Its been a tough few days. I am back to being Sang Kancil since Saturday. I had a full close shave and now i am left with nothing on my back but Anny's been kind to put on a baby blue tee on me... with a nasty pirate ship on my back.

Actually i look kinda cool with the blue tee on. Cos the pirate ship is nasty.. woof!

Good thing Mr PP is not back else he would be rolling on the floor and laughing and woofing his head off if he sees me in my sang kancil days again.

And how did the Sang Kancil days come along.

I have been having some bad itch day... and finally we went to the Dr Teo. I hate vet visits.. just like Snoopy. Or Garfield.. no pet like vet visits.

Anyways.. i weight a good 8.2 kgs now.. must be all the rice and chicken i have been having lately.. and the "extras" that grandpa sneaks to me sometimes.

I was set on the table.. Dr Tan.. a nice little lady vet.. and i thot that she was the nurse. She took some samples from my very dry body... and walla... i am back to my itchy fungal days.
Decisions made and i was shaved... and dipped in medicine and had a jab too. Itssssss too much for a doggy to take sometimes. Glad it was over in just about 2 hours.

And Dr Teo says.. i should be a very beautiful doggy after this. Better to be cruel to be kind and shaved me bald.. and let me heal completely this time. I hope he is right. Cos it does get kinda cold on a rainy day. And it has been raining every single day.

Anyways.. i am positive.. i will be a beautiful doggy by next month. Wooofffffff!

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