What on earth have i done? Not much actually.. *LOL* 

We've just noticed that our last post was last Wednesday. At the rate we are going, we'll be losing all our friends... urmmm.. our ratings and traffic lights and urmm... not that we have much to begin with :)

We (Curly and i) would like to apologise for our lack of show lately. We've been buried deep reading the book above by Robert Fulghum. He's one of our favourite authors because his stories are funny and short.. not too deep... and more closer to home. I think we got most of his books, some are passed on, some lost in some boxes in someone's home and one more not bought yet :) Do you like his books?

We are also deep in some research of a fun kind. We are analyzing some fellas and taking loads of pics of them. They are really wonderful models. Not the bikini types but they were very spontaneous and a joy to be photographed.

These two fellas above brought a really small fella into our garden a week ago. The small fella was somehow lost and without his mom. Scared and quite defensive, it kept calling out for its mom but she never came. These two fellas took over and kept the small fella under their wings. They even nudge the small fella and made him eat.

I am not much of a cat person truthfully speaking. I was bitten by a cat when i was a kid. We were playing at the backlane of my grandma's house and one of my sisters accidentally stepped on a pregnant cat's tail. The cat just turned around and bit me instead. 

After that episode, i always stayed quite far away from stray cats. *LOL* Actually i was bitten by a dog too when i was a kid. But i've always loved dogs. Maybe i might be a bit biased here ^.^

But these few cats that come by each day show me a different side to cats. They learn to trust you and come to you. They are quite playful and so quiet. Well... most of them are quiet except for one tomcat who always complains when dinner is late. *LOL*

We've actually been quite busy with work. A lot of new things need to be sourced and revamped. But it has been a good month. A whole weight's been lifted off my shoulders yesterday.

Our grand aunt came all the way from London for a visit. Still looks the same. The little old lady still looking very pink and pretty. The last time i saw her was 11 years ago on my sister's wedding. At 93, she was not allowed to fly back here alone. She had to get medical papers to show that she was fit to fly and she had to have someone to accompany her on the flight. Some of my aunts were asking her, aren't you afraid to fly so far at your age? She just smiles and said, what is there to be afraid. I am 93.

If you are fearless and happy like her, you get to live a very good and fruitful life.

I am fearless
I am curly
i am always happy


i think i am going to need a haircut soon

oh nooooo... 

Beam me up, Scotty.

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Amber-Mae said...

That picture of those two kitties is very beautiful! And it sounds like your Grand Aunt is a great lady with a great fearless attitude! You all are lucky to have such a wonderful Aunt.

And to answer your question, the trials will be held in Galaxy Ampang Mall. Starting at 8a.m till 7p.m. There will also be a Conformation Show going on at the same time but in a different ring. Do come by if you can! Visitors are allowed to come in to watch.

Remington said...

GREAT pics! I will have to have Beth check that book out -- she loves to read!

mayziegal said...

Oh, yes. I know all abouts being busy. But don't you worry. You're not gonna lose your furends. Nope! We're right here. Oh and guess what? My mom read something by Robert Fulghum at my auntie's wedding last weekend. It was called "Union" and it was Most Beautiful.

I luved meeting those neighbor kittehs. I just LUVS kittehs myself. They're pretty fun and never, ever boring.

Have fun with your auntie. She sounds like a Most Wonderful lady!

Ann said...

Love that picture of the cats. You don't have to worry about losing us a reader. we'll come around any time you have something to write about :)

scotsmad said...

We don't like cats--except to chase; but that was a lovely story. We think you look lovely all curly.

Will have to check out that book.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Mr. Pip said...

I was wondering where you were!!! I am so happy those two kitties are helping the little one. My mom knows lots about little kittens so let me know if you have questions. She hopes the little one will be OK.

Your Great Aunt sounds like a wonderful person - being fearless and happy is something to work towards! My mom and me wish we were fearless, but unfortunately we are not! Maybe your aunt should give lessons.

Your pal, Pip

houndstooth said...

Those are some great pictures! Please don't add anything to Mom's stack of books she wants to read, I beg you!


Anonymous said...

I just love the pic with the two cats...even though you say ur not really a cat person, ur certainly alot kinder to those stray cats than most other hoomans..


P/s: i check up on u on a bi hourly basis.

Incik RestNrilekS said...

Awesome pix. Love the kitties spontaneous emotion. Even cats know how to care and shelter their own kind themselves, which we human sometimes lack.

Ohh i love cats. every type of them, big small kampung or persian.. hehehe

Anny said...

Grand Aunt is quite a great lady i must say... she has always travelled up and down London - KL on her own all this time but the past few years, she was not allowed to.

Sorry we could not make it to see Amber and her kiddies... we would not be in KL this weekend. Maybe another time :)

Thank you for liking the picture Melissa :)

Anny said...

I think Beth will enjoy this book.. it is light and funny :)

Anny said...

I remember the "Union"... it is very beautiful. A very apt poem to read for a wedding. I bet your momma brought many to tears.

Kittehs are sure lotta fun.. and never a boring day with them around.

Our grand aunt has left. Short time with us. Too many people wanted to take her out :)

We were just caught up in too many things last week... thanks for being a great friend Mayzie.

Anny said...

I am not quite worried about losing readers Ann... i am worried about losing friends :) Thanks for liking the picture.

Anny said...

I knew you'll love cats Bella... to chase that is :) I sure am looking very curly and heavy too.

woofs n licks,

pees... Its a wonderful book ;)

Anny said...

We are just here Pip... sorry we have been slacking :)

Its amazing to see the kindness in animals. We sure have much to learn from them. We will know who to beep if we have qns about the smallest kitteh :) Thanks Kristin.

The lil one is ok.. well fed.. and well looked after by these two. We checked many times a day. Our garden has become its big big yard to poo.. hahaha

Grand Aunt is a wonderful person.. very fearless, strong and happy.

We all have it in us to be fearless... we just have to roar out loud when the going gets a lil tough. I think your mom is doing just fine. She's wonderful as she is.

Anny said...

*LOL*... but but its a good book... your momma needs it Bunny... really really needs it.

Anny said...

Would you like it as a print Stormy?

bi hourly basis? hehehe.. sure or not :p

Anny said...

Timokasih Rizal :) They are wonderful to be photographed... cos they love to pose.. and they don't run away like Dom.. haha

The kindness in animals is quite amazing. If human's were 1/2 as kind as them, the world will surely be a better place.

I kinda love cats now :D

Spiffy said...

At my posting rate, I'm surprised I still have people visiting my blog! LOL!