A series of thoughts.. hehhehee.. yea yea.. it will be a super long post since i have not been posting for quite a while. Brace yourself if you are/would be reading on :)

Congratulations to Bain and Myra. 
Their baby boy Ash came into this world on Mother's Day. I bet Bain will be a great 24/7 daddy and won't have much time to blog anymore. May you both enjoy your blessing. I am sure Ash will fill up all your hours and your days but the journey will be a wonderful one.

Mother's Day... i am late for my Mother's Day post but here's wishing all mommies out there a Wonderful Happy Mother's Day. Hope all of you have had a great one with your loved ones yesterday.

Oh... my godson the Mr Jaiboo bought me a pair of blue shoes for Mother's Day. It is a lovely blue and the kind of shoes that i usually am in. He sure have good taste considering that he's just 1+ *lol*

bluey from jaiboo

If i am never to be a mother in this life, i am still very much blessed with lotta children in my life. Even today i have a kid with me. I had to poke her face a couple of times to wake her up for school... hahhahahaa.. She is a very down to earth girl. Very well balanced and always friendly. Her mother has taught her well. I sent her off to school and picked up another kid... *LOL* My sister's kids are almost like my kids. They are always with me.

Boy went off to matriculation college today in another state. His parents and my father sent him off this morning. With a heavy heart, i said goodbye to him yesterday. He is almost like my son for three years. He tells me almost anything and everything. I have pampered him and given him whatever that i could give him without spoiling him too much. But he is always a good kid. Humble and never wasteful. He never asks for things but will secretly smile with joy when we get it for him. He's hardworking and quite shy. He's not quite ready for the world yet but he has to go out there and fend for himself one day. And the one day is now.. today.

From today, he has to do his own laundry, buy his own food.. wake up on his own (which i doubt he can) hahahahaa but i know he will survive and be a more independent person in a year from now. Sometimes when we keep them near to us, they will never grow up. They will always be dependent. They will fall and they will cry, but they will learn that love is always at home. They will learn to appreciate the ones at home more.

I remember my mom telling me, go.. go out and see the world. I went and was very happy to be free to do whatever i want for the first time. It was a joyous feeling at first. And slowly day by day, i miss my mom a lot. Each day, i'll collect all the coins so that i can call my mom on the payphone (we didn't have mobile phones back then). Sometimes i have to walk very far to find a payphone that work. Each time i hear her voice, i'll come back to my room and cry. Each month, i'll take the bus back to see her. What joyful weekends that were. Mom will cook all my favourite dishes.. and when Sunday comes, i'll have to leave again with a heavy heart.

I am sure Boy is tossing and turning in bed right now thinking about home. He has to share a room with three total strangers who will probably be his good buddies in a few weeks time. He'll learn to adapt and enjoy life in college. He'll also learn not to mix whites with dark colored clothes to wash... *LOL* He's a tough kid. Quiet on the outside but he quite strong on the inside.

In a few more days, my sister and i are taking my dad for holiday. We are going off to see Billy. This year is a year of travelling for my dad. This is his third holiday and its only May.. hahhahaa.. His brothers and sisters are almost envious of him. They haven't seen much of him this year.

He will be 70 soon. My father loves to travel. My mom, never like to travel. Everywhere we take her, she will tell us that it is the same. She only loves to be at home. But i am sure she will be with us in spirit when we take dad to his next holiday destination.

Dommy and Mr Piper will have to be checked into the pet "hotel". Hope they will have a wonderful time away from us and make some friends too while they are taking their break. Dom is like the extention of me. He tails me everywhere. When i go to the loo, he'll even get up from his snooze and get himself parked outside the toilet door. When i am working, he is parked right beside me. I should be quite thankful for such devoted companionship. And only a dog or a Dom could be that.

I'll end this post with a picture i took a few weeks back.

If you look closely, you will see a pair of tiny feet on top of an adult feet. My friend's son was so afraid of the sand getting in between his toes. It was his first time at the beach. He was standing on top of his mother's feet for quite a while before we finally coaxed him to come down. He only trusted his mother and his world was at his mother's feet. It also tells how grand a mother's love is.
Mother's love is deeper than ocean
Mother's lesson is bigger than the sky,
Mother's lap is more comfortable than the warm bed
Mother's tale is better than the best novel on this earth,
Mother's picture is more beautiful than a fascinating scenery
Mother's blessings are more powerful than the thousands of seas
Mother's shade is cooler than the shade of heavy laden trees,
Mother's light is brighter than the sun,
Mother's role is seventy times greater than the father,
Mother's place is more sacred than any shrine

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Nessa said...

*sniff sniff*

such a lurvly post, Anny!

enjoy your holidays, be safe on the roads ya.

Anny said...

Thanks Ness :) urmm urmm.. can i leave Dommy and PP with yoo? hehhehee

baincardin said...

Hi Anny!!!~ Luv d poems n pictures a lot!^_^

thanks a million fr this special entry....and not to forget, I've made a special entry fr u too in my blog! yay!!!~^_^

Spiffy said...

Urmmm, you can leave Dom and PP with me ... just kasi pos raju saja ... hehehe ...

Spiffy said...

Urmmm, who the heck is Billy? LOL!

Holiday ah? Cool. I just come back and you cabut pulak, have fun :D

baincardin said...

Hi Anny!!!~

Thanks a lot fr d great wishes! Bain ada buat special entry for Anny! yay! ^_^

Anny said...

Thanks Bain.. the poem was from the internet.. its not something i wrote.. :p

You are most welcome Bain.. hope you and Myra will have loads of fun with Ash :)

Anny said...

Billy is a goat? urrmm... Billy the kid.. urmm.. urmm..

time to take a lil break la.. ;) i did have fun.

Anny said...

Dom will bite your behind if i left him with you.. he got sharp teeth.. hahahhahahahaha

Anny said...

Bain... bain.. nanti i singgah ye :) thanks for the entry :)