This is one very strange picture. Dommy and Nana seems to be up on the ceiling having their lunch. Defying gravity :) Dommy just had a crew cut again.. and you can see all his dotty skin even though he's not a dalmation. He's just old. His dotty self blends beautifully with our floor :)

An aerial view of Nana while she is eating. Can't really take pictures of her because she just wriggle too much when she's not eating. She's like a worm. She's in the category of ideal dog weight.

My dear Dommy... from the aerial view... he looks like a dotted beer bottle. A nice cold beer would be nice. He is in the overweight dog category. Some waist can still be seen from above.

Now that we have a dog here to compare weights and share food, hopefully Dommy will get to his once ideal weight one fine day.. soon.

Both of them are getting along beautifully. Sometimes there's a bit of tension when the young worm just wants to run and run around the garden... nonstop zoomies while the ole Dommy just wants to go out and sniff the plants and enjoy some air. The Dommy from once upon a time ago loved to do zoomies too. But they keep each other company and i am glad Dommy has a friend to play with every single day even though he gets exhausted easily now.

Dommy is very tolerant of Nana. I realise that he has aged a lot when he is playing with Nana. My constant friend for 6+ years. He has aged a lot and slowing down.When i am working, he was beside me all this time. He was not even suppose to be my dog. He was adopted for my parents. He just became mine.

But.. we'll take each day as it comes :) Life is beautiful when its life with dogs.

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