Five Loaves and Two Fishes ~ Corrinne May

This is one of my favourite songs when i feel small. Yes, sometimes i get a wee bit small when i forget. Corrinne May is a great singer songwriter because she can reduce me to tears. Some of her songs do. Even if i have listened to it many times, Fly Away just gets me every time. It reminds me of my own mom.

Before my keyboard gets flooded and my eyes get too blurry to type, let's head off somewhere else.

This is something interesting and worth checking out. And if you could help, every little bit goes a long way. In the bloggieland, every little paw helps out. So, let's all head over there... and do our part. Ronni and Richie needs our help.

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One paw at a time goes a long way. 
See you all there!

6 woofs:

3 doxies said...

Dang...did my post go through?


Remington said...

Isn't it strange how some songs just affect us in such a strong way....great song.

Mr. Pip said...

What a sweet post. It is amazing how certain words and songs affect us - bring back memories and remind us of people we care about.

Your pal, Pip

BeadedTail said...

That's a lovely song. Sometimes songs do have a way of bringing up memories of those we love. Hugs to you!

Chewy said...

lovely song!


Ann said...

there are a couple of songs that do that same thing to me every time I hear them.