Our apologies for not posting much lately. We are on a roll here. Dommy and Piper are rolling in the beds.. left right left right.. hehehe. I am however trying to roll left and right to try and finish the Sketchbook Project 2011.

It has been quite a fun experience scrawling away on the sketchbook dead in the night with Pete singing in the background. Yes.. its always Pete singing.. *LOL* I wonder when he'll be out with his next album. Hurry up Pete.

I rediscovered something which i lost when i started using the computers. It has been cow years working on the computers. On some days, i forget how to hold a pen and write like a normal person should.

The funny stuffs usually end up in my drawings. My mind is more cartoony and cottony than anything else. Most of the pages are cartoony.. *LOL* But its been nice to draw again. I'm still trying to get back in the groove of things.. and trying to hold a brush without shaking like jelly-o. In my old age, my hands shake more and my eyes blurr out when i draw too late in the night.. hehehehe

Hope you all enjoy the drawings below. Don't laugh too loud ya :) The drawings are quite rough on the edges. My hands keep shaking. The shaking is probably due to all the chicken legs that i've consumed all my life.

Tomorrow.. we'll show you our Christmas tree... i'll try to get both furries to pose. We finally put it up last Saturday. YehooooooooooOOOoo.

smoking monsters

coffee love

6 woofs:

Kristine said...

Those look pretty cool. Yay for coffee love. ;-) Very sweet.

Ann said...

I think your drawings are very cute. I really like the coffee love :)

Sam said...

I learned too late of the sketch book project - I would have liked to have been in on it.

Your drawings are very cute!


Spiffy said...

Urmmm, what is a pen ah? And this word 'write', just what kind of language is that ah? LOL!

Anonymous said...

i love "coffee love"


Emila Yusof said...

wohoo!!! go anny go!!

anny, i just remembered that we were supposed to meet on dec 4!!! That was the time i went to send my mother back to kedah and went for the trip round malaysia! so sorry dear, i totally forgot!

anyhow, i wish that we could meet again, i am thinking of finding sponsors to sponsor our trip to the US for the tour. But this is just a plan, dunno where i am going to look for sponsors hahaha