That's a very very happy Dommy. That was taken after i picked him up from the boarding place.

When we go on the road usually we take Dom with us. In Malaysia, there are not many pet friendly hotels.

I am hesitant to send him for boarding most of the time as sometimes they come back sick or dehydrated. Once he came back with bloody stools. Another time he came back confused and spaced out.

Last week, we send Dom to a new boarding place. He stayed there for four days. This is a new establishment and the place looked clean.

They really took good care of him and each morning, they bring him down to the play area cum office to mix around with the other dogs. I bet he had a pretty good time there.

If you are in Ipoh, Malaysia and need a place to board your dogs when you travel, do check them out. The place is run by Nat and Amy. They are very friendly and nice.

This is their facebook page. Sumomo Pet Boutique

Now i can rest easy when i have to go away. I know that there's a place where they love dogs and they really do take care of them well.

This is the first time Curly came back from boarding with no sickies and no bloody stools.

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Happy.Bark.Days said...

Dommy looked like he had so much fun at the doggy boardind house. It's always a relief when our little ones come home happy and safe. Glad you found a reputable and responsible boarder--they're like a diamond in the rough.

Spiffy said...

Urmmm, sounds like a place they train sumo wrestlers la ... LOL!

Ann said...

Dom does look very happy in that picture. Glad you found a place to take him that will take good care of him. Sounds like this one is a winner

The Daily Pip said...

Dommy does look very cute and happy. I am so happy you found a nice place for him. Now you won't have to worry when you travel.

Your pal, Pip

Diana Chiew said...

Glad that you found a great place to board your pets when you are away. It's not easy, we know.

the booker man said...

yay, dommy! i'm glad you found a happy happy joy joy place to stay when miss anny can't take you with her! you sure do look super duper smiley in that first pic, but, hey, how do you see under all those curly furs?? teehee.

the booker man

pee s -- at first, stan needed the waters every day...then once his roots got stronger it was like every 3 it's only once a week!

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Finding a good boarding kennel is sometimes difficult. We're lucky we have a few around us, though we use the same one. SHE can travel without having to worry about us, and we have a great time. Dommy does look happy.

Happy travelling in the future.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Lorenza said...

Sure it is a relief to know you have a safe place to leave them when you need to go away!
Too bad we don't have those places here!
Kisses and hugs

houndstooth said...

I'm glad Dom had such a good time! I am glad Mom and Dad never leave me behind!


Jon Terry said...

Dommy sure looks happy indeed! Glad to hear that you found him a good boarding place :)

Love ya,
Jon Terry

Unknown said...

Whew.. so glad Dommy was happy and safe and well cared for... it's hard enough being away from our humans. norwood

BeadedTail said...

Dommy's smile made us smile! We're glad he liked the new place and didn't come back all sickie. We bet the people there just loved Dommy too!

Nessa said...

Oh how happy Dommy looks! :D:D

I've been so busy la Anny... literally running here and there, LOL!

DP said...

That is SO awesome! I'm always worried about boarding. The diseases and yucky stuff pups can pick up there So glad Dom is healthy after his trip!

-DP and Gracie
Tails and Misadventures of Gracie the Shih Tzu

the teacher's pets said...

That is really sad and disturbing that you haven't been able to find a good boarding place until now. Are there any pet sitters in Malaysia (professionals who would visit your dogs each day, 3x per day)? Or are there any pet sitters who would stay in your home while you are away?

Maggie Mae and Max said...

Dommy does look happy! Knowing dat him is well taken care of while you is away is a good thing. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

georgia little pea said...

That 1st pic of Dom is funny! I'm glad the story had a happy ending because Georgia will be in Holiday Camp soon for a week, just a week, only a week. She's NEVER been boarded before. We're dreading it.

There aren't that many great kennels here either.

Remington said...

Someone looks happy!

Chicco said...

It looks like a very great place to go.
Woof, woof,