Rainy Days and Mondays ~ The Carpenters

An old song from my childhood :) Its been rainy here almost everyday and somehow this song came into mind. Since its a Monday, all the more apt. With a bit of a boom boom and kaboom that probably haven't hit my router yet. We are pretty still safe but we are on thunder lane and sooner or later, the router will probably see smoke if we don't turn it off when the thunder comes.

Some people do not understand why we have to turn the modem/router off when there's thunder and lightning. We live in a very old neighbourhood where the powerlines and the phone lines are all on poles (still). In the more modern, urban new neighbourhoods, powerlines are usually all underground. Safe from lightning strikes and thunderbolts.

Our garden is all lumpy with wet soil and very happy worms and snails

Dad: Dommy... wipe your feet before you come in.

Dommy: How? How do i wipe? I am all thumbs

Dad: Don't go running in the garden when its wet then.

Dommy: But but i have to pee... and poo... and chase out my meow buddies

Dad: Sand... its like a desert here in the hall. Stop bringing the sand in

Dommy: But grandpa... the sand just came with me. I didn't ask them to come in with me...

Dad's been complaining of too much sand in the house. *LOL* With a curly around, sand just follows. Sometimes grass follows too. We'll probably have to get Dommy some clogs or shoes to wear soon...

I'm innocent. Don't check between my paws. I got no sand in them.

With the constant rain, Dommy's been reduced to being a sluggish curly with no where to go except sleep. We found some kangaroo meat from Nature's Gift at our pet stores lately. He has probably have had it before when he was living in Melbourne with his first family. I sense a look of nostalgia on his face when he tasted it. Its probably my very own active imagination. *LOL*

Dommy has always been on a chicken or lamb diet. Our vet says beef is not too good for him. How much of lamb and chicken can a dog take day in and day out. Roo meat was a nice change. He leaped with joy and finished all his food in a jiffy. With a contented burp, he licked his bowl two times... grin and went on his way. Even a dog deserves variety in life.

What's a dog to do on a rainy day but zzzzZZZZZZzzzz

Footnote: We've noticed a bit of a cyber-bullying going around among some bloggers lately. Cyber bullying is really not necessary. We all blog because we have something to share. We should all blog for the right reasons and not to hurt people with comments. If you seriously do not like certain blogs or bloggers, just don't visit them and end of story. There is a blogger's code of conduct. Do not say anything online that you wouldn't say in person.

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Spiffy said...

The weather is damn unpredictable these days I tell you. In my household, I'm the one who brings the sand in when I walk around the place with my shoes after I come home ... LOL!

Spiffy said...

The weather is damn unpredictable these days I tell you. In my household, I'm the one who brings the sand in when I walk around the place with my shoes after I come home ... LOL!

Duni said...

Dommy is innocent ;-)
What's a little sand on the floor, right?
Sammy tends to bring in muddy paws - good thing we have tiles!
Your garden looks about as muddy as ours after a rainstorm! Uggh.

Kristine said...

My neighbourhood still has above ground power and phone lines as well. During Hurricane Earl this year we lost power for almost thirty-six hours. And we were lucky.

That's really disappointing to hear about recent cyber bullying. I've found the pet blogging world to be filled with nothing bu warm, caring people. It makes me sad to know not everyone has that experience.

Thanks for the adorable photos!

Anny said...

Oh boy... dejavuuuuuuu Spiffy *LOL*

Aiyaa.. you and Dom can be great friends :) My dad would smack you if you came into his house wearing shoes... hahahaha

Mrs Spiff didn't smack you izit?

Anny said...

Dommy IS innocent Duni. I'm immune to sand and grass. That is one of the reasons why my room is the most sandy part of the house. Dommy sleeps here.

Ya.. the grass doesn't grow very well under the mango tree.. and that is where my friend Dommy loves to hang out :)

Anny said...

36 hours is pretty lucky i would say. Glad Hurricane Earl is long gone now.

I find that pet bloggers are mostly nice people. So far i haven't got any nasty comments. But i see some cyber bullying going around in other blogs. It is sad. People do blog and comment for the wrong reasons sometimes.

Hope to see some pictures of Hayley and fred from your new camera soon!

♥ Sallie said...

Great tunes!

That sand follows me everywhere and gets me in trouble too! LOL!


Hound Girl said...

Haha my yard has a mud pit too when it rains :)
Im sorry we havent gotten back to your blog lately, things have been crazy but we are back now catching up :)

Thank you for the well wishes on Fred and his test. He does amazing with the children and you are right they love him and his ears! He loves it too when they play with his ears, it must feel good to him.

I love that you have a Nikon too, im using the D80, I bought it off my dad - he got the D7000 that just came out, im sooo jealous :) this is my first dslr camera!

scotsmad said...

We agree with the rainy Mondays. We just had one! So far today looks good, but more rain on the way. We'll have to get out early to have a good walk.

We have towels at all doors, but we scrunch them up in balls to sleep on. (Drives HER nuts!)

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Maggie Mae said...

I beleeves Dommy! ;)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Ann said...

I love that song. The Carpenters have always been one of my favorites.
Poor Dommy can't help dragging in sand. I'm sure he would wipe his paws if he could :)

BeadedTail said...

Sand and mud between our toesies just appears there - we can't figure out why!

We haven't seen any cyber bullying yet and hope we don't. We don't like mean people.


Sam said...

We've given up on clean floors when the rainy season moves in - it helps to keep the sanity...


Nessa said...

I can't stand sand in the house... LOL!

It's always great reading your post, puts a smile on my face. Dommy is so sweet. Sori I haven't been around and commenting. Events back home has distracted me from the blogging world.

I'll be leaving tomorrow. I hate going to the airport... ngggggkkk :(


Hi P and D

Wow what fun you could have in that mud bath of a back yard! Too bad gramps is a bit picky about being clean. Geez imagine all the fun you could have..

Kangaroo meat... you did look content. Never had but I be it's good by looking at roo!

baincardin said...

Selamat Menyambut Aidiladha Anny !!!~ ^_^

Marg said...

Dommy, we know you are innocent. Not your fault. You are way too cute to be guilty of anything. Hope your rain goes away soon. It is raining here too.
What is this bullying going on?? I hope no one is doing that to you.

Anny said...

Sand and us.. they follow us everywhere don't they Sallie? And its not even our fault!

Anny said...

Our mud pit is getting bigger and muddier each day... but i am not complaining :)

I bet kids love to lift up Fred's ears and whisper sweet nothings to him :) I see a lot of kids do that.. especially to doggies with floppy ears. Kids love that. He'll make a great therapy doggie.

We use a D70 here.. a pretty old one.. and we only have 1 lens :) so crummy ya.. hahaha Your dad got a D7000?? wow.. now i am sooo jealous too!

Anny said...

We are going to be expecting lotta more rain and probably floods up north. The weather is getting worse around here. I did get out early for a walkie today.

Towels don't help... because i go out many times a day to the garden to roll around :) Mud and us... they make us happy.. don't you think so Daisy, Kendra & Bella?

Anny said...

Thankies for believing in me Maggie Mae :)

Anny said...

The Carpenters have always been my favourites too Ann. Glad you like the song.
Dommy doesn't need to wipe his feet.. hahahhahaa... It doesn't matter because sand comes in through the windows anyways.

Anny said...

Sand and mud appears between your toesies too? See.. it doesn't just happen to me. High five to you Sadie!

We've seen some cyber bullying around on other blogs.. we don't know why they have to do that. Its sad.

Anny said...

Who needs clean floors when there's a furry around.. right Sam?

Anny said...

You don't like sand in the house? hehehhehee.. Don't they just come in on their own Ness?

Don't worry about commenting and visiting Nessa... it is okay. Come back to blogging when your mojo baliks. Hope you'll have a good holiday back home with your family.. and don't go digging ditches in the garden ya :)

Have a safe journey. By the way.. i love airports :)

Anny said...

If only i could be quick enough for a mud bath... but if i do a mud bath... i will have to be hosed down after that... Gramps is cool about the sand.. but lately.. the sand is everywhere. Even in them bedrooms :p

Roo meat is quite delish Norwood. But i still love chicken and rice nom noms best :)

Anny said...

Selamat Hari Raya Haji Bain sekeluarga :)

Anny said...

Thank you for believing in me Marg... i am innocent... really.

More rain is coming soon.. more and floods too expected up north. They got all them boats all ready just in case.. for evacuation.
Naw.. no one is doing any bullying to us. If they did.. i will bite them all.