Hello there :) This is me. Mr P at the puters. Since the Curly and the cow is busy with stuffs, i guess it is up to me to get the blog moving. Some updates for you guys.

Lemme see.. how about a cute picture first.

Ain't this guy the cutest furry on the block. *ahem*

I mean... did i get your attention yet? I was a trying to get your attention first you see. Now... look into my beautiful eyes and say... all together now... oooooOOOOHHHH.. ain't Piper the cutest fella on the block.

Don't mind my messy self. SHE was too LAZY busy to give me a bath. SHE said i still smell nice. I am a mess. But hey... who likes baths anyways. I don't. That's for sure. Anyhow.. here's me on my evening walks. Check out my cute pink tongue and the flowers or flower.

This is what i do best other than picking fights with all the doggies in the neighbourhood. You can't just mark one. You have to mark them all.

Tire christening is a must do. All the tires and the lamp poles along the route have to be checked and marked. I do take my job seriously but SHE says i am just wasting my time and taking too long on walkies. The rain will just wash it all away SHE says. But what does SHE know. She does not have the ultra super sonic noses we furries do.

Here's the curly in his silly orange shirt. He finally had a bath after close to a month. *phew* But poor guy's been sick for so long. SHE only dared to give him a bath yesterday when it was really warm and sunny. Straight after the bath, Curly had to don the silly orange shirt.

I think Curly's all well now. He is just milking the cow. The cow is so silly as to believe that the Curly has to be handfed all the time. All the time i tell you. I can see from the corner of my eyes that the Curly is just pulling a fast one on the cow.

SHE just found out that Curly has a strange liking for raw fish. Maybe Curly's been mixing around with them kitteh kats too much or perhaps Curly is a Japanese in his past life. Curly also develop a liking to chicken stew. SHE was so happy that Curly loves something that she quickly cooked a small pot of stew with no salt just for the Curly... and me. Our stew consists of carrots, potato and glorious chicken. There's also a cob of corn in the pot to make the soup nicer.

I think Curly looks like those workers at the construction site in his orange shirt. Don't you think so? SHE bought it cheap in Thailand. It just cost 3 bucks for the orange shirt.

Curly has started going back on his walks. Short slow walks. He walks like an old man now. Even grandpa called him old man just now. Curly thinks he looks awesome and handsome in his orange shirt. He even had a small spring in his legs.. kinda like he is proud to be out walking in his orange shirt. But i think people will just think he is just one of the road construction crew. *BOL*

Okay.. i think i should not be mean to my orange brother. He looks a wee bit cute in orange.

But surely not as cute as me. Yes. SHE bought the same cheapo 3 bucks shirt for me too. But in yellow.

All these blogging is just too hard work for a small furry like me. I'll take a nap now. See you all tomorrow :)

*woof & licks*

17 woofs:

Mariuca said...

Ha ha ha yeah lor, I have to agree Piper is the cutest fluff on the block... jgn jeles Pebbles, u oso cute... different block mah.. ha ha! :):):)

LadyJava said...

Awww sooo cute lah Piper... i so love you!!!

LadyJava said...

So cute you lah you Piper.. I so love you !!!

Marg said...

Oh Piper, thanks for that great report. We are so glad to hear that Dom is better. We were worried about him. Those are some mighty cute pictures. Take care and have a great day.

Sandee said...

Both of them are cutie pies. I'm glad Dom is feeling better and going for short walks, but most important he's eating. Good for him.

Have a terrific day. Scritches to the babies. :)

yuki the dog said...

yay! that's good dommy can go on little walks now and there's nothing like a bath to make him feel refreshed. i think those neon tank tops are cute! at least people will see them in the dark. yuki starts fights with any dog she encounters as well, like piper...im surprised she doesn't lift her leg like a boy too. so dommy eats sushi now? well i know its good for humans, so it must be for dogs right? as long as he's eating thats great.

scotsmad said...

We're so happy Dom is feeling better,poor old man. But it was good to get your more balanced view on the whole thing!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Ann said...

Piper, buddy, I couldn't agree more with you about christening tires. I take my job very seriously too. I'm glad to know that there is another dog that is dedicated to the job.
My mom and I are also glad to hear that Dom is feeling better

houndstooth said...

I think Dom looks quite handsome and distinguished in his orange shirt! Methinks I smell the scent of envy wafting from a green-shirted fuzzy!


Mr. Pip said...

Nice work marking the tires!!! I am so happy Dommy is feeling better and he does look super cool in that orange shirt (and you are right just like a construction worker)!

I have never had raw fish, but I bet I would like it, too. And stew is always a favorite of mine!

Your pal, Pip

Kippy Marrie said...

Amei voce e seu blog.
Estou te SEGUINDO e sendo sua amiga.
Sou a KIPPY, uma YORK e moro no BRASIL.
Vou gostar muito se voce visitar meu blog e fosse meu amigo também (seguidor).
Te espero com alegria.
Boa semana.
Aus 1000 com amor...


BeadedTail said...

Piper, you made us giggle! You're cute and funny! We're glad Dom is feeling better!

Maggie Mae said...

Happy news dat Dom is better! Great report Piper!

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Nessa said...

Yo Mr. P!! wah not bad la u write, can take over from missy Anny... ;)

ish, i so geram la see pic with tongue sticking out ni. must force Anny to take more fotos like these k... stick 'em tongue out :P:P:P

awww Dommy looks kurus oredi la, so selim. Must tell Anny to feed him some more. Guard dogs must look rough n tough n big so them cats n rats are sked of him.

cute doggie shirts... fuh see thru some more. can i hv one too?? LOL!

Happy.Bark.Days said...

Piper is indeed adorable! Look at that round face of his - how can you not gush at his cuteness. It's nice to see that Piper was considerate to share the spotlight with Dommy. We're so happy to hear about the Curly's positive progress. Bath, walks, raw fish, orange t-shirt... wow, Dom is really making a big comeback!

Spiffy said...

What? You got a cow at home? Lucky you Piper ... hahaha!

Ok, ok, I better lari now ...

Chicco said...

Hello piper, how are you??
You're so so nice!
I love your photos.. and i'm so happy to hear that the sweet Dommy is better, i hope that she will recover completely.
Have a nice week.
Woof, woof,