Found something on youtube today.. its a funny song.
Hope you all like it and sing along to it.

I am singing now.. awooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOoooo.. cos tomorrow i am going to be on the road... and will be seeing my brother soon :)

I can't even sleep now... cos i am too excited... woooooooooooooooooFFFF!
And PP won't even know what hit him.. i will run double speed and wham him from behind... if i am lucky... he will skid 2 tiles away... ahhhhhhhh.. on the other.. mebbe not.. i'll just be nice to him.. since i will be staying in his house.

hope u all enjoy the song :)

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Nona said...

Luckily for my dogs we look nothign alike. -grin-