pssst! quit it with the cat watchin' already! heeheehee. ;)
the booker man

We have to write something after that comment above from The Booker Man. Our apologies for being away for a whole week + 2. Cat watching did get us into trouble after all. *LOL*

There's a golden rule in this house. No pets were allowed IN this home last time (but we did have hamsters IN the house when we were kids). When we were kids, our dogs lived in their doghouse out in the yard. It was a mighty big dog house with a two room feature under the coconut tree :)

We didn't have any dogs inside the house last time because i was asthmatic when i was a kid and parents being protective and careful, they always try and prevent the flying furs and stuffs. And then there was the tick factory factor (there was no such thing as Frontline back then).

That is until Piper came along. Since he was just a cute little small fluffy, the rules were bent. After Piper came Dom and he was to be a companion to my mom and dad. Since he was a curly, he surely could not be living out in the garden. It would be a huge task getting all the sand and grass from his curly self. And since he came from so far away, he has to be IN the house. That makes it two dogs in the house.

yes yes.. it was me.. 
only the cute fluffy small guy can tweak house rules with cuteness.

We got a wee bit carried away with the cat watching and the cats got friendly. They greet me each time i come and feed them in the garden. They run quickly and walk beside me and wait patiently for their food to be passed out. They are usually quiet. A calming presence.

After they eat, they climb the trees and sharpen their claws on the branches and sometimes they pose for me for photographs. They are such a joy to be photographed when they trust you. Sometimes you see them falling over each other and playfully bob each other's head. When you look at them a little longer, you'll notice that all of them have different color shades on their iris. We are gonna do some sketches with the photos soon.

Yes Booker.. Dom did get bobbed in the head by the cats for getting too close to them. Dom thinks that they are his friends. He lacks companionship in another furry. What a dog really wants is another doggy friend... or maybe just another furry.

 Now all SHE takes are just blurry crummie mobile pictures of me...
Just in case you all forgot how my handsome self looks like.
Now all SHE watch is just them kitteh cats.

One fine day, i was watching tv in the hall and my dad called out to me. I went to him and he asked me to take a good look in one of the rooms. We had one of the cats sleeping nicely on the bed. He was angry.. very angry. He hit the roof. He said NO CATS IN THE HOUSE. Do you know they are strays. Do you know they have ticks. The cat scurry away from his slumber and ran out.

We have sliding doors in the hall and most of the time, the doors are open and this fella probably thought he'll test his luck and stay for keeps.

This is not my house. I don't get to make the rules. Its my dads. He has rules. And no cats in the house is one of them. I really didn't know the cat has come in and made this house his home. It was just this one time. He was really mad. He told me to stop feeding the cats in the yard. They are strays and they know how to survive. Don't mess with the order of nature.

He told me that i am spending way too much time doing silly things. Feeding the cats when i really don't have much time (feeding the cats actually only takes 5 mins). I work @ home because i asked to be based at home to take care of things here since mom passed away. Its been almost four years since i came home. Sometimes the days are tough because i have my opinions on certain things and dad surely knows better since he is older. Usually i keep quiet and just let it slide.

I am actually too old to be afraid of my dad's nagging. I did sneak out and still feed the cats when my dad goes out. He knows. He just let it slide too. Maybe he was just having a bad day that day. He is right about the ticks and we don't really have that much money to put frontline on all the cats that come by.

I have my reasons for feeding the cats. They work for me. Really they do. Having some cats around keep the rodents away. Have you seen the rats in the drains? Once the cats left me a dead huge rat in the garden drain and showed me that they have done their job.

Rodents do bring more sickness that a mere cat. Rat urine is most deadly. If you have loads of stuffs in the house in bags and boxes on the floor, the possibility of having rodents around is highly possible. Unless you have pest control that comes every single month. People have died from contaminated food stuffs from rat urine.

I was chatting with my dad just now. I told him about the big black rat that Dom and i passed by when we were out walking. The rat was without a head. Yes.. the strays cats were doing their job.

They don't eat much really. They just like to hang around and play in the garden. They are very calming to watch. The housewives around here, watch the cats too while they are cooking in the kitchen. The kitchen overlooks the backlane. I've seen most of them watching the cats while they are cooking. Sometimes, they hand out some food for the cats too.
Sometimes cat watching too much does get you into trouble. And i got into trouble with my dad. *LOL* A whole lot of other things happen too this past weeks. I'll probably tell it to you all slowly but surely.

We are heading off to visit grandma at the temple, mum at the church and Stephanie at another temple. On Sunday, we'll have to head off to Lenggong, Perak very early to visit grandpa's grave. Its the chinese all soul's day next week. Usually we'll go on a weekend and visit our ancestors, clean up the graves and pay our respects.

I'll grab some photos to share with all of you. Lenggong would be nice to be photographed again. Here's some photos from our last trip. I'll promised it won't be another week before our next post. *LOL* We shall cut down on them cat watching.

Confront a child, a puppy, and a kitten with a sudden danger; the child will turn instinctively for assistance, the puppy will grovel in abject submission, the kitten will brace its tiny body for a frantic resistance.

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Mr. Pip said...

Well, I am sorry your dad got mad - hope my mom didn't encourage you and get you in trouble. She is a stray cat feeder - she can't help herself. My papa gets mad about it, too, but she keeps on feeding them. If she sees a hungry dog or cat, she is going to feed it.

We have rats here in Chicago, too. We usually only see them at night (and not many in our neighborhood thankfully) or sometimes running along the track in the subway. They are super mean here and not afraid of the stray cats.

Your pal, Pip

scotsmad said...

Watching cats can be very soothing for the soul. The people across the street from us go out every morning at about 5 and again every evening to feed the stray cats.

So (whisper) keep feeding them!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

3 doxies said...

OMD, how did you evers survive childhood withouts a dog???????? And no doggie in da house?????
We knows peoples likes dat but I has always found it strange...hehehehe! Who wouldn't want da puddles in their house? Bwhahahahahahaha!
I sees your dad point bouts da law of nature but it is still heart breakin'. Do we really know if they is fit to survive? So mnay questions. And here, it is actually illegal to feed a stray...but it ain't forced.


Jon Terry said...

Awww..don't feel bad cause you could not help it anyway. We are very sure things would get better with dad and we believe that deep down in his heart he does sees and understands what you see in those kitties. Sometimes they just don't admit it only! ;P

Keep up the good job in taking care of your dad and those kitties too. Our love to Dommy & Piper

Love ya,
Jon Terry

Anonymous said...

I'm awfully sorry your dad gots mad but I'm with you! I LUVS watching my kittehs. They're ever so fascinating. And they're really nice...most of the time. I think you have an awfully big, HUGE heart for feeding those kittehs. And I think they are telling you "thank you" by letting you gets so close to them and take their picture and stuff. I just wanna gives you a big brindle lick for being so sweet to those kittehs.

Wiggles & WAgs,

Spiffy said...

That is one reason why I don't get too friendly with the strays behind my house. I don't want them thinking they can come as they please. Besides Pebbles would give me the eye if I let cats in ... LOL!

Safe drive to ... Lenggong, was it?

Ann said...

I think that watching just about any animal has a calming effect. I like watching them any way.

Anonymous said...

i love watching cats..especially after they have had u still have the catnip seeds?


BeadedTail said...

My mommy likes to cat watch but I like to cat chase! It's too bad your dad got mad but around here the strays would probably be welcomed in much to my dismay!


Oskar said...

There are lots of feral cat colonies that can thrive when wonderful people help to keep them fed!

Nubbin wiggles,

the booker man said...

awwww, now you know that deep down i think those kitties are cutesies, and your mama is very sweet to give them foodables! so pretty please keep feedin' them, and you can even keep watchin' them, too, just don't forget to post on your bloggie every once 'n awhile. teehee. :)

the booker man

Maggie Mae said...

Mom and me is sorry dat your dad gots mad at you too. Takin' care of da stray cats is a very nice thing to do and I am sure dat dey appreciates it.

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS No more snow at my house...bummer ;)

Nessa said...

Knok knock knock! anybody home?? *peeps*

Heyya Anny and Dommy!! ((Hugs))

Hi... remember me? :P

Those cats are reali pweety. You take beautiful pictures too... macam pro!

I can imejin how mad your dad was. Just let him be. Gosh,.. i miss my dad so much :'( Opps, sori ya.

Oooh i don like rats. I can take cockroach, lalat and nyamuks but not rats! >.<

can't wait to read about your trip. write soon ya.

Remington said...

We love watching cats! We have feral cats out back and take care of them. They won't let us get to close though....

the booker man said...


i will make mama take 50 gazillion pics so that her clicker finger will be totally ouchies by the time it's over. heehee.
i'll see what i can do about gettin' all greenified! last year, they had tattoos that you could get, so maybe i can find a bucket of the green paints and jump in. mama will be so pleased. bwuahahaha!!

the booker man

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