This is me before i became a schnoodle. In the warmth of the morning sun, my cow took many pictures of me  before i become naked without them furs. I think i look like a lion here. *ROOOOOOOARRRRRRRRR*

SHE always likes me fluffy but SHE is always lazy.

I do love noodles especially pasta with my kibs and them juicy chickens.

When i was in Piper's home, Piper's daddy kept calling me Rod Stewart. I do not know who is Rod Stewart but i hear that he makes great music. I don't make music but being associated with a musicman is an honorable thing... i think.

Now they call me Tintin's dog. I don't know who is this Tintin. But if he has a dog, i wanna know him too. They say that Tintin's dog is very famous and he's Snowy. I wonder if he'll share his noms with me.

I am not hungry all the time now as my prednisone is tapered now. I am in my third week on prednisone. I think i have a prednisone coated stomach now. One more week and i shall have to go to a dreadful v-e-t to have my blood drawn for bloodworks. Hopefully there will be some marked improvements in my results and i can be off them steroids.

Its lonely here without Mr. P. There's no one to bark with me and no one to steal food from. I wonder how he is doing over there. There's only this annoying brown mini poodle that barks the whole entire day when i try to nap. Don't they know that when dogs bark, they are either lonely or need some hugs. They have this tiny poodle tied up the whole entire day. Won't you be barking if you are tied up the whole entire day. Silly neighbours. I'll go over later and send her a peemail.

All the cats came back to eat at the back garden the day we arrived. We are just missing Blue Eyes. Blue Eyes is the only one that my grandpa likes. I like Blue Eyes and Lil Tabby too. I wonder where he went. He is such an adventurous fella. He must be off on some great adventure.

This is Blue Eyes. If any of you see him... can you ask him to come back please.

The house is most quiet and SHE is a lazy cook now. She only cooks a whole pot of stuff and not many dishes. I think by month's end, both Grandpa and i will have to find some other people to cook for us. SHE has become a lazy dood.

I see my silly cow heading off to the kitchen now. I sure hope SHE cooks grandpa and i something delicious today. Wish us luck.

9 woofs:

Nick Phillips said...

Aiyaaaa, you clever la these days, titled this post 'wordy' Wednesday so I can't kutuk you ... aiyaaaaa why la, I haven't kutuk anyone for today yet la ... aiyaaaa!

Sandee said... write really great posts you know. Very entertaining.

Have a woof woof day. My best to your mom. :)

houndstooth said...

Dommy, you always crack me up! I think you need to give your human a break. You definitely did have a whole lot of hair before -- sort of like a dandelion!


scotsmad said...

Hope the bloodworks are good news. AND that dinner was good. But then, if we're getting food it's always good.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Ann said...

I just love visiting you Dom. You always make me smile

Maggie Mae said...

I heard your roar at my house! :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

BeadedTail said...

Dommy, you are way cuter than Rod Stewart! We hope your next vet visit goes well! We hope Blue Eyes comes back!

Mr. Pip said...

I have a lot of fur, too. My mom keeps forgetting to take me to the groomer - I can barely see with all this fur in my eyes!

Keep eating, please. I am sorry you have to go back to see the vet. I am hoping for good news for you.

I can see why your grandpa likes Blue Eyes - he is a beautiful kitty.

Your pal, Pip

yuki and rocket said...

we were some scruffy schnauzers until last week when mom took us the groomers. i love your wild hair picture! tell mom to keep with the updates, we want to know what the v-e-t says!