It is the summer... and during summers, people can be allowed to be lazy. Right? It is mid August... and we are picking up speed at work again. Gone are the shaking legs and bum days. July was pretty nice. We had a bit of a lull at work when the markets go for their summer breaks.

My mind hasn't been here or there lately. I took almost 2 weeks to learn something new. The heart is just not in it. But work has to be done eventually. Things can be easily done when you set your mind to get it done. A much wasted 2 weeks of dog dreaming.

I've just been bogged with things about the Curly. Things to cook for the Curly. Things to make the Curly eat. During these past weeks, i have become a chef for a Curly. Perhaps i am a bit crazy.

Everyday, my mind do whizzes and whooshess. I think i am in trouble. Curly's got the upperhand now and he is now the top dog. He has gotten me to handfeed him every single meal. He just gives me the.. feed me or i'll faint look. And i'll be on my knees beside him begging him to eat. Hmmm... Do you think i should starve him a bit? Till he eats on his own?

I can't be cruel to a sick dog. Can i?

I've always believed that you must teach a person to fish than to fish for the person. If you keep fishing for the person, the person will be dependent on you for the rest of his/her entire life. Same goes with feeding our furries. If they are hungry, they will go to their food and eat them eventually. Right?

But if you touch his curly tummy and its all sunken in and he looks hungry and tired but will not eat from his bowl, won't you handfeed him? Maybe i should buy him a new bowl. Maybe he got bored of his bowl. Maybe his bowl smells of stainless steel.

Oh for god sakes... please eat Dommy.

I have tried all kinds of food for him. I've read so many many sites on feeding our furries. We even tried a raw diet. Piper enjoyed his piece of meaty raw chicken and even sneak the bone back to his bed to enjoy it slowly. For someone with very small teeth, he manage to finish up the bone with a big big smile on his face.

raw moment

We ended up washing his bed and pikachu after his meal. Dom... he just have a few tiny pieces of raw chicken. Handfed.

My dad was appalled that i am feeding them raw chicken. He asks me again and again about bacteria and stuffs. He just had this shocked look on his face. He kept asking me if i am doing the right thing.

I did do my research before i handed a raw piece of meat to Piper and Dom. Piper has been with us since he was a kitten puppy. We never feed him anything raw before. Its always cooked and he always have kibbles with cooked chicken meat or peas or carrots. On some occasions, he have some broth and some sauces with his kibbles. But never anything raw.

The 1/2 an egg thief

Dom might have some raw meat before when he was living in Australia. Some people swear by the raw diet. I am just wondering, how many of you out there serve your furries a complete raw diet. I am thinking of going that way with Dom when he gets better.

I am pushed to explore the possibilities of feeding a raw diet as i'm almost at the end of the rope on what to feed Dom. I want him to be well and i just want him to eat.

If you guys would be so kind, please help me with the polls on the top right corner. Thank you.

On one of my own saddest day, i was able to stuff myself with food to sustain and to live. I did not want to allow myself to be sick and to breakdown. Somehow it was the right thing to do. When i am sick, i still try to drag myself to cook something to eat. Eating is a way to live. Why does he not want to eat like he used to?

Curly is sleeping most of the time

We went for the follow-up visit to the vet to get his heart medicines last Friday. He trotted in to the clinic on his own. The vet says he looks much much better but no baths yet.. still. Dom was all smiles when the vet didn't put the termometer up his "toot". He was all smiles when it was time to go home.

We have rain these past few days. The air is so much better. Its cooler in the afternoons too.

I just tweeted the word FML a while ago. For some reasons, i was having my FML moment. It soon passed. For some who are not in the know about the abbreviation FML, google it ya.

This is a good site to have a laugh when you feel like you are having a FML moment. My FML moment passed soonest i read some of other people's FML moments. Here.. have a laugh.

What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step. ~ C.S. Lewis

Good Life ~ One Republic

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Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! I got sick/ill when mom tried raw food for me. I got allergies n sensitive stomach. Sending you lots of Golden LOVE n Golden Thoughts. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Mom loves on republic.
Oh FYI: I am co-hosting a weekly Tasty Tuesday, it starts today. Check out my blog post today. The Blog Hop Badge is also posted on my blog too that you can proudly display on your blog. You can sure add this post since it is food related. Golden Woofs, Sugar

Sandee said...

I would hand feed too if need be. You are doing what you know is best for you and Dom. Go for it.

Have a terrific day. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! I didn't know Dommy had the sickies. Oh, gosh, that makes me feel sad. Me and my mom think you're doing the right thing by feeding him whatever he wants, however he wants. It's very impawtant that he eats, even if that means you have to feed him by hand.

My paws are crossed and I'm sending my very best brindle wishes Dommy's way. I hope he gets feeling better real soon.

Wiggles & Wags,

PeeS. We're gonna vote "kibbles" on your poll but whenever we get the sickies, our mom cooks for us.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

We think Dom probably deserves Top Dog position at the moment and needs to be fed.

We used to eat raw meat, chicken necks, kangaroo mince etc with vegies and fruit, but now we get a no-grain kibble.....with vegies and fruit.

XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

Spiffy said...

Pebbles is a master at that 'feed me now or I'll faint' look! LOL!

Aiyaaa, you hand feed that dog because you love him so much, I would do the same for Pebbles so I can't offer you advise la ... hehehe ...

yuki and rocket said...

i'm sorry you had a FML moment, i guess we all have those from time to time. especially when we are worrying about someone we love who is ill.

i have heard of all the benefits of the raw diet. i would feed the pups this way if it weren't for my germaphobia. i know that bacteria doesn't affect dogs the way it affects humans. but, i have read that it can affect us after they have passed their stool and we can come in contact with it and not know it. also, i have doggies with beards so the germphobe in me would be thinking about bacteria on their beards touching all the surfaces in my house. you should see me when i cook meat. i wash my hands twice and make sure to use lysol santizing wipes all over my counters.
i feed the pups blue claims that since its high-protein and grain-free it gives the benefits of a raw food diet without dealing with actual raw food. i like this idea because i like the benefits of the raw food diet, even though i don't know if the compnay's statement is true or not.
did dommy's vet say he's gained weight? how long do you wait until you hand feed him? yuki is a finicky eater and i would give her 3 chances to eat all day. i would leave it out for 30 min and if she didn't eat i would take it away. eventually she would eat even if it would be 10:00 at night. sometimes we will hand feed a couple kibble, to kind of get her started and then just walk away. usually that will get her to eat on her own. but if he hasn't gained weight, it might not be a good idea. i wish i had good solution to help you out, maybe someone can give you the answer that will help dommy.

sprinkles said...

All of my pets have always loved to be hand fed. I don't do it for them very often, only on the rare occasion when they don't want to eat.

I did your poll. I've only fed my boys kibbles.

Good luck, I hope you can figure out a way to get Dom to eat.

I often have fml moments too!

BeadedTail said...

We only get hand fed treats and haven't had raw food before. If it helps Dommy eat then it's the best for him right now. We are so sorry he's feeling sick and are crossing our paws and sending purrs for him to get better!

Unknown said...

Oh no.. I haven't been around to your bloggie lately and feel bad about dommy. I know does the raw diet. I don't know much about it. The has a very picky eater- phantom and struggles with getting him to eat as he deals with cancer. I wish I had some suggestions but you may want to reach out them.

I think exploring anything that dommy will eat is priority and keeping him healthy. Please keep us posted.

Bailey Be Good! said...

When Nala and I got sick a couple of months ago, mommy boiled chicken for us. She said she wouldn't give us uncooked food. Not saying that it isn't a good option for some, but just not for us. :)

Woofs & hugs <3,

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

Ann said...

I think you have to do what you have to do. We sure hope that Dom is feeling much better soon.

Jon Terry said...

Just do what you feel and think is needed for Dommy because we know, deep inside your heart you only want the best for him :)

Love ya,
Jon Terry