Dom... hmm... that's where most of my kingdom went... well... anyways...

Dom.. as in Dom Perignon.. weird to have a champagne brand as a name.
but... he is most proud of his name.

Not like me.. i am happy just being with a cute n easy name.. but humans still dun know how to call me correctly... what is so hard about P I P E R
simple cute.. like me cute...
cute ~ ugly but adorable
i am no ugly doggie... maaaaaaaaaa HALLPPPPPPPPPPP..
why are all these people calling me cuteeeeeeee.

ops! i got carried away there.. must b getting late..

anyways.. about Dom...
Dom has a brother... a twin.. Moet & Chandon
another champagne name.. hohum.. why can't i have a long exclusive name too...
i am stuck with P I P E R.. aparaaaaaaaaaa..
poor guys are separated since we adopted him last year from Marilyn.
Moet went to another family.. and hopefully he will find happiness there too.

Dom.. Dommy... hmmm.. i got lots of things to complain about this fella... wait.. u wait..

woooooooof! time to sleep...

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