-and-about and exploring new places. What an interesting geography lesson for those of us who only know Ipoh for the infamous Ipoh hor fun! But I bet Dommy would opt for his McD anytime... LOVE his big toothy grin in these pictures :)

The Daily Pip said...

Hey Dommy! Long time no see! Your haircut looks GREAT and what an amazing walk. I like Mcbites, too, though I don't get very many of them. Grrrrrr!!

Your pal, Pip

Remington said...

Thanks for sharing! That is awesome!

georgia little pea said...

DOM! you're even more rude than me! at least i don't call The Typist a cow and a pot of rice [though she looks like one too]. remember - we need the humans around to feed us and stuff. here's my trick - i always ignore My Typist right after brekkie and only start to suck up again about an hour before dinner. it'd be stoopid to be nice to her all day.

your new walk looks great! i like bananas a lot!!! but they're too expensive here. it's been more than 13 dollars a kilo [whatever that means - more than my lamb shanks]. but they're down to under 6 now so maybe i'll get to eat some again soon.

nose up your butt, xox Georgia