Are you a coffee addict? I am i am and i am. Not the usual starbucks kind of coffee addiction. Its the any coffee kind of addiction. But its still under control :) My hands do not shake yet... if i don't have my coffee fix. If i get to that point of shaky hands addiction, i'll need to be detoxed.

Too much of a good thing is not good. Anything in moderation is fine.

Usually i'll have a cuppa in the morning.. the wake me up coffee that glids into my stomach and coats everything and sends a big grin up to my silly face. One more in the late afternoon if i get too sleepy to work. Too many coffees do make me sluggish in the end. So i try to keep it at two. Coffee does stain my teeth more and more. Its beyond repairable. But i am way too old to be bothered by that now :D

I had a caramel macchiato yesterday. Fancy name and fancy coffee. I was at Starbucks. I can't really tell the difference between a latte or a macchiato. To me... coffee is coffee.

Each time they ask me for the size of my coffee.. i would like.. urmm... and look at the picture again *LOL* If it was simply Small, Regular or Large like McDonalds.. it would be easier. They have Tall, Venti or Grande but Tall is not the tallest cup of coffee. They sure confuse me each and everytime i go there. I can never seem to remember their cup sizes.

When this bunch of friends and i catch up for a chat, it is usually a long chat. When i was working in Kuala Lumpur, we would meet almost every week. To find new places/things to eat or chat for hours on end. I don't know why we have so much to talk about... hahhahahaa

I have a few friends.. a few good friends. I've known them for quite a long time. Some are married and some are still single and hanging like me. We have grown quite old over the years. We still giggle like a bunch of morons. We still talk too loud sometimes too.

Our conversations lasted about 5 hours. Just the four of us. We talked about the weirdest things sometimes. One minute we were talking about pregnancy and childbirth and confinement... and then one of them was telling me about the Roomba she just bought for her small apartment. We had a good laugh over that because the apartment is so small. A roomba is quite useless because all she did when she turned it on was to watch it move and following it closely with her eyes to check if it misses a spot. It would be much easier to just sweep the floor *LOL*

Then we talked about parents and siblings and then it was about some mop from cosway that comes with a pail and costs a bomb.... and then it was babies milk from soya milk to breast milk to cows milk and handphones. Then it was about kindergardens and schools.. hehhehehe Then it was a debate about private schools and national schools.

We could be talking for another 12 hours if time permits. The coffee did help :) We sure do have a lot to talk about. I haven't been much of a friend since i moved back to Ipoh three years ago. I hardly had much time to go out. I don't even make an effort to go out at all except to the market or to get dog/household supplies. I should make more time for them. They are my closest friends.

But with really good friends... you can always pick up from where you left off :)

Do you love coffee as much as i do? My favourite coffee is still Kopi Cap Gajah (one elephant and not the one with two elephants).. quite a famous coffee from my hometown. Somehow.. that coffee is evergreen. I got the picture here in my computer somewhere... i'll look for it tomorrow :)

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Spiffy said...

These days I'm so hooked on Cham ice. Everywhere I go, I order only Cham ice ... LOL!

Spiffy said...

If I don't get my morning dose of coffee I turn in Spiff, The SpaceMONSTER! LOL!

Mariuca said...

Of coz I'm addicted to coffee, abaden! Now feel like having another one after seeing this starbucks mug, which i oso have btw lol!

Coffee Lover said...

I work for a coffee company and every day I feel like a kid in a candy store. I love trying new varieties of coffee! Totally agree with your point - it's all good as long as you keep it in moderation.

Anny said...

It should be.. Spiff, The SpaceCoffeeAdddict+Cham ;)

Anny said...

Lately... i am into this Cham too.. hahhahaha.. don't know why but i have been ordering cham for no unknown reason.. mebbe the cham got into us.. its the Cham's Plan.

Anny said...

You too Marzie? hehehhee.. i am not so into Starbucks.. but a coffee would be great about now :)

Anny said...

hi Coffee Lover :) Welcome to our site!

It must be g8 to work in a coffee company.. i do love Nescafe.. and Maxwell is not too bad too.. but when its really early in the morning.. any coffee is good to go :)

thanks for dropping by