How many Ikea things can u find in this picture?

Whoever gets the correct answer... gets a a a ...err err.. err.. a big lick on the nose from me!
or or whoever gets it correct.. gets a big WOOOOOOOOF from me!

Rules & Regulations:
This contest is open to everyone from the age of 2 to102.
Family members and PP are not allowed to take part in this contest.
Contest ends on on.. err.. what date is today?

2 woofs:

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

wow! ariel & brownie has the same bed as you!! i've bought the biggest size so that both of them can sleep together! im so happy to see something familiar here! :))

Anny said...

haha.. ikea does make a very nice bed.. he rests his head on the sides like a pillow :)