With Pete singing in the background, i begin to collect my thoughts for the day.

Why is it when you have loads of work, the internet decides to move at snails pace? Supa doooopaaa slowwwwwww.. damn.

Why does our local internet provider have to make me use double/triple the time to finish up my work when i could do it in 1/3 of the time IF if doesn't crawl.. bummer

Why does Piper have to park himself and his nose right beside the roller wheels of my chair. I have to remain like a statue when i am working *LOL* He must be wanting a very FLAT nose soon if he keeps on parking his nose beside the wheel of my chair. Maybe i should change my chair to the non-wheels chair. Either its a flat nose or a bad back.. hehehehehee I'll leave it up to Piper

Why is it when you want to take something from another room but when you walk into that room, you completely forgottten why you are there in the first place. Oh bummer... memory loss.

Pete has to pipe down a bit now. He is making me sing along with him and it is not helping with this post... hehehhehe

Ahhhhhh well... i might as well sing along with him :) So much for ranting :p

Good news! Boy is coming home on Friday. Can't wait for him to be home. We have all missed him around here. Even Dommy.

Dommy was all smiles when we went to see Boy is another state last Sunday. Yes.. we took Dommy along and have to hide him under a blanket when we went through the security check at the gates of the campus.

He has grown up a bit. Now he knows how to wash his own clothes and iron them too. He don't even have dark rings on his eyes. He used to have panda eyes because he keeps very late nights playing games on the computer. Now he has to sleep early as he is sharing a room with 3 other strangers.

They do grow up and buck up when the situation arises. Time for me to sleep too. No point doing any more work when the line crawls :) Goodnight folks!

6 woofs:

Nessa said...

errr... dulu Billy, now Pete? ;)

Spiffy said...

Errr, who the heck is Pete?

Hahaha ... Pebbles does the same thing which is why we now have non-wheel chairs ...

Anny said...

urmmm.. urmm.. should i have a tiny contest again to guess who's Pete? hehehhehehehee

Anny said...

Pete is... urmmm.. a great guitarist :D

yea.. Piper sure dun know he already have a very flat nose.. still want to get it rolled over and flatten out :)

Incik RestNrilekS said...

Olla Anny,

Lama sungguh tak singgah, hari tu ingat pergi berjalan lama. Sekali bila lawat balik, tuu dia banyak sungguh entri terbaru. Hehe.

Pete nyanyi lagu apa.

Ahaks, dulu pun Rizal ada panda eyes sebab suka berperang sampai tengah-tengah malam. Hehehe.

Tak pa, anak2 kalau campak mana-mana pun akan belajar berdikari.

Selamat Hari Sabtu : )

Anny said...

Ollllllllllla Rizal :) Lama tak jumpa jugak.. we have been away for 2 bulan lebih actually :D

Pete nyanyi lagu Jesselton Tonight :D

mata aku pun ala ala panda.. hahhahahaha.. tak cukup tido memang

harap harap dapat berdikari.. budak budak memang akan leave one day jugak

Selamat Hari Monday :D