Its 6.20am here and i am awake with too many things running through up there :) The mind is wide awake but the body is begging for sleep.

We have been in the city for a week now. In Kuala Lumpur. Time sure moves way too fast over in the city. 24 hours is all gone in a sneeze.

We loaded the poor ole car with all of Boy's stuffs and the puters and the grandpa and two furries. For an old car, it sure can take a big load.

Boy is officially in university now. His dad sent him over to his new residence at campus on Wednesday. Compared to his old room in college last year, this is heaven sent. He only has to share the room with one other fella which is his friend from college. Both were so happy to be placed together that they we doing some funny dance when they saw each other. A good start to life at uni. All we worry about now is only him getting up in the mornings to attend lectures. Even the world's greatest alarm clock will not be able to wake him up. Hopefully his room mate will just pour some water on his face each morning to get him up.

I am currently working from my sister's house in a corner by the window where squirrels taunt me each morning. This squirrel runs up and down on a wall in the garden each morning. It stops momentarily to look my way.. then goes on its way. Once i saw a snake moved on that wall when i looked up. It sent shivers down my spine. Sometimes i see the magpies doing a dance or two on the wall too. Magpies are a usual feature wherever i go. I seem to see them everywhere. The wall facing the window where i work is like a mini stage show for all these creatures of nature.

Piper in his ducky bed. Sis got this for a steal at Chatuchak Market, Thailand.

We took Dom for a second opinion at Piper's vet last weekend. An innocent carride that ended at the V-E-T is not a very nice thing to impose on a furry. We met a very nice young vet who is most passionate about his work and his patients.

Some blood works were done. Quite a lot of blood were taken. Heartworm is ruled out. He has no heartworm. He has always been on Heartgard all the time that he is with us. But we just had to make sure for the 4 years that he was not with us. Another set of blood were sent to the lab for a complete blood works test.

He has thyroid. He also has a suspected autoimmune disease. Suspected because the Coombs test for canine is not available in our country. The rest of his blood works is fine. A lot of new big words for us to stomach and to check out. A good thing i got a pretty smart brother in law who is able to give me some answers to some questions. We are finally getting some answers on Dom. A better diagnosis this time.

Dom looking for squirrels in Piper's garden yesterday afternoon.

We are currently in Kuala Lumpur for these weeks because my sister just went for an op to take out the melon fibroid that was in her womb. How did the melon get in there. It was a Washington apple last year. This year it grew to the size of a melon. A common problem with women. Fibroids and stuffs.

Hospital runs are crazy in Kuala Lumpur. It took me an hour + to get to the hospital and another 45 mins to get back. Dad is bounced like a ball and left to the mercy of his daughters or whoever who is free to drive him around. He doesn't drive in Kuala Lumpur as the roads confuses him. He doesn't quite understand traffic and jams in Kuala Lumpur. We have been having hospital cafeteria food which is not quite so bad really. Through it all, dad is still in good moods and have been most patient with us.

A wonderful remote to annoy the patient.

Sis will be discharged today later in the afternoon. A bit more colour has got back on her face. She was weak and delirious the first two days as she was drugged to minimise the pain from the op. Now she's back to walking around and urmmm.. scolding people. She is easily ticked. *LOL* Easily agitated and irritated. I got to weather some storms from her soon.

I can't show you a pic of my sis on her hospital bed. She will most definitely kill me. 
So i'll show you a pic of my shoes on her hospital bed frame.

We are so sorry we haven't been visiting so many of you. We will come around soon when life gets back to normality. Take good care all of you and catch up with you all soon.

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houndstooth said...

I hope your sister has a smooth road to recovery, and that your boy remembers to get up and go to class! :)

Spiffy said...

Aiyaaaa, you in KL, ah? Gotta go put up that signboard fast ... LOL!

Wishing your sis a speedy recovery and I think those squirrels came from my place la cos they seem to be missing the past week!

Mr. Pip said...

My dear friends you sure have had lots going on. I am hoping you find some time to relax and enjoy life.

I am also hoping your sister heals quickly ....and that the boy wakes up in the morning for class. I love that picture of Dommy in the garden. What cutie!

Your pal, Pip

yuki and rocket said...

I hope everything is well with your sister. Unfortunately I know all to well about the problem, since this is something that runs in my family. My mom had one the size of a canataloupe in her late 30's-she is fine now, but it's scary knowing the chances of getting this are very high for the women in my family.
Also, I'm glad you are getting a 2nd opinion for dommy. Does this mean he might have a completely different diagnosis? Hopefully a much better one?
It's so exciting about the boy starting school! You must be so proud!

Sandee said...

Wow you have been very busy. I wondered what happened to you. Glad things are returning to normal.

Great news on Dom. I hope you find out what wrong and that it can be easily corrected.

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

We're purring for your sister to have a speedy recovery! We also hope Dom feels better soon! Good luck to the boy in the university!