We are going off on a short trip tomorrow :) Without our doggies this time. Both of them will be going off to their "hotel" tomorrow morning. Hopefully they will meet some cute doggies there or find a girlfriend or two... hehehhee.. Knowing Dommy and his ever busy nature, he'll be sniffing every doggie out. *LOL*

Before we go... we want to have a tiny little contest here. It will be tiny.

Here are some so called rules...
  1. Each person can only make 2 guesses.
  2. The first 3 person who gets it correct will get a souvenir :) 
  3. Anyone from anywhere in the world can take part.
  4. My colleagues are NOT allowed to take part because they know where i will be.
  5. Leave me your guesses on this post
  6. Comments will be under moderation.. :p
Have fun. I'll bring you the winners something fluffy... and cute.

I'll even leave you a bit of a cookie trail on my mobile blog :) Join my tiny contest!

10 woofs:

Anonymous said...

I know i know...but I'm not telling..wont be fair since i have the in side scoop..

Its a place I have never been, and i have been to many a place..

Life is laid back there and what goes around come around.


1. Damascus, Syria

2. Khartoum, Sudan

I have been to those places :p


Emila Yusof said...

hi anny!!! my 2st guess is UK!

Nessa said...

woweeeeee!! me loves contest.. no matter how tiny... hehehe

urmmm... lemme go boomoohoo jap. Aiyah... not enuff clue la. Even Dommy is clueless in the pic... *cries*

dis my 1st guess...

going to Penang???

yoon see said...

Hello Anny. Happy Tuesday:)

Anny said...

wadui.. why laa would i go so far until Syria or Sudan pulak.. hahahahaaa

Anny said...

nope nope nope Emi :p

Anny said...

Dommy is usually looking clueless when we take him for car rides that end up at the vet or the groomers or the boarding tempat.. hehehhee

Penang? hmm.. i wanna go there again.. but not this time :p

Anny said...

Happy Thursday to you YoonSee!

Spiffy said...

Aiyoooo, your clues are like no clues la ... LOL! You elope kah?

Anny said...

elope? nola.. next time i will elope la