i ate 10 donuts in the car today. *BURP*
i have very sugary lips now :D
i love my life.

Watched Brave with my 18th year old nephew. We both did not budge an inch the whole movie. I still love cartoons and animated movies. Named one of the shelter cats Merida after that.

Binged on a MARS bar for a few nights in a row
Whole bag was finished
Got another new bag
Binged again till i cracked.
Don't think lactose and i are good friends.

I had one and a half months of total freedom.
When it was just Dommy and i.
We watched so much tv till Dom became bored and i became useless.
TV is bad. Too much tv makes me stupid+er
I am already stupid.. now i am stupid+er

I care less about people and things
I gave more things away
I read more books
Best book i read was
Yasmin How You Know?

I still read some of your blogs
I go to Bob and Sophie's every single day these past few months
They both taught me many great things about life
I love Angus.
He is a lovely storyteller.

Just gave me 21 year old nephew an earful.
He kept yawning and yawning
But i know he is listening
I never scolded him much the years he was with me
Might have pampered him too much
He is a man now
He's going to be a doctor one day
There's only 3 things i want to teach him all these years
Without these, you won't go far in life.

I have three sisters in my life
We all lead very different lives
My only wish for them is to be happy
They should be happy
When you have everything, you should be thankfully happy.

My smartphone is not very smart
Its usually left on the table now
Its usually quiet
Too many bings and dings
We spend too much time looking at the tiny screen
We go for dinners and forget to talk to each other
We take pics of everything we eat
We post it on instagram and facebook
We even smile at our smartphone
We forget to look around
At the people around us
We forget about the beauty of nature.

My dad is getting older
He don't even mind the cats in the garden now
God's creatures only bring delight
If only we take the time to know them.

Some people never know how it feels like to be hungry
They buy so much and throw so much away
If you see a stray dog or cat
Give it a bit of food or water
It will only make you richer if you feed a hungry stray
If you do not like them, do not hurt them.

I see my neighbours who are dog lovers
They cannot call themselves dog lovers
They only love their own dog
They shoo the strays
They throw stones at strays
The strays were just hungry.

I met this couple
They work at the shelter as shelter workers
Sometimes i bring them chocolates
They saved the chocolates i gave them
Its only a piece of MARS bar
But to them its heaven
I am ashamed because i ate a whole bag of MARS bars all by myself
While this couple shared their bar of chocolate and save the other bar for another day
I forgot how it was to be truly poor
When you have your last dollar in your pocket
And payday is another week more.

I am thankful each day
I wake up and Dom is by my side
He is happiest when i get up
"I need to pee I need to pee" he says
It doesn't really take much to make him happy.
My very loyal dog
I couldn't ask for anything more.

It is the donuts speaking. After 10 donuts... my thoughts are finally free.
Do not be alarmed. They were mini donuts in a doggie bag.
The MARS bar were mini bars too.
I still crack even though they were mini.

Am sorry if we have not been visiting or commenting.
Had to take a sabbatical :) But i am not sure if it did any wonders to my mental state.. LOL!

Dommy: me am sleeping woman.. go away!

6 woofs:

Sandee said...

Good to see a post from you again. I thought you just gave up blogging.

I agree about too much television. There's nothing on anyway. we rarely turn it on. Waste of time and money.

I'm happy Dom is still making you smile. That's a good thing.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

sprinkles said...

So good to hear from you! I've missed you and thought about you. So glad things seem to going well for you.

Interesting and thought provoking post!

scotsmad said...

Great to hear from you. We've noticed your comments and wondered how you and Dommy are faring. Mini chocolate bars are hard to resist...best not to buy them.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Nessa said...

Anny!!! Finally...a post. Thank you :D I needed something to cheer me up after all the madness that is happening in Malaysia. :(:(:(

It makes me hate people... mean people. Why are they so heartless? Why hate dogs, what did they do to deserve the hate?? Sometimes i feel like leaving this land to a far far away land and be a farmer in the deep deep forest of neverland. I just want to cry but i know it doesn't never solve anything.

People bitch about things and all the trivial stuff. Where is the LOVE, compassion, kindness and forgiveness? I miss real friends. Yeah, those who love you without judging you and bad mouthing you from behind.

I've been feeding the stray cats behind my house. Well, just water cos I saw them drinking water from the neighbor's aircond water the other day. Poor strays :( But they do look healthy. The Puasa month has been good to them... I think the strays have been eating a lot :)

Let's meet again sometime. I'll make you donuts!! :D

houndstooth said...

It's nice to see you post again! :) I'm glad you and Dommy are doing well!

Spiffy said...

I thought the aliens got you this time for sure!

Mrs. Spiffy and me just went out and bought cat food to feed the strays behind our house with food and water. Now on top of our own little Diva to look after, we're looking out for strays too ... Hope the little thing doesn't find our we're chummy with cats too ... LOL!