opps!.. here's me with my nose stuck on the table's leg at PP's house... halp halppppp!
unstuck me.. get me outta this stickiness.. halp halp..

all i did was go near the table legs... and here i am. STUCK! as a lamb in a meadow
halp halpppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

*poof* finally.. manage to pull myself off..

never go near table legs...
they just draws you near... you know tables... they draw you like magnets..
sometimes they tempt you with some crumbs and table scraps...
when you get too near... they catch you by the nose!

hear ye! hear ye!
that was a scary experience...
i was still shaking below... my head keeps shaking... and s ha k i ng
i am almost hidden in the bright sunlight...
smarty pants eh!

hear ye! hear ye!

goodnite doggies.. i am off to lalaland.