I am the King.
The Pirate King when i don this tee.
This is the only available clothing i have since i lost my fur(s) if you can count all the fur that they took off me.
It shields me from the cold... and keeps my itchy back safe from my scratching after the shave.
Its kinda cool. I look like a pirate.. *ahem* without the parrot and the hook.
Oh my oh my.. next week i am going to PP's house. My fur have not even grown an inch or a centimeter. PP will have a ball of a time laughing at me. And calling me Sang kedut Kancil again! oh my oh my...
I wonder if Yun Nam hair care will do replanting of fur on me. Lemme see.. anyone have the Yun Nam hair care numbers. Oh my oh my oh...

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