Here I am... getting blown away... literally.

My weekly baths... at home.. and my mama blowing me dry. This is a chore actually for me too. Even though i do not have to do anything.. Just sitting pretty and waiting for mama to get it done.

When my fur is thick... i have to sit like this for a long timeeeeeeee and it gets very hot from the hair dryer.

On other days, i go to a grooming centre and Tiffany will do my grooming and clip my nails for me.. clean my ears... snip snip my fur here and there too. Sometimes i am there for hours when there's many doggies there.

Heard from Mama that Dommy is back to his Sang Kancil days again.. haha.. good for him... at least its not too hot with his thick curly fur. At least he don't have to sit for a long time after a bath to get blown away.

Ho hum... i hope mama finishes up soon... so i can go take my power nap. Wooooooooof!

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