Its my turn to do a blog post. It has come to this stage where we each take turns to do a post and bug the other to hurry up and pump up a new post. Oh yes... i have been lazy. Really i have been really lazy. There's no good excuse anymore :)

Recently i have acquired the taste for more tv time. I numb my brains with so much tv that its beginning to be worrisome. Dommy looks at me all worried each night but he still sits with me. I switched off my computers about 7pm... have my dinner... wait for dad to watch the news for 30mins from 8pm... and lo and behold, the tv's all MINE. MINE MINE MINE. Muahhahhahaa.. i watch this and that and this and that... i channel flip like a couch potato without the chips and numb them skull till 11pm.. sometimes 12. I AM DOOMED.

Hi... my name is Anny. I am a TV addict.

Let me share this with you first while i go scoot off to catch some more tv time. lalallalalalallaa

This video cracked me up silly and i watched it many times. The music of the video made me laugh too. Its just so calmingly right for the video. I know Dommy would love to have some of the kitteh kats in the garden give him a massage. But most of the time, they just bob him on the head.

Dommy and i love watching kitteh kats in the garden. The last time we did some cat watching, we got into a whole lot of trouble with dad. These are alley cats and they love to come to our garden to climb on the trees... dig some of them pots of soil... and just relax in the shade. They love to sleep in the pots too.

We leave them some kitty food and water. They have a meal and they go on their way. The smaller fellas usually stick around as they feel safe here in the garden. They have big trees as scratching posts and they have shade in the porch if it rains. Cats really like their life outdoors. They don't like to be contained. They like to bask in the sun and they like to leave paw prints on your car. Sometimes they try to sneak into the house to check it out.

I kinda like seeing them around. They are a calming presence. They watch and sit with me when i do the gardening. When i rake the leaves, they have races and jump on the leaves. They are totally independent and comes and go. Cats are full of character. They can earn a living without even trying. You just fall for their eyes and their soft mews and you'll be getting them their dinner on time.

I was at the SPCA the other day. The SPCA in my town is a no-kill facility. On my way in, i saw a box of puppies by the lane. All the cute little puppies were just a few weeks old and overflowing out from the box. They were left outside near the small sign to the SPCA. There were a lot of lorries zooming just beside the small road going in. Its still a long way in. If you are going to surrender puppies to the SPCA, why do you not take them all the way in. You can't really expect a bunch of puppies to find their way into the SPCA. People do not want to pay the surrender fees. But the folks at the SPCA do come out and check for abandoned dogs and pups each day. They are very nice people.

When i gathered the puppies back into the box, it kinda felt like Christmas to me. Its magical and one of the puppies even licked my fingers. It felt nice. Being so small, hopefully they will be adopted very soon. There are so many many dogs at the SPCA. Why are people still buying dogs when there's so many you can adopt and rescue. Our culture is such, we want something new.. something pretty... something cute. What if you don't find them so cute after a few months?

Don't buy... Go ADOPT... and NEUTER your pets.

You can't save them all, but you can save some. Its does makes a difference.

Today is Good Friday. Our office in Singapore is closed as its a public holiday there. I hear peace and a quiet day ahead :)

Last year our friend Mr Pip shared a message with all of us. We want to bring it back again this year. Baby rabbits are not Easter gifts.

 Here are some Tips for a Pet-Safe Easter from ASPCA

Do say a prayer for Judi. She's still needing all the prayers and thoughts. If you wanna send her a card, please email to Kristin at mrpippip(at)gmail(dot)com for the address. You can read about Judi's updated condition at Taylor Cats.

I haven't been taking much pictures lately of Curly and Piper. But this is one of the most recent one of them together... well.. almost together.

Over to you now Missy Typist :) Your turn :p

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georgia little pea said...

Well done, Ms Oon! I shall even overlook the fact that it is a post mostly about cats while supposedly a dogblog. Hrrummph!

That video is mighty cute though. I could live with a cat like that. Georgia LOVES being massaged. She gets more than me and The Other Half put together. Brat.

Don't go watching more telly just because it's a holiday, okay?

HUGS :) x

p.s. I'm already pltotting my next one. You'd better be ready ;p

georgia little pea said...

what the hell is ptlotting? *sigh*

Spiffy said...

You still watching TV, kah?

Unknown said...

Dommy loves massages too... he is usually ticklish though :p

I WILL and AM gonna watch MORE tv... since no work for me today :D

Can't waits for your next pltotts.

Unknown said...

I am I am... how didya know Spiffy :p

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Love the video...SHE posted it on her facebook, because we have lots of cat cousins. We WOULD NOT allow a cat that close to us, though.

Hope those puppies find sad that people don't get their dogs de-sexed.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

3 doxies said...

Sorry to bothers you as I knows you is watchin' Teevee but dat video is just flat out WEIRD! Dat doggie is gonna has kitteh cooties aaaaaall overs him. But just between us I found it kinda cutesie. Dat dog was lookin' at da kitteh like..."a little to da left"...hehehehehe.


Nessa said...

awwww... now i want black cat! so kiut la massaging the dog. watched the vid a few times too... made me smile BIGGGGGG! LOL!

hey at least you still write something, and you have Dommy and Piper taking turns to write... sheesh no fair! ;) I have no hope oredi, i mean my blog is slowly but surely drowning... sobsobsob...

ok wat TV addict. easy cure... just watch more TV! hehehe

The Daily Pip said...

Well, gosh, this was quite a post. I love watching cats, too. It is very relaxing. That kitty in the flower pot is adorable!

Thanks for your Easter message about the bunnies! Unfortunately, I am sure lots of bunnies will be bought this weekend only to be abandoned in a few weeks.

Glad you were able to help those puppies find their way into the shelter.

Your pal, Pip

Sandee said...

Loved the video. That was just so cute.

I agree about not leaving unwanted pets out to get run over. Shame on whoever did that.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

3 doxies said...



Ann said...

I've been sitting in front of the tv a lot lately too.
Sad that people would just leave those poor little puppies there but I suppose there are worse things they could have done to them.

Jon Terry said...

We had a good laugh watching that video. Have a good break and enjoy watching the telly coz my mommy and grandpa does tat too...mommy loves to catch up on all those tvb & mediacorp dramas ;D

Happy Easter holiday!!

Love ya,
Jon Terry

bichonpawz said...

Hi Annie! We are waving at you from New York!!! Watching cats if very fascinating!! We have five of them who live next door! They are always in our yard wandering around. Nothing wrong with watching a bit of tv!! That was very nice of you to help with the box of puppies...don't know why people can't bring them to the building!! Have a nice holiday!! xoxo Chloe, LadyBug and mama Jeanne

simon pender said...

Hello Ann. I've stopped in to read the latest. It's quite appropriate today, as we've just rescued a new mutt from the RSPCA. Meet Mr Darcy.

It's been a tough time with Monty passing away, and looking for a new dog. Your blog cheers me up as always.

Keep writing. I'm always reading and smiling.

Marg said...

Hi there all of you. It is good to see you and thanks for coming by our blog to wish the ole lady a Happy Birthday. Of course we loved you talking about the kitties. We especially liked you sending purrs etc to Judi. She really needs them right now. Hope all of you have a great day.