What a lil Pip all the way in Chicago mean to me. Well... first of all... he sent me a song to remind me of him.

Here i was innocently waiting at a cafe for a friend, sipping my drink.. lost in my own thoughts.. and he decides to poke some fun at me and see if i remember.

The cafe was empty except for the barista and the cashier. And there was Pip with his song.

How is this song his song? Kristin made a video of Pip on a couch.. snoooooooooooozing away a long time ago with this song. I remember i watched it a few times way back then. After that this song reminded me of Pip all the time.

Actually i stole a lot of Pip's videos on his blog when Real Player had the Save function (I confess I stole from you Kristin). I went thru my saved videos on Real Player and there is a lot of videos of Pip.

He's tiny but he's big in every other way. His smile is contagious. Most of the time he made me smile when i see his grin in the pictures. The first picture of his on his blog header.. of this Giant Pip in a tiny village of people.. that was when i loved Pip. Who could forget Pip in the lion suit. That was hilarious. The tiny dog with big dreams. And he really got back into the game.

I don't really know the right words to say to people anymore when they lose someone they loved. Time will heal and the memories will somehow get you thru it.

For some of us, when we lose our beloved dogs, we never want to adopt another dog anymore. It just hurts too much. But the empty bed and toys... another dog somewhere out there could use a home and the love that you guys are capable of giving. When the time is right, open your heart again for another dog. Let another furry fella fill that gap. He will want that for you.

How did a lil dog across the big big pond made such a big impact on so many lives. He sure did... he was big.. and he was Pip. I will always remember you my lil buddy.

Run free!

4 woofs:

Sandee said...

I don't know how they mean so much either.

Big hugs. ♥♥♥

3 doxies said...

I can't sees da video...but it not matters cuz Pip be in my heart so I not needs a video.
Dis was a beautiful post to highlight some of your memories of dear Pip. He sure did make an impression on so many. You and me and da rest of Blogville sure was lucky to has known and loved him.


Ann said...

I remember that song.

mayziegal said...

This is a Most Wonderful postie and I agree. He sure made a BIG impact on all of us.

Wiggles & Wags,