Cobwebs.. hehehehe.. I see cobwebs here. Updating this site seems to have taken a backseat lately :)

I have been
  • busy (not quite a good excuse)
  • lazy (sounds more like it)
A nomad's life is more apt. Lately we have been travelling up down quite a bit. Just when things are more settled, we have to up and go again. Things won't be much settled anyways. That's the fun part of life. If it gets too settled, i'll probably be bored to death.

In a week or so, Boy is moving to another state to start his studies in a college. Just when he has started making new friends and getting settled in his new surroundings here, he has to change and move to another state again. *LOL* Well.. that is part and parcel of life. Change is always good. We should always embrace change with an open heart.

3 years ago, i uprooted and moved back home to be with dad and Boy. Taking care of them as best i could or know how. It was quite an experience and a teenage kid does teach you loads of things.. hahhahahaa.. I tried to be more of a friend to him than to nag the life out of him. But waking him up in the morning to get to school was a chore. He could probably sleep through the loudest alarm clock. Even with 10 alarm clocks, i doubt he'll even hear one of them ringing.

Both Boy and i plus Dommy went back home last weekend to check on our home in Ipoh. The whole house was still intact. hehehehe The whole garden was quite a disaster.. hahahahhaa Overgrown grass, lot of leaves on the ground and dandelions which was lovely in a way. The rain has kept the garden nicely watered and most of the plants survived.

Short papaya tree. This is a short papaya tree.. which fruits quite fast. We'll have some ripe ones to eat on our next trip home :)

My jatrophas are still thriving. This is a pretty hardy plant. The future of biodiesel production? Maybe... :)

These are supposed to be catnips.. *LOL* But i had some papays seeds in the pots. I guess the papayas override the catnips in the pots. This is what happens when you don't have green fingers.

We went to the church to see mom. Poor mom haven't had a candle lit for her for weeks. The really nice old florist at the church had yellow orchids for us. He only charges peanuts for a bunch. It was nice to be home. To the familiar surroundings. To the quaint life of Ipoh.

On our way back to Kuala Lumpur on Sunday evening, it rained and rained. At one point, it rained so hard that i couldn't very well see the car in front of me. I really hate driving in the rain. Especially when i have precious cargo.

The storms can be pretty vicious. In my heart, i was going.. should i stop or should i go on ahead. With fear (yes.. i am a scardy cat), i moved on. I know my mom will keep me safe and get me to my destination.

In life, we will encounter many storms. Storms as in problems or storms as in the storm itself. If we keep on going and moving ahead, the storm will ease eventually.

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Spiffy said...

These days I also don't have the time to post much la ...

Spiffy said...

did you ever realize that 'busy' and 'lazy' sound almost the same? LOL!

Spiffy said...

I hate driving in rain like that too, my eyes are not as good as they used to be.

Nessa said...

jatrophas? biodiesel? u mo jadi saintis ka? ;)

takpa.. cobwebs are nice to look at... ekekeke

urmmm... wats the cargo ah? sounds so mysterious... you found treasure issit?!? 0.0

storms are skery... but after the storm... there's calmness. ciss... me is loyar buruk.. i knoe!

*hedeks renewing my domain*

Unknown said...

yep.. the sy and the zy.. hehhehehe

Unknown said...

me too me too.. but i am more of the zy :p

Unknown said...

urmm.. i just dun like to drive in heavy rain cos on the highway.. when it rains real hard.. it is almost impossible to see the car in front of u... my eyes were never good.. hehehehhe.. we are getting old man!

Unknown said...

taklaa.. hahhahaa.. saintis kena pakai coat putih :) i dun look good in coat putih.. *LOL*

Jatropha seeds can be produced for biodiesel fuel.. ;) urmm.. i planted them cos i have the seeds.. and i wanted to just test how hardy they were :D

cobwebs nice to look at? hehehehe

precious cargo tuh.. Boy and Dommy :p

after the storm... there's calmness.. hahhahaa.. tat is true :D

Unknown said...

Olla Anny..

Have a great wednesday..

Wah papayas.. i used to hate papayas. I would vomit if my mum asked me to finish my betik. Now... bring it on.. no problem at all.

Nampak anny sungguh sibuk tu.. siap bawak barang berharga.. Ha ah curious pulak nak tahu apakah barang berharga itu? hehe

Rizal suka suanana hujan yang romantik sebab terasa syahdu bila pekena secawan kopi.. Tapi kalau hujan dah berdentum-dentum... tak mo la.

Tapi tuu laa betul kata anny, bila ada storm, memang kena teruskan perjalanan sebab selalunya selepas storm akan ada cuaca yang cerah dan nyaman baunya (seperti di dalam kehidupan) : D

Rebecca said...

The photo of the papaya tree was very interesting, I had no idea they grew like that!

Admin T.H said...

wow. nice, :D

Unknown said...

I memang suka makan papayas.. the small ones... but some ppl really dun like the smell and taste of papayas.. but banyak vitamin jugak.

barang berharga tu ialah Dommy dengan my nephew le.. my precious cargo.. hahahhahahaa

after the storm... there will be cool and calm :)

Unknown said...

hi Rebecca.. welcome to our side and thanks for dropping by.

Papayas do grow like that but they are usually quite tall. This is a new species which is short and starts to fruit quite early :)