19 days 40 days and nights into 2012 and we are still being lazy struggling here *LOL* We have a feeling that 2012 seems to be on a fast forward button somehow. Don't you think so? I think i started this post few weeks back and forgot all about it. Like how i forget that sometimes i have a blog and another blog and a few other blogs. *LOL* I was just a kidding about them many many blogs.

We have been very bad at keeping up appearances here and way over yonder too. We have run out of any valid excuses really :) Nothing much happening over our side of the world really... except for... urmmm... this is one of those loooooooooooooooooooooooong posts... i get a little long winded when its late at night.

The Curly is just sleeping quite a lot. Most of the time he is under the bed where its cooler.

Can you see Curly? I am sure there's a Curly there. Its dark but Curly.

Here... try again. Do you see a Curly? i know there's one. Send everyone a woof will ya Dommy.


Told ya there's a Curly there in the dark :)

The Chinese New Year "heat" has decended upon us in leaps and bundles and buckets and and and.... Its warm warm and very very warm every other day. We only had a wee bit of rain sometimes in the evenings. We sure hope some places don't start burning and send us their smokes. Last year we had it really bad. The heat and them smokes and everyone i know was trying to do a raindance.

Well.. Chinese New Year's over and out. We were on the road.. and with family for a whole week in Kuala Lumpur. My backpack is still on the floor from the last trip. We did a lot of gambling and some eating and lots of laugher. We are going to be on the road again in 2 weeks time when the Jaiboo comes home. He didn't make it home for Christmas. So he's rescheduled to February end. Its only February and we seem to be going up and down a lot lately.

When we were in Kuala Lumpur, we were at a new place where dogs can run freeeeeeeeeeeee. Dom was super excited and sniffing everywhere and anywhere. He had his walks without leashes and he was just trotting happily without all the pulling and tugging by me. I am a slow walker while he trots likes a horse. It was freedom for him and we had many many walks everyday. That's probably how we spend our Chinese New Year. He lost some flab and drank a lot of water and slept like a log each and every night. I however got a bit darker too from all the walks in the sun.

We were so free and happy that we didn't take any pictures. *LOL* Our hands were not holding any cameras or mobiles and we were just enjoying our time together. There was no internet and there was no reason to keep the computer on.

Dom made friends with a dotted dog. He's dotted like a dalmation but a lot shorter than one. He has perky ears and a very happy smile and a non-stop wagging tail. They played and jumped and played non-stop. Yes... i didn't have a camera or a mobile. A very friendly dog which was walking alone without a leash too. It was like probably how doggy heaven would be i suppose. Where the dogs run free and played all day. Maybe we'll see him again next time.

Now we are back to the grind. I am actually quite overloaded with work since January. With too many holidays overlapping over the weekends, i began to dread holidays. When you come back from a holiday and fire up your computer, the emails all just choked up. Its like a traffic jam in the email box. Don't we all hate traffic jams. And you get cc'ed in every other mail.

We got new systems from the office. Here's me trying to setup my new computer beside the old one. I kept clickling the wrong mouse :p I love new systems but i hate fine tuning it to what works for me. I hate to do the transfers and now that we work from home, we got to setup all the things ourselves. We used to be pampered by the IT guy. He usually does all the setup for us. We just shake our legs and grin. That's not really a good idea as we become too dependent on others to get the job done when we can do it ourselves.

When i work on the computer, i am usually very quiet. Even when i was working in the office. Sometimes i have discussions with a few of my colleagues on the chats or on a call with my colleagues. Sometimes its a typing marathon on the chats with my boss or my superiors. My dad will whizz pass my window. Then he will whizz back and ask me some questions. Then he'll go out and ask me a question from the hall which i can hardly hear. *LOL* My dad is lonely sometimes. He needs the attention. He probably thinks that i am on facebook or surfing the internet.

Working from home does not mean that i can run out and play all the time. I can run out with Dom to the garden for his breaktime. I can run out to hang the laundry and i can run out to get lunch. But I have people to answer to and i have people who ask me too many questions a day at work. Some of these questions are too silly as i believe that some people do not want to think. They want the easy way out of things and just ask you to give them the answer to solve the problem. Some are not problem solvers and some just need to be spoon fed year after year.

The year of the Dragon actually starts on 4th February 2012, the first day of the Chinese Solar. This day is also called Lap Chun meaning “beginning of spring” in Chinese. On Lap Chun day, eggs can stand on their own two feet the floor or table. Hence the many pictures of the eggs standing prettily up there. I didn't flip some of the pictures as i feel they look pretty awesome on the sides :D Its something to do with gravity and.. urmm... go google it yeh :)

This is the only picture of i took of Chinese New Year decorations. Its a lighted tree at the Curve, a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. I sneaked my friend out and took her to eat. We were walking up and down there and didn't know what to eat. In the end she told me... you know what i really really want to eat. I want to eat maggi mee. Maggi mee is instant noodles. It is something which she can eat at home but not allowed by her mom. It cooks in just two or three minutes.

Her mom has changed her diet completely. She's on a strict healthy juicing vegetarian diet. Since she started chemo, her whole eating regime is being managed by her family. She is a person who loves to eat. We always love to eat all the unhealthy things. But now, she has to follow the diet to save herself.

She went for her 2nd chemo last week. She has lost all her hair and her brother just shaved her head clean yesterday. She's still very postive but bored at home. She can't drive much now as she's on some oral chemo too. She told me that her whole world is spinning almost everyday. Dizzy especially after her chemo sessions. Even a few days after chemo, she is still holding her head in her hands.

4 more chemo sessions to go and hopefully they can do the surgery and radiotherapy after that. Still a long way to go but we are very hopeful and she is still fighting on. A fighter. I am proud of her. And yes, we went to the shops and i let her eat her Maggi mee. She is now waiting for me to come down again to take her to eat Maggi mee again. If her mom knows, i am dead.

These two hardly sleep so close together. Dom needs to be constantly near me or he needs to be within eye view of me. Piper does not really like to sleep so close to Dom as Dom is easily excited and when he is excited, he runs very fast and jumps a lot. It is nice to see them sleeping so close.

Sometimes Mr Stuffie Heart gets to lie beside Dom without getting squashed. One of those good days. Look.. Mr Stuffie Heart is smiling :) Have a good evening everyone. This has been quite a long post. I sure hope i have not bored you all silly.. hehhehehehehe :) Good night!

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Sandee said...

Both your babies are so cute. They truly are.

I hope your friend gets well soon and that the chemo works for her. I would have let her eat what she wanted too.

Have a terrific day. :)

bichonpawz said...

Well, you sure have been busy! We love thevshots of Curly under the bed! Hope your friend is feeling better today.
Xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

georgia little pea said...

Testing to see if I can comment here today. Sigh.

You sound a bit here and there, my dear Anny. No doubt your friend being ill, your holiday, too much work now, the heat, the threat of smoky days ahead. The Other Half loves his maggi mee too. They suck. Woollies seems to have shelves full of them. I guess they're pretty popular here too.

It's nice to have leash free parks. I don't appreciate ours enough :)

Hope you feel better soon and get back to blogging more. Hugs x

Spiffy said...

Aiyaaa, the time is not moving fast la, you just been lazy la ... hahaha!


BeadedTail said...

You all have been busy! We're glad you had some good times and we're sending purrs to your friend too! We love all the photos especially of you two sleeping so close together!

Nessa said...

Your post never fails to warm my heart. At least you are still writing... a long one lagi tu, i wish i could write like you... like i used to write them ol' days of blogging. not that i write as good as you .. eheh

i've lost the love to blog. sometimes i go thru my archives and wonder wth i was thinking writing all those junks.. LOL! there are so many things on my head dying to 'come out' but i just refuse to write them down anymore. i feel the need to protect my privacy.

i do hope to one day to find that secluded place to stay, rearing cikens and ducks and plant my own vegetables by the river... :D

thots n prayers for your fren.

Kari in Vegas said...

Ah we understand about time flying. If I didn't prep a ton of blogs when I found time we would never blog

Stop on by for a visit

sprinkles said...

I wish I could sleep so often. Seems like I just barely lay my head down and it's time to get up again.

I hope the chemo works for your friend. I would have let her eat what she wanted too.

yuki and rocket said...

I understand there's somedays I don't want to blog or don't have anything to say.

I was wondering how your friend was doing. I would've let her eaten it too, that's what friends are for right?

Ann said...

You sure are a busy one. I'm very sorry to hear about your friend. Duke and I will send prayers and hugs.

Doxie Rod said...

so funny! curly is so cute. rod loves to get under the bed too. sounds like you've been really busy, take care!

The Thuglets said...

Time passes so quickly. Its good to catch up and see photos of you. we hope your friend is soon feeling better.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

I hope your friend gets better! That diet sounds tough to follow but it is probably a good idea--the body is a wondrous thing when fed the most healthy foods.

Those are some sweet sleeping pictures!

Gracie Lu Shih Tzu said...

I'm glad to see another post from you!
I wish we could see more Piper photos, though. Curley is cute, too.

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Just passing by n saying Golden Hello! Sending Lots of Golden LOVE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar