One of my all time favourite thing to eat is chicken. My 2nd all time favourite thing to eat is rice. I can eat a lot of rice. One of my sister thinks i am crazy to eat so much rice... and the chicken. I can have chicken rice every other day. Rice is the staple food of most Malaysian folks. We do eat a lot of rice.

As my nephew is home this week for his one week break, i'll have to cook dinner else my dad will give me the stinky eye. Some days i don't cook at all for a whole week because i am lazy because i do not really know what to cook. *LOL* My dad is quite a picky eater. He only eat a little... and if the food is not to his liking, he'll eat less. It doesn't help that my mom was a most wonderful cook.

Sometimes i don't have much time to cook as some of my workmates tend to be more annoying and send work late at about 5pm or 6pm and tells me that she needs it now. Doing those stuffs is not like frying an egg. It takes a while to get it done. My dad also prefers to eat his dinner by 7pm. Which don't really leave me much time to cook.

I rely a lot on my oven and steamer. I have parcel Tuesdays and all-in-the-pot Wednesday.. sometimes we do parcels the whole week. If i pace myself properly, i can get some stuffs ready during my lunch break and dinner can be ready by 6.30pm.

Today i decided to cook salty chicken. Salty chicken is easy to cook as i just have to clean the drumsticks... cut a few lines in the chicken thigh and marinate with salt. Then i'll dump them in a thick based pot and cook it without any oil over low fire. This is like the easiest thing to cook as i don't need to stir it or fry anything.

Then i decided to add mushrooms into the chicken as i still have a bag of fresh shitake mushrooms. These fresh mushrooms don't keep very long. Then i decided to dump some potatoes in... and since i needed some color... i added a whole carrot in.

I had some red spinach which is almost dying and wilted because its really cold in the fridge ^.^. So in goes the red spinach too.

What started as salty chicken became a pot of mismashed stew. *LOL* This is my all-in-the-pot Thursday.

I added some chili flakes and onions in the end. Its is considered a healthy meal as there was no oil involved... and we ate it with rice of course :) I was supposed to stir fry the spinach. But everything ended up in the pot. This happens sometimes. *LOL*

So far my dad hasn't complained much yet. One day he's gonna yell at me and say that he has had enough of the all-in-the-pot meals and parcel food from the oven. I think i might have to learn to refine my cooking and cook like a normal person soon.

Do you all cook like this? Do you follow a certain set of rules/recipes or improvise as you go along? I can't bake very well as i cannot follow the recipe properly. My cakes always end up weird and never quite the same.

I wanna show you what we have in our garden and why them kitteh kats love our garden.


This is our row of weeds in pots *LOL* They hold only weeds now. When my beautiful mom was still alive, these pots hold her very treasured bougainvilleas in many colors. Our city here is famed for Bougainvilleas. Ipoh is known as the Bougainvillea City.

This pot of weed flowers. Its a beautiful purple. The birds here do a lot of work transporting the seeds. Sometimes we do get a flower or two among the weeds.

I tried hard to have green fingers but its not happening. *LOL* The only other solution is painting them green with my paints :) When you are not good with planting, you get ready flowered pots of flowers.

do not know her name purple flowers

I got these at Tescos last week for 8 bucks. They are so pretty and still alive :) I got a pot of bird's eye chili plant too. It was full of bird's eye chili. I don't know how long these two will survive under my painted green fingers care. *LOL* Maybe over time, my painted green fingers will become green one day. We can hope :)

bird's eye chili

This is Charlie. He's the only kitteh kat here with a name. He's the one with the big mouth from yesterday's WW post which kinda got some of you spooked. *LOL* He was yawning in that picture. He's really a sweet lil kitteh kat. See.. he has a very small mouth when its closed.

Dommy doesn't have that big a mouth.. hehhehehe.. He still have a beautiful smile even with bad toofies. He had a very long shower today as he's beginning to really stink because of the heat. *LOL* He's not too happy about the long shower and the extra long blow drying thingy. But he's light as a feather now and smelling like a million buckaroos.

My mom loves purple flowers. Her anniversary is coming up next week. Dad's been extremely quiet these few days. Its gonna be five years since my mom left us.

7 woofs:

Unknown said...

That sure does look yummy!!

I love those purple flowers!

Sandee said...

I'll be right over for dinner. That looks really good.

Hubby does all the cooking here. He is much better at cooking than I am. I do all the cleanup. It works for me.

Have a terrific day. :)

georgia little pea said...

I think your dad isn't the only one missing your mom, Anny. You know, almost all my pretty plants die under my "care". But the hardy ones come back up and thrive. Maybe you just need to get hardy plants. With all your sunshine and rain, they'll be yours for a very long time, I'm sure.

I do lots of one pot wonders. Fortunately, The Other Half loves them (or says he does). I'm not a flash cook, just a subsistence one :)

Have a lovely weekend, Ms Oon. I'll send you lots of happy wishes x

Spiffy said...

Send some over here la, don't be so kedekut la ...

Ann said...

that looks really good. I love chicken and if it was just me at home I would eat it more than anything else.

Jon Terry said...

That's seems to be a pretty yummy salty chicken!! I cook like that too, all dump into a pot easier, less washing...hahaha

I don't have green fingers too but so far the ones that survive are the tough ones likes misai kuching and cuban oregano ^^

p/s: I'm sure yr dad has been whispering to your mom about how you are doing your very best to be a good cook for him :D

Have a great weekend!!

Love ya,
Jon Terry

Anonymous said...

Ur way of throw all u got into the pot cooking style does yield surprisingly delicious results. I still remember the oyster sauce baked chicken that we had..that was heaven!

Whenever I have chicken, I will always remember yours.

Have a great happy weekend Anny.