We are gonna use Wednesdays to introduce our furry friends from our shelter here. Keep it mum ok... no one should leak this out to Dommy. Shhhh... please. He's already feeling very left out lately :) But a good tummy rub always makes it all ok.

The chances of them getting adopted from here is quite close to nil as most of you guys my bloggie friends are from over the big big pond... but who knows right? We could try :)

Here's my favourite furry friend at the cattery. Her name is Pirate.

She's one of the most lovable fella around and quite a round bundle of joy who loves a cuddle.

She's my lap cat when i am there as she's always the first one to jump on my lap when i sit down. When she gets on my lap, she won't budge or share :)

I've developed all these pictures with captions for the facebook page for the cattery as i feel that if we can get people interested to keep on coming to see our page, somehow someone will connect to one of them and maybe take them home one day. Social media is quite useful this way :)

This is the first picture i did of Pirate for the fb page. Its sad but they are the overlooked ones. People coming to adopt usually loves the pretty ones and the not so perfect ones like Pirate gets overlooked.

Pirate is perfect in every way. Even with one eye, she sees the world with lots of hope. She tries hard to make you love her. After this picture, i got her message and decided that we should put her in a more positive outlook.

May she find her forever home one day soon. If anyone in Malaysia who would love a bundle of joy, do leave me a note here. She's up for adoption. Our cattery at the ISPCA do not charge any fee for adoption. All we want from you is to give them lots of love and a good home.

10 woofs:

Remington said...

My hope is that all find loving forever homes....everyone deserves that!

Sandee said...

May all the babies find a loving forever home. Everyone needs to be loved.

Have a terrific day. :)

3 doxies said...

Well crap, dat just bouts made me cry. I can't imagine nobuddy lovin' an animal cuz of flaw...and a flaw dat don't mean squat. There really be some stoopid hoomans out theres. I sooooo hope they all find homes dat will loves them.

Nooooooows, why in da world would you want my mum's camera when your fotos are FREAKIN' AAAAAAAAMAZIN'!??!?!?!?!?! Girl, you has a gift.


georgia little pea said...

Sadly, it's usually the pretty ones that find homes. But who knows, someone enlightened might stop by. So is every Wednesday a cat day now?

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Nice set of pictures. Hope there are plenty of homes to go around.

Ann said...

what a neat idea for a regular post. All those little fur babies need help finding furever homes

Spiffy said...

How much you gonna pay me for keeping my mouth shut and not tipping off Dommy about your activities ... LOL!

Seriously, I hope someone adopts them all! I would but my little diva just hates cats! LOL!

houndstooth said...

I hope all of them find homes, and kudos to you for taking steps to help them!

yuki and rocket said...

such good pictures, i hope your photography helps them get adopted! it breaks my heart that the less than perfect ones have a hard time getting adopted.

Noorizal Ramly said...

Olla anny.

Kucing "Lanun" itu kiut dan manja. Tapi rumah sudah ada hero. Takut bawa yang baru, Hero merajuk pulak.

Harap Si lanun dapat jumpa empunya yang baik hati : D