Hello there :) 
I am the new schnauzer in the house





It is me laa. Curly. Can you all still recognize me? I am now a schnauzer wannabe. I wanna be like my friends Yuki and Rocket and i wanna be like the handsome Oskar too.

I was at Sumomo's last Sunday to have my grooming session. Since my cow was lazy busy cooking working and didn't comb me too much these past few weeks, my ears were all tangled up. She just told the nice people at Sumomo's to shave it off and not try to untangle it as she says it would be too ouchie.

I was not suppose to bathe or go for grooming too as per my vet's advise these past weeks until i get better. But my v-e-t did tell her to give me a brush everyday. She literally just passed me the brush and ask me to comb myself. I am all paws... how do i use a comb with all paws.

Here's a side profile. Do i look handsome?

hehehehe.. here i am trying to look coy

Last one... can i pass off as a schnauzer? I am trying hard to not smile.

the_cow: Here... have a banana
schnauzer_wannabe: Do you think i am a monkey or what?

 the_cow: Are you still a schnauzer now? You surely do not have perky ears... 

schnauzer_wannabe: no no no... i am a schnoodle. I think i'll be a schnoodle who loves noodles.

Being a schnauzer wannabe is surely very tiring. I am gonna take a nap now. Can someone please tell my cow to get me a bigger bed.

Today is Google's 13th Birthday. That's surely older than me. Woohoooooo!
Happy Birthday Google!


footnote from the_cow:
Dom had a crew cut as i trimmed his fringe when he couldn't go to the groomers for two whole months. Some tangled sections behind his ears as i didn't comb him out throughly. I am guilty. But he sure is feeling much lighter and cleaner now. He smells great too :)

Thanks to Nat at Sumomo's for doing a great job. Maybe we'll go with this schnauzer lookalike cut next time too :)

10 woofs:

Spiffy said...

Darn, I really thought you were getting a Schnauzer ... hahaha!

You should just bite that lazy cow ... urrmmm ... I mean woman, for being so lazy ... hahaha!

But you look darn cool though.

yuki and rocket said...

you do look like a schnauzer! you could actually be related to yuki, you look a lot like her with this cut! you know they believe they used poodles to breed down standards to make miniature schanuzers, so it's probably why dommy looks so schnauzer like! at first i really thought you got a new schnauzer, because dommy looks so different...when yuki and rockets hair gets longer it actually starts getting curly. maybe yuki and rocket can tell dommy how to grow a beard??

Unknown said...

BOL you could totally pull it off. You sure do look handsome though!

houndstooth said...

I think you look unbelievably handsome! Wowzer! I didn't recognize you at first. Not that I thought you looked bad before, but you just look really different!


Sandee said...

What a cutie pie. :)

Maggie Mae and Max said...

I think Dommy looks good as a schnauzer wannabe! :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Ann said...

whether you are a schnauzer or a schnoodle you are as cute as can be. You smiled real nice in all those pictures too.

Nessa said...

haiyah!! tipah tertipooo... hahaha

aiseh... cute la Dommy's cut. it suits him very well tapi apsal the the body almost gondol... almost nude... heheehe. never mind, Dom's fur will grow very fast one :D

So glad Dom is all well and happy. Hugs for Dom and the cow too... oopps.... lariiiiii... :P

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

You look great....and like schnauzer, too.

Glad to see you looking so well.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Anonymous said...

Dommy! You look awfully cute as a Schnauzer wannabe. Only a talented curly like you can pull it off. Now that you have two identities, you'll need to find yourself two personalities to match :)