I've been avoiding doing a post today as Dom and i were just lying on the floor doing nothing. Doing nothing is a good thing sometimes. But since he is snoring and fast asleep now, i guess i can bore all of you good people with a long winded post. I don't do weekend posts very well. The laziness just gets into all of them bones when Friday evening drops by.

We got a few things to share with you.

No 1. Mayzie and Brudder Ranger
Our good friend Mayzie and Brudder Ranger is hosting a Rescue Me Week from the 7 - 11 November 2011. You can win a donation for your rescue from Mayzie and Brudder Ranger's momma. The kind hearted lady has decided to donate 100 green papers EACH to the rescue of your choice. FIVE lucky names outta everybuddy who pawticipated will stand a chance to win. Do pawticipate ya... click on the picture below to hop over to read all about it. 

No 2. Sugar the Golden Retriever
You all know Sugar right? Sugar Sima. The one with the golden smile and the super dooper nommies. Her momma is always sharing all her super dooper recipes with us on Tuesdays. Sugar's momma just came up with a book all about Sugar and his chipmunk friend Fred. Kiddies will surely love this book. We just ordered one for our Mr Jaiboo who will be coming home soon. We know he will surely love this book. Hop over to Sugar's side if you wanna check the book out ya.

Here's a picture of Curly. Its about a month old. We took this on 27th September. His fur has grown quite fast and he's all curly again.

Since we came home a month ago, we started Dom on the raw diet and kibbles. We did not take his kibbles out completely because when we need to send him for boarding, it is easier for the boarders to feed him. We have only tried raw chicken for him as its easily available at the wet markets.

We get an assorted mix of chicken backs, chicken breast meat and drumsticks. His weekly meats doesn't quite add up to much compared to the time when i buy him canned food to mix with his kibbles. Sometimes the chicken seller gives me an extra piece or two.

He enjoys his mealtimes. We lay a huge piece of newspaper to put his bowl on. He has learned to eat within the perimeter of the paper and hardly get the raw meat out of range :)

We haven't introduce other meats to him yet. We give him some boiled carrots, pumpkin or sweet potatoes to go with the meats. He has his kibbles during lunch and his raw meal in the evenings. He used to have only one meal but we broke it down to two meals at 1/2 portions each time.

He has developed muscles. Yes... quite strange. Even the vet was concerned with the tightness on his back but she later ruled it out as muscles. His eyes do not have much of the gooey stuffs in the mornings. His ears are actually quite clean surprisingly. Usually his ears will kind of stink by the end of the week.

We are just in our first month of the raw diet. If he is getting better with this diet, it would be great.

I watch him when he sleeps. Afraid that his murmur will get to him someday. We did not restart the medicine for his heart after the prednisone month. My vet just told me to bring him in if he's not well and monitor him and we'll be okay.

The vet we went to while we were in Kuala Lumpur did save his life. Somehow he made some right calls and Dom was lucky. We were lucky to find a vet who is very passionate in his field. He took time to answer all our questions. Sit us down and draw us diagrams on his white board to make us understand. Even though there were a lot of people waiting outside, he just took his time to explain and treat each furry fella who comes by with care.

We also met the resident doggy at the practise. His name is Dino. He is most friendly and would just lie down beside you if you give him a tummy rub.


Dom was not too amused by Dino lying there waiting for tummy rubs.. hehehe

If we could bring him home with us, we would.

Sometimes we get a bit lucky. Sometimes we meet the right people.

After one month, we can finally take a breather because Dom is taking less medicine. He is happier and round :) We hope we will have many many more years with him.

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Remington said...

You certainly have many things going on in your life....be sure to take a break and relax some....

Anonymous said...

lets go for raw beef next!


Anny said...

We will Rem. That's why we don't on the computers anymore on weekends :D

Anny said...

raw beef? hmmm..

Marg said...

Wow , that is a lot of stuff. We really think what Mayzie's mom is doing is wonderful too. We certainly are going to participate.
It is interesting to hear about Dom eating the raw meat. And what you feed him in addition. I like to feed the animals Sweet potatoes too. Good luck Dom with the new diet and we sure hope it works for ya. Take care.

Anny said...

Mayzie's momma is just great :) A very kind hearted person.

We are really hoping the diet works for him. He's such a special fella.. we want to have him with us longer.

Have a great day Marg. Thanks for dropping by.

Hound Girl said...

We will def be partaking in the mayzies contest and cant wait - I know several bloodhounds who need a home :)

The diet sounds like its going good and you are lucky he will keep it on the newspaper- silly dogs.

Im glad that he is feeling better, I know exactly how feel today...its time to breath and relax bit since our lilttle fur ones are on the path to good health.

bichonpawz said...

You sure do have lots of things going on!!! Try to remember to relax a little...maybe get a belly rub!
xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Sandee said...

I love Sugar a lot. I love Dom a lot too. I'm glad he's doing so much better too. Less medication is a good thing.

Have a terrific day. Tummy rubs for Dom. :)

scotsmad said...

Sounds like the raw food is working. Here's hoping it continues. We love raw food.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

animal lover, quilt lover said...

You are very busy , yes??
We have started Happy (cat that is 19 to 21 years old) on raw chicken too. She has been on it about 3 weeks now. She loves it and has really perked up!!!
I have high speed now and I am so happy!!!!
xx, Fern & Happy

Mr. Pip said...

Well, I am sure grateful to that vet for saving my good friend Dommy! And Mayzie and her mom are so generous! Can't wait to read Sugar's book, too.

Your pal, Pip

Ann said...

That a big mixture of stuffs. We like mixtures. Raw meat huh? Duke says it sounds yummy

Anonymous said...

Awwww...thank you, THANK YOU for letting everybuddy know about Rescue Me Week. You're just the BEST! Slurps!

And I think the stuff you told us abouts the raw diet is Most Interesting. My mom keeps thinking and thinking abouts trying a raw diet with us but she's not sure just yet. But then she reads stories like yours and it makes her think it might be the right thing to do. I'm awfully glad Dommy is getting better!!

Wiggles & Wags,

kissa-bull said...

wowie so much coolness going on in the blogosphere lately thanks for catching us up

pibble sugars
the pittie pack

Nessa said...

I'm just so happy everything seems to be going smoothly for Dommy :) Muscles eh? wahhh... raw meat makes muscles yo! should i eat raw meat?? Hmmmm...

yuki and rocket said...

That is GREAT news, dommy is much improved!!

I hope one day I can find a way to go partial raw/mixed with the kibbles. I'm such a germaphobe!

Quick question, how to do you clean his mouth and paws after he eats and touches the meat with his paws? I thought the only way would be to use soap and very warm water like the humans have to do after handling raw meat, Is there a different way?

Happy.Bark.Days said...

I'm so glad to hear that the raw/kibbles combo is working so well for Doms! Seeing how Dommy is recovering steadily with your feeding regiment is inspiring.