You guys have been going Awwwwwwww over Mr P's picture on the last post. How come you all never go Awwwwwwwwwwww over mine. I am just as adorable you know. Sometimes i can be super adorable too.

This is Mr. P way back in the ole days when there were no color pictures. He's just one year old then. That's really a loooooooooooong time ago. Now he's an old cow like my cow. He looks so darn adorable here. Now he cannot do adorable. He's old. Really... he is old. He's gonna be 7 soon.

My cow has not been cooking for me lately. She just gives me chicken and some carrots. From chicken backs to chicken drumsticks. She just serves them raw with my kibbles. I think she is just plain lazy but the chicken does taste very good. I love to munch on the bones and they go krek krok krek krok. She says my breath don't smell like the sewer now. Hmmmm...

She also checks my poo regularly as she is my poo scooper. I sometimes do my business in the garden and sometimes on our walks. When she scoops the poo, she kinds of takes a minute to analyse it. She's weird. I know. Who goes around checking other people's poo right?

She says that my poo is more compact now. And beautiful. How do you rate poo as beautiful. Only she can call it beautiful. Hmmm... Sometimes when she doesn't scoop my poo in the garden, it turns white overnight. I got them white poos.

I am now on 50% on raw and 50% kibbles. I get an occational fish which i share with Transformer Tabby. Sometimes Charlie Chaps gets a slice too. Transformer Tabby needs more fish as she's thin like a stick.

Here's Transformer Tabby. She's awfully thin. I don't steal her food all the time. Just sometimes when she is done eating. But she's still thin even though she eats all the time. We make sure she has 2 meals a day. Sometimes 3. I share my chicken and fishes with her. She is the only cat i like in my garden. The rest i just chase them away or up the mango tree because sometimes they bob me on the head. Transformer Tabby is my friend. She never bobs me on the head.

I went to them vampire v-e-t-s today and they stole my blood. They took a wholeeeeeeeeeee tube of blood for them checks as i'm done with my course of prednisone. I was also poked on them ears for blood to check for e-platys. Even though i am on a tick medicine, i still get an occational tick or two as i love to roll on them grass. Its the season, the vampires vet said. This year's been an extremely bad tick season here in our country.

Vampire is afraid that i will bite.. *LOL*
because my stupid cow says that i might if i am poked and prod too long

i went to a new vampire v-e-t as she was refered to by the nice v-e-t in Kuala Lumpur. She is nice and i could like her you know. That is until she took the termometer and stuck it up my behind. Then she listened to my heart to check on my murmur.

I've kind of developed a kind of tightness on my back. It could be muscles but its kind of tight on both side and my cow got worried. She was afraid that it might be my kidneys that are swelled up. But i don't feel any pain when she pressed it. I didn't flinch. The vampire pressed it too and then she took out this machine on wheels to scan my back. She put a lot of gel on my tummy and back and scan here and there and turn me around. I was not too happy about them gels and turning round and round.

My blood tests will be out tomorrow and i will have to go to them vampires again on Friday to discuss on my follow up course of treatment.

The good news is, my weight has gone up to 8.4kgs. I was 7.9kgs on my last v-e-t visit. My cow's been finding it hard to lift me up now. She says i am like a ton of bricks. She's such a weakling. I am as light as a feather. I used to weigh 9.3kgs before i got sick.

As my lazy cow do not cook for me anymore, she's gonna go and cut up some nice yummy chicken for me now. Its my dinner time and i am famished.

I sure hope that i don't need to be on too many medicine after this. Prednisone, if taken for too long can screw up my liver. I do want to live a long time. I don't think my cow can make it without me to nag her and to keep her busy. She is such a weakling you know.

Sure hope my bloodworks come out beautiful. Have a most beautiful day everyone. I know i will.


“I am not afraid of tomorrow, 
for I have seen yesterday 
and I love today.”
~ William Allen White

9 woofs:

Spiffy said...

I'm sure your blood test results will come back fine, Dom :D You're a strong little doggy and you'll be around for a long time to nag that cow ... hehehe ...

Unknown said...

aww you are just so cute too!
Whoo hoo atleast you get more than just plain ole kibble!
You sound like you were very good at the vet!
Im happy your poo is better :)

Marg said...

Oh Dom, we sure hope all those tests come back all right. It isn't any fun at all to go to the darn vet. We hate it. We shake like crazy. We just know you will be all right. You are too darn cute to be sick. Take care.

Sandee said...

You have so many great shots that say Awwww.

I hope your blood work comes out great too.

Have a terrific day. :)

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Hope everything it okay, and you can get back to doin' whatever you enjoy doing.

We love chicken....but some times we just get kibble.

XXXOOO daisy, Kendra & Bella

Ann said...

Awww, Dom, even if I don't say it I always mean lots of Awww's for you :)

houndstooth said...

I have my paws crossed that you get good results from the vet! Raw chicken sounds pretty good to me!


BeadedTail said...

Dom, we think you are a cutie pie too! We hope your bloods check out okay. We're glad your poo is better too! Our mommy doesn't check poo because if she did, she starts making awful sounds that the whole neighborhood can hear!

We think your kitty furiend is cute too!

Jon Terry said...

Aww.. you both are super cute to us. Im so glad to hear that you are putting on weight and eating well. Yes, when you're on raw, your poo do turn white overnight. At least you know you help make the garden

We are praying that your blood results will turn out fine.

We miss you all!Stay strong!

Love ya,
Jon Terry