Time usually passes quickly when you are having fun. Most of the time it does. We are not really having a lot of fun lately. Monotony. Nothing of great interest happening here but time still goes by too fast.

I do get more walkies nowadays. Everyone's commenting that i am too fat to be a poodle. BAH! Every evening... SHE decides to take me for a walk to check out my mails and i get to leave a whole lot of mails for all my doggie friends out in the neighbourhood. Sometimes.. when SHE is in a good wakey up mood... i get a walk in the morning too. I bet this won't be lasting too long. SHE is a lazy bum you know. She rather be watching tv than taking me for walkies. But since i am FAT... i think i shall milk this as long as i can. Walkies are great for HER and for me too.

Last Sunday, SHE took me for a car ride. I was leaping with joy and doing my silly jumping jacks. (i don't think i am FAT cos i can do jumping jacks pretty well) Even Jack will be amazed at my flexibility. For an OLD and FAT poodle, i jump pretty well.

Since Piper is not here, i can to be co-driver. Hmmm... i wonder where we are going.

I am such a mess. I can't even see clearly with all my curly locks going wild everywhere.

Hmmm.. this is a very long car ride... and we are getting nearer to the mountains. Hmmmm.. i wonder if we are going to Kuala Lumpur to see my Piper. Did you forget to grab my luggage woman??

Oh yes... i got conned to go on a car ride and guess where this landed me. Grooming. Yes.. grooming. Can you believe it. Here i am waiting for my turn at the table.

Here i am getting sized up by this guy... but he's really a very nice guy. I like him. He's doing the final touches to my puppy dog face. Yes... i am OLD but FAT but i can still have puppy cute cuts :)

I am so so tired after this grooming session. I spent a total of 7 hours there. Check out my paws. I had the "chicken leg" paws cut this time. SHE calls it the chicken leg paws thingy since she don't know what they are called. I think i look like i am wearing peep toe shoes. She gotta fork out another 5 buckaroos for these peepy toes thingy.

Since grandpa's been complaining a lot about too much sand in the house and some curly was the bearer of sand in the house, SHE thought it would be wise to try this peepy toes thingy to see if i bring in less sand from the garden. I think if SHE gets up earlier each morning and give the house a good sweep and a good mop, there shouldn't be any sand in the house. I get blamed for everything here. Even SANDy house.

If i PRESS that red button, i wonder if SHE gets ejected out of the car... hmmmm... i've seen it happen on cartoons before.

Since i've been a good curly at the groomers, SHE got me a new polka dotted collar and FINALLY got my tag on it. I hope i get more nom noms when i am wearing this collar :)

Tomorrow is Good Friday.. ops! today is Good Friday and we shall be on the road to be with family. We shall be back soon but do check out a MOST IMPORTANT post tomorrow. We have scheduled a post for tomorrow.

SHE has asked me to post this recipe for you all who might love to bake.

As you all know, SHE cannot follow instructions very well but this chocolate cake turned out pretty well... and very sweet. You all might want to cut down on the sugar a little. She found (stole) this recipe from one of the recipe sites on the web but for the life of her, she forgot where she got it from.

This is one of the easiest chocolate cake to bake. Just melt the butter with the chocolate in a pan. Take it off the heat and mix in the sugar... then let it cool down a little and put in the eggs and the ONE TABLESPOON of flour. Yes.. only a round tablespoon of flour. Bake for 25 to 30 mins and let it stand in the oven for 10 mins. Its just very nice and gooey in the center. Very sweet too.

I am not too sure how it taste like since i cannot take any chocolates. But i think she is just hogging the cake all for herself. Hope she gets FAT and OLD soon.

Have a great Easter and see you all next week.


34 woofs:

Amber-Mae said...

OH you're not fat...it's just all that fuzzy fur of yours that makes you LOOK fat! MMM sounds like that cake was delish. OH a tiny piece won't kill ya. We got small pieces of chocolate cake sometimes. We are still alive!

Remington said...

You are perfect! I better get to the kitchen and get busy! Thanks!

3 doxies said...

Hehehe...you is so not fat. My mum actually tried to use da "too much" hair excuse at da vet withs my sissy when he told hers Whitney had to loose weight.
I am amazed at how well you sat on dat table. Very impressive and yur new "do is fabulous!


scotsmad said...

We thought you got dyed purple in that first picture...BOL!

We get blamed for all the stuff that ends up on the floor, too. But like you say, if you don't like it, sweep it up. doesn't bother us in the least.

Have a great weekend.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

And you certainly don't look old and fat.

The Teacher's Pets said...

You are not fat, you are just fluffy, my furend! I am shocked that your mom didn't let you in on the secret that you were heading to the groomers but maybe that was the only way to get you there. Poor thing! But the good news is that you look wonderful!

Ann said...

You don't look fat to me at all. You look fluffy is all. But I must say you look quite handsome after your visit with the groomer.

houndstooth said...

I had no idea you were a Poodle, Dom! BOL! I'm so sorry! I don't think you look old or fat, either, if that helps your feelings any.


BeadedTail said...

We think you look perfect but more walkies is always a good thing! Your haircut looks very cute too, even your chicken feet! Mommy thinks the chocolate cake sounds very yummy!

georgia little pea said...

Oh hi! I'm so glad I clicked on your name..you're funny! That choc cake recipe sounds lovely. And I like the look of your grooming salon too. It has lots of Character.

BTW, I checked out your photoblog.. Great pics :)

the booker man said...

ummmm, dommy, dude, you are so NOT FAT...you are definitely fluffy 'n curly, but SO NOT FAT! hmmmph! anywho, nice fur cut! i bet you can really feel the breezes now! i've nevarrr seen a peep toe cut before either. did it tickle? heehee. you know, my mama likes to follow me around with her little dust buster vacula to suck up all the dirts i supposedly bring in on my furry paws. i think she's totally wack-a-doodle, but i gotta stay on her good side cuz she totally provides the noms. BOL! woofin' of noms, i loooove your i heart food tag! oh, and mama's droolin' over that choco cake recipe. (pssst! mama! you left a drool puddle on the keyboard! ewwwww.)
happy easter to ya'll!

the booker man

the booker man said...

pee s -- no, we didn't see any deers. boohoo. but we saw bunnies and birdies and lots of evil squirrels!!

Nessa said...

Heyya Dommy!!

Errr... nice lookin 'chicken-leg' you got there... next taim tell your lovely sista to buy you those cute lil doggy shoes for your outdoor walks. Maybe baby socks will do too ;)

Soweee I haven't been visiting and commenting lately. I think i don wanna blog anymore... ive just lost it i guess :( but i will continue to read this space, for sure.

Have a blessed Good Friday!

Jon Terry said...

Aww.. i understand how you feel. That happens to me too as sometimes people call me "pui-pui" -fat in hokkien ==
They just don't understand that we are not fat just FLUFFY ;)

You look great with your puppy cut! That cake recipe sounds delicious, quick have mommy sent some over thru poslaju ^^

Happy Easter Holiday!

Love ya,
Jon Terry

Spiffy said...

You should have pressed that red button and it probably would have ejected here out of the car, unless of cos she's fat la, then that might not work ... hahaha!

Have a great weekend and happy Easter. Ask her got Easter eggs, kah?

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Dommy! I can't believe SHE said that you are getting fat. That's just the silliest thing I ever heard of. It's just all your fluffy furs. I mean, looks at your toesies. THEY'RE not fat and if YOU were fat, wouldn't your toesies be fat? But they're NOT fat since they're not covered with furs now. So there! Now go tell your mom to gives you a treat.

Wiggles & Wags,

Oskar said...

I've never seen doggie toes like that. I hope it helps.

Hope you had a great Easter,

Happy.Bark.Days said...

Hi Dommy. Miss Maple is so ecstatic to meet another poodle in the blogosphere. She thinks you look great in your new haircut. See you around!

Anny said...

Maybe i am just a wee bit fat.. hehehe... cos SHE almost went backwards carrying me today.. *LOL*

The cake is delish... but i still don't get a piece.. even after what Amber says...

Anny said...

Didya try to make the cake Remington?

Anny said...

Everyone says i am FAT except the vet... so i guess i am OK. Trust the vet and no one else Puddles.. hehehe.. too much fluffy eh? i'll try that next time.

pees.. i can be quite well behaved under certain circumstances.. especially when i am ON A TABLE at the groomers.

woofs n licks,

Anny said...

purple? hehe.. lemme lookit it again...

i am still getting blamed for sandy houses... its just SHE being lazy and not doing the sweepies properly. Let me go bite her behind and get her moving.

i am old Daisy, Kendra & Bella.. i am going to be 9 soon but i am definitely not fat.. *BOL*

Anny said...

Fluffy is a wonderful word to use on me! I am not let in on the grooming appts because usually i go and hide under the table or hide somewhere... but i always get conned when SHE says car rides.

Thanks for dropping by Teacher's Pet :)

Anny said...

Handsome fluffy and not fat is good! Thanks Ann!

Anny said...

I am I am a poodle Bunny.. or maybe just a very big poodle.. *LOL*

Anny said...

More walkies is always good :) if SHE can keep doing it. The chicken feet thingy was to keep the sand away from my paws.. and SHE thinks its working :) Make the chocolate cake.. it isssssssss yummy or so SHE says.

Anny said...

Hello George and Rufus. Thank you for dropping by here. The cake is nice and very sweet... that's what SHE says. I still don't get a piece.. can you believe it.

I like my grooming place too but i still shiver when i go there. The shiverings is just to make her feel bad for leaving me there for hours.

Thank you for going to our photoblog too :)

Anny said...

fluffy 'n curly but not fat :) thanks Booker! You are the bestest pal evar! I am feeling the breezes when i go for car rides.. and the peep toe cuts are quite funny actually but my paws look very clean now :) mebbe she should get a dust buster vacula thingamagic thingy if she complains too much about them sands.

did you haveta clean up your momma's drool puddle on the keyboard? ewwwwwwwwww! *BOL*

Anny said...

didya chase all them bunnies and birdies and evil squirrels Booker? teeheehee... Hope you have had a good Easter with your folks and Asa.

Anny said...

Auntie Nessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... we missed ya. When are you gonna start blogging again? We missed all your blogs.

I cannot wear socks or shoes cos i go to the garden to play ever other hour... and sometimes to take a quick leak... :) it would be too much of work for her to put on my shoes for a quick leak in the garden... and sometimes i get too excited to go out for a quick leak.. i cannot wait for her to open the door for me to zoom out.

thank you for still coming round to visit us... and hope you have had a good Easter :)

Anny said...

They call you "pui-pui" Jon Terry? hehehehe... They call my brother Piper "tua-pui" all the time.. *LOL* i think tua pui is worse than pui pui.. We are after all all fluff :)

If she don't finish all the cake and keep hogging it... i sure hope i could send a piece to you by poslaju.. hehhehehehe

hope you have had a good Easter!

Anny said...

i tried Uncle Spiffy... but i was too tired to press.. and my nose was too tired too... urmmm.. She could be too heavy to be ejected outta the car.. and she dares to call me FAT!!

didya send me some colourful eggs by posrajuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?

Anny said...

You are right Mayzie... my toesies are SURELY not fat at all. I believe i am thin as a stick. Just lookit my toesies.. hehehe You are so right!

She did bring a nice treat for me when she took me from the groomers. I ate in the car :)

Anny said...

This peep toe cuts are usually quite a norm for poodle cuts Oskar :) I've never had this cut before too until now.

Hope you have had a great Easter and hope your momma's feet is recovering well!

Anny said...

Hello Missy Maple.. thanks for dropping by and i'm sure we are gonna be great friends!