how many hours do u think an adult dog sleeps a day?
Your adult dog probably spends about 12 hours of her day which is half her life sleeping.

as you can see.. my friend the Dom sleeps all the time..
when he wakes up in the morning... he pees.. have a drink.. have cookies.. run about in the garden and does his business.. then he's back in the house
and plonks down to sleep again.

he is even sleeping now... *shush*
just in case he hears that i am going out for a car ride
he'll want to go too and takes up all the seats in the car

i love car rides.. but i dun like car rides at night...
it scares me cos i cannot see anything out there
spoooooooooooky.. i am only a toy dog
toy dogs are easily spooked

laters.. i m going out for my car ride!
woof wooooooooooof awayyyyy

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