Our special thanks to our fellow bloggers here who answered our last Fluffy Friday question correctly ;) Thank you so much for the funny comments :D

Last weekend was spoooooooOOOOOkey for little ole me. I got fixed. Its all a conspiracy i tell you. (oh.. i borrow this liner from Uncle Spiffy).

Mommy quietly took me out while the whooooooooooooooole household was asleep. She just said "let's go"... and i fell into her trap. I thought she was taking me for a car ride. Spending more time with me.. bonding time. I knew it. I just knew it. All car rides always end up at the vet or the groomers. Next time i won't budge and get into her car anymore. I'll even growl. They are afraid when i growl.

Before i knew what was happening, i was at this vet's place. And after a while... i was woozy. And if i can remember anything of that day... it was wooozy. My throat was dry and i was woozzzzzzzy.

Its all a conspiracy i tell you. They got me fixed without asking my permission. There was just a lot of buzz buzz around... and there goes the end of my bloodline. No more little Pipettes running around. Can you believe that.

At least i am treated like a king these few days :) Ahhh... i am sure they have their reasons. I shall not be mad at my humans.


Piper was fixed/neutered last Saturday. We deliberated for quite a while. Few years actually. *LOL* We were afraid that something might happen to him if we got him neutered. Or he might not be able to take the medicine because he's so tiny.

When he was little, we thought about having little Pipers when he was old enough to mate. But over the years, we never got around to finding him a girlfriend/wife/mate.

Shitzus are wonderful companions. Small and compact. You can even fit them into a bag and carry them around. They are hard-headed... stubborn but they are really very loving creatures.

Piper mixed with more humans than dogs... till Dom came along. The only friend he knew is Dom... and Brandy.. he was more afraid of Brandy as she was too big and fast.

We hardly let him go out to mix with other dogs as he's quite a fiesty little creature and always wanting to get into fights with other dogs... hahhahaaa. When a bigger dog barks at him, he barks back. Forgetting his size. The bigger dog could just jump on him and that will be the end of him. He keeps forgetting he's tiny.

He has an air about him.. he comes off as arrogant sometimes. They were the companion dogs of chinese royalty in ancient times.

Getting your dogs neutered / spayed is important if you do not intend to breed. It is your responsibility as a pet owner. This is to prevent unwanted litters and overpopulation. Just take a walk to the Furry Friends Farm, PAWS or the SPCA. You will see how overpopulated they are.

If you are looking for a dog/cat, give these places a chance. Get a rescued dog/cat. Rescued dogs/cats are more loving and can be re-trained when there is love in their new home.

Dom is a rescued dog. He is one of the most faithful and obedient dog i know. Even though he likes to bark quite suddenly sometimes, he has his reasons. He has very sharp ears. The slightest sound and it will send him in a frenzy to secure the house and the family *LOL*. He is most protective of us.

Got to take them out for their walks now :) Here's a picture of them walking together earlier :) Have a great evening ahead.

Our walks

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Mariuca said...

I love Piper in blue scarf, oh so cute, comel la Piper! Hope u feel better soon, don worry, one-two days je miserable, after dat wowie! :)

Incik RestNrilekS said...

Memang setuju la, piper nampak handsome lepas pergi makeover. Siap ada skaf biru macam koboi pun ada.

Woof woof you go piper.. go go go

Incik RestNrilekS said...

Wah lepas ni peper boleh laa strut dengan bergaya kan sebab dah handsome.

Ehhh piper memang betul seperti pepatah lama kata. Kecil-kecil chili padiii.. ouuuchhh panas...zzzsssttttt!!! : D

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Spiffy said...

Ahhh, poor fellow ... I suppose I'd feel the same way if I was neutered too ... hahahaha!

And yes, Shih Tzu's don't know that they are small little things cos Pebbles also always wants to fight with the bigger dog next door ... LOL!

And yes, it is a conspiracy la! LOL!

yunus said...

good morning Anny, da lama tak singgah sini :)

Nessa said...

Thank you for the linky love! :D

Awww.. Piper is just oozing with adorableness in that picture. Kiutnya the tongue sticking out! Was that taken recently?

Glad to know he is not in pain anymore.

Mr Lonely said...

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baincardin said...

Hi Anny!!!~^_^

*Jom layan E Series...(tgh berangan nih..hehe) ^_^'

Duni said...

OMG, Piper looks soooo adorable. The blue scarf is a cute touch :)
Yes, I agree about rescueing a pet from the many centers. It's a great act of kindness and the dog or the cat will love you all the more.
I do not like those illicit pet breeders :(

take care,


Anny said...

Piper in blue scarf.. hehehhee.. :) Piper is all ok dah.. he can run very fast already :p

Anny said...

Betul Rizal... makeover jugo.. hehhehehe :) saja the scarf the extras yang buat dia hancom sikit :)

Anny said...

memang dia tau dia hancom.. hahahhaha..arrogant lil fella :)

memang kecil kecil cili padi... woooooh!

Anny said...

hello Hapi :) thanks for dropping a comment here and welcome to our blog :) have a nice day!

Anny said...

You neutered?? Spiff? gosh!

shitzus are like dragons in tiny bodies.. hehheheee.. fearless fiesty little fellas

conspiracy lagi? hahahahha

Anny said...

hello Yun! lama jugak tak nampak Yun nih... thanks for dropping by!

Anny said...

Your are most welcome Ness :D

The photo was taken in Feb... in a pretty hot day.. that is why his tongue is out.. panas.. hehehehe

he's running like the wind now.. no more bruises and pain :)

Anny said...

hello Mr Lonely... thanks for dropping by and welcome to our site!

Anny said...

Bain oh Bain :D

E Series ko? Vaio? cooooooooollll.. coming rite now :D

tak lama lagi kan Bain.. berdebar debar tak?

Anny said...

Hey Duni.. thanks for dropping by :) yep.. the blue scarf does makes him look different :) he loves to wear it cos maybe he knows it makes him cuter.. *LOL*

i do not like puppy mills too. Our SPCAs are overcrowded... very overcrowded... if only there's a law against puppy mills... and the overpopulation control.

take care Duni!