I've arrived evolved.

From cat watching... i went to bird watching and today i did people watching.

My dad doesn't see too well at night to drive on his own. He was meeting his friends for dinner tonight. His friends always ask me to join their dinners but i never did. They have many things to talk and laugh about and i'll just be in the way. So i went people watching at the mall.

Am working on a project these past few nights. Brainstorming didn't come up to much. *LOL* But it helps. I love brainstorming with friends over the internet. After all the late nights i've been keeping, i think the yawns came 10 folds today. I would probably offend my dad's friends if i kept yawning while having dinner with them.

People watching...
  1. Went to the Nikon shop to get a card replacement. Snotty staff. Probably because i was in slippers and had my camera in a cloth bag. *LOL* Who carries their SLRs in cloth bags... except me. Staff was a wee bit more helpful after i winked and bat my beautiful eyes at them kinda said something intelligent. *LOL* Saying something intelligent hardly happens with me.
  2. Went to Camera Planet today. The guy was really helpful and friendly. I didn't even winked or bat my beautiful eyes at him didn't even say anything intelligent. I'll be going to Camera Planet from now on because they have helpful staffs. Customer service is everything if you are running a business.
  3. Had a filet o fish at McDs while waiting for dad. I don't usually eat alone at public places but since i had time and my stomach was beginning to growl like a bear. I sat at a long table and a family came to join me. We just exchange smiles. They probably felt awkward and was silent. I was just answering my emails while munching on my burger. After a long awkward silence from the family, i finished my meal quickly and gave them a nod and left. It was fun to be sitting with strangers at public places. Sharing tables with strangers are quite a norm in most chinese restaurants in town.
  4. Can't help noticing this lady with her kids at the next table. Young mother. Pretty. But she has a light moustache. I took a second look and yes.. its a lady moustache. What's the best ways to remove a moustache on a woman's face?
People watching has taught me not to judge shops by the shop exterior. People watching has also taught me not to giggle/laugh loudly when i am alone.
I realise i don't do a lot of people watching. I watch a lot of teevee... cats and some birds. We'll do more Dommy watching from now. I got to learn how to love him as much as he loves me. Let's do some Dommy watching with me below.

He doesn't like to look at the camera much nowadays. He says he has bad teeth. So he can't smile broadly.

5 woofs:

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

People watching is loads of fun!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

houndstooth said...

I enjoy people watching, especially at the mall the day before Christmas! You can see a lot then!

Sandee said...

Dom is a handsome man dog indeed.

I love people watching too. It's grand fun.

Have a woof woof day Dom. My best to your human. ☺

Yuki and Rocket said...

Hahaha, lady mustache...I think waxing is probably her best option, but It seems like she doesn't care?? Rocket hates looking in the camera, but if I make weird high pitched sounds he'll look at me out of curiosity and thats how get my shot. Yuki has no problems whatsoever, that's why theres so much more pictures of her. :)

bichonpawz said...

Mama just loves to people watch!! Your photos are absolutely beautiful!! Mama said thank you for your kind words today.
xoxo Chloe and LadyBug