Tails a wagging.. du du du... tails a wagging.. du du du... that is a happy tail from the top dog :) He's still top dog around here (i think). Status haven't changed yet. And so.. the tails are a wagging happily from the little one.

We haven't been up to much around here. Just lazing around and tails a wagging. du du duuu
Christmas is just round the next corner... and our tree is not up yet. Tails a wagging.. du du du

We don't get real christmas trees around here. The only real christmas trees are brought in by IKEA each year. Year in and year out, we'll drag out the old plastic tree.. put up the same ole decorations.. and maybe a few more new stuffs :) Are we a wee bit late for the christmas tree? I am probably too old and lazy for christmas this year... perhaps.

The only thing that is quite christmas around here is dad singing to his christmas carols.

My niece was around last week... and i torture her to do all the household chores.. *LOL* She even washed the pot for me one day. I bet she'll treasure her home more after this. But we did have a good time together.

She is a wonderful girl. She loves to bake and cook. And she wanted to make icing for cupcakes but i was too lazy. So she settled for colourful dots for her topping.

 We made some cupcakes but stuffed all 16 of them in one tray... and all of them cakes overflowed and fight for space.
It was funny to see them overflowing like that. *LOL*

We went to see Narnia in the cinemas. It was in 3D. Like the old fool that i am.. this is the first time i saw a movie in 3D (where have i been all this time right?) *LOL* It was a nice movie with the kids.

Try taking pictures with a crummie phone in a cinema and you get darkness all around ;)
i have been taking pictures only with my crummie phone lately.. *LOL* 

Piper had a bit of a tummy ache from lying on the cool floors everyday. A bit of wind got into his tummy and he was a poot pooting away.
Here he is feeling sick last week.

We would be going off on the road to Piper's home next week to celebrate christmas in Kuala Lumpur with my family till the new year.. (i think).

Hah! I hear fireworks outside? Hmmm... i wonder what was that for?

This year has gone by extremely fast... with a lot of changes. As change is always good, we are now slowing down now to catch up on our breath and prepare for the new year.

I never do resolutions to welcome the new year. Maybe when i was a kid, i probably did.. and forgot all about them by January. We should just be happy and live each day as it is our last. Keep good friends and family close and furry buddies closer. Do good and be nice to the little people... and it will be a wonderful year ahead. Own lesser things and live a simpler life.

Loads of money don't usually guarantee happiness. Having people around you and feeling that you belong and loved is a gurantee that you will have a fulfilling life.

ROOOARRRRR... i am the top dog!

I am still hearing fireworks now. Hmmm... someone smuggled in quite a bit of fireworks. Is it the new year already?

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3 doxies said...

Well, I ain't top dog at my house...shocking I knows!
Girl, you gots to get dat tree up and decorated like real soon. You is welcome to some of my mum's Christmas spirit...hehehe...I don't mind at alls!!!!!!

We usually wait to da movie comes out on DVD...unless da little girl wants to see it then da parents will take her but they nevers go just da two of 'em.


Hound Girl said...

There is nothing better than being top dawg :)
We dont see many movies in the theater these days we wait till they are out on Dvd too :)

scotsmad said...

I'm top dog....well, most of the time, when Kendra isn't pushin' herself forward.

We don't have our tree up yet. We didn't put it up last year because of Bella--the chewer.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

baincardin said...

My HDR fever is back Anny! yay! ^_^ lama dah bain x buat HDR...sekarang baru datang mood HDR tu..^_^

Mr. Pip said...

I am the top dog in my house (I am actually the only dog).

I like your resolutions for the new year. Live everyday like it is your last and be nice to everybody. Those are my goals, too!

Your pal, Pip

houndstooth said...

You all sure have been busy at your house! We tried to have a relaxing weekend since it's all high stress from here until the new year! Enjoy your holidays!


Spiffy said...

I thought someone kidnapped you or something... LOL!

Aiyaaa, I also haven't put up a tree yet, in fact I haven't put up any decorations yet either! And Christmas is just 10 days away some more! Mati la! Mati la! Mati la!

You went to the movies? Cool, I don't know what the inside of a cinema looks like these days ... LOL!

Spiffy said...

You spending Christmas in KL? Cool, so need to posraju my present la, just send it over je ... what? You mean no present for me? Aiyaaa, why la ... hahaha!

Anny said...

You ain't top dog Puddles? You sure? hehehehe.. I always thought that you are... compared to the black blobs.. i mean Albert and Whitney.

I just went over to see your mom's treesssss... and they are amazing.. like she bought the whole tree from the store... yous sure have a very creative mom. I ams getting loads of spirits.. and the other "spirits" from the pictures :)

We sometimes wait for the movie to come on DVDs too.. but sometimes it just takes too long to get clear.. hehe

Anny said...

It is sometimes fun to trade places and let each have a chance to be top dawg.. :)

I watch a lot of movies on the DVD too.. and it is much much cheaper. Going to the movies now cost a bomb!

Anny said...

Its good that all of you gets a chance to be top dog :)

No tree because of Bella? hehehehe You could ask your momma to put a small tree on a table :)

Anny said...

Wonderful pictures of London in HDR Bain... love them all. Oh yes.. we have been missing all your HDR fever.

Marg said...

Glad you are top dog at your house. We are all kind of even here. Hope all of you have a great trip for your holidays. Sounds like fun.
Take care and have a fun day.

♥ Sallie said...

I want to see your tree!


Maggie Mae said...

I am da top dog in my house, but likes Pip I am da only dog. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

baincardin said...

Hi Anny!

Jom layan 'Part 2' plak. ^_^

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Hello, I came over here after hearing about you on Duni's blog.. I had to come see your adorable dogs.. they are soo cute!!

and I don't do resolutions either!

BeadedTail said...

Love the wagging tail video and the last photo too! It's funny about the cupcakes overflowing in the pan but we bet they were yummy anyway!

We live in a state with Christmas tree farms everywhere but we don't even have a tree yet. Hope Santa stops by our house anyway!

Oskar said...

That is a very serious top dog face!

Nubbin wiggles,