We were just about to go to the hall and off the computers when we heard grandpa singing to the tune of his favourite show on tv. GAGS. He just love that show and could laugh really loud. The reason we are staying back here in the room is because we do not want to go deaf. When my dad watches the tv.. its really loud. He's a bit hard on hearing as one of his ears are a bit off. But when his show GAGS is on... the tv is even louder. I can even hear the whole show and i am at the back of the house :) His laughter is loudest. *LOL* Only 30mins of pure laughter for this old man.

Dommy is curly all over again. His fur grows very very fast. He'll be back to his unkempt self in maybe another week or so. He sure loves his curls. And the grass and the garden. He is no more looking like a schnauzer. He's all poodle wooly curly again.

We are just taking more photos of Dommy lately... and his feline friends in the garden too. We usually go out during lunch to seek out some cats for a quick shoot in the garden as the sun is very nice and bright.

We have built a small collection of his feline buddies over the years. I think cats are better models. They love to be photographed and they actually pose for you. They don't move a limb and they even tuck in their little tummies... they do they do.

Dommy however is very hard to be photographed. He is hardly still for a moment except when he is sleeping. He can be "treat" photographed but his tail can't stop moving and his busy curly self is usually all over the place. He is however a joy to be photographed as you end up laughing at his silly self more than anything else.

We are getting more shaky photos lately as the hands are not as steady as it used to. Its the age thing. Wait... i think my hands were never quite steady. I hate the tripods too. We do shoot blind occasionally. We get pleasant surprises sometimes.

Photography used to be a very expensive hobby when i was in college. I had to work part time to buy films and photographic paper. Not so much now. With everything going digital, you can take thousands of pictures and not worry a thing about cost. You just got to make sure you have a pretty good external drive to drop everything in. And back it up too :)

We are off to the vets tomorrow for Dommy's results. He doesn't know he's going again to be poked and prodded. Poor guy. He is actually looking much better and his appetite is good lately. As long as he is eating well, i am not too worried.

We are gonna go watch some tv now. We are on them computers for the whole day now. Time to let it rest. Catch you all again tomorrow. Have a great day today.

He is such a angel when he sleeps.

9 woofs:

Unknown said...

We will keep our fingers crossed for good new for Dommy tomorrow.

photography is awesome now that its digital. haylie is my tough subject to photograph. I get my best shoots going blind shooting with her.

Dogs are precious when they sleep.

Nick Phillips said...

Psssstttt, Dom, I heard someone is taking you to the vet tomorrow. You'd better go hide somewhere ... Hehehe

Sandee said...

You're such a cutie pie no matter how much or how little hair you have. Just my humble opinion.

Have a woof woof day. My best to your mom. :)

Kippy Marrie said...

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Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

We dogs are hard to photograph because we are ALWAYS BUSY! We have sooooo much work to do, whereas cats get to lounge around and pose!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Ann said...

I tend to turn the tv up a little too loud when I watch too....lol
Always a pleasure seeing your sweet face Dom. Hope you have a good vet visit

houndstooth said...

Photography has become a favorite hobby of mine, and I'm trying to improve on my skills a lot. It's not easy, that's for sure!

yuki and rocket said...

What??? Cats better models?? You better tell mom dommy that I'm going to fly down to your home so your mom can do a modeling shoot with me, and I can show her I pose and stay still as long for all the clicking! Also, my mom says shaky hands are sometimes not a age thing, cuz my mom has always had really shaky hands. It's a reason she got a lens for a camera that has the anti-vibration Button. Mom just presses the button in, and all the shaky movements of moms hands don't interfere with picture taking.

Our paws are crossed dommy, everything is a-okay at the v-e-t-s tommorow...make sure you update us!

yuki and rocket

BeadedTail said...

We hope you get good news tomorrow Dommy! We think you look like a cute angel ALL the time!