Clueless.. i am clueless on most days. Especially clueless in the mornings when i am not wide awake yet.

For the past few weeks, i have been getting up at 6am. For me... 6am is like the best time to sleep. But hell no... both Dommy and Piper are like birds. They are early birds. They both sleep in their own beds in my room. But a tiny movement from me.. or a turn, will get them both excited. They would think that its morning even though it could be 3am. They would get all excited to get up and shake their butts and eager to go out with the "i need to pee look".

The reason i get up at 6am is to get myself ready to send my nephew off to college before i start work myself at home. I could let him drive himself to college but he just got his licence a few months back. The early morning traffic is horrendous on the highway. And you have flying empty lorries on all three lanes of the highway rushing off to the port. Most of the time, he is not even awake yet to drive. Yes.. i think i pamper him too much. *LOL* But he's only 17.

To get to his college takes about 30 minutes and to get back to the house.. another 30 minutes. It takes me about an hour to and fro. Sometimes it takes about an hour and a half for me to get home to turn on the yellow blinkers.

On some days, i'll drop by the wet market near his college and get some grubs and stuffs to cook for dinner later in the day. Probably take me about 15mins to do a very fast marketing.. hahhahahaha I get fresh fruits... fresh meat and some vegetables too. The breafast and nasi lemak at the market is not too bad either. They come in very big portions for a steal.

Some days i get a bit hoity toity for my own good :) Usually i'll pass by McDonalds, KFC, Dunkin Donuts on the highway. They seem to call out to me with their bright colourful signboards. Come come come and get some donuts.. or come and get McDonalds breakfast.. :) I don't quite like KFC in the morning.. hahaha

I love McDonalds breakfast. But the coffee is crappy as hell. Arabica coffee... yucks! Its just bitter. Even with sugar, it kind of leaves a dark aftertaste in your mouth.

Today i went to pump some petrol and walla... Dunkin Donuts seems to be sending some positive vibes to me. I needed a sugar fix and and and i fell prey to the lovely donuts on the tray. Donuts and i go a long way. I have a mighty sweet tooth and one of the reasons why i don't really have much teeth left on me *LOL*

Since no one in this household fancy donuts except me, i only got two dreamy donuts. Yum yummmmm :) When i was about to pay.. i was going.. urmm.. maybe i could use a fancy coffee. I decided to give myself a big treat. Walking to the car, i grin like a silly goose while clutching the two soft donuts in the bag and the coffee in the other hand.

When i reach my car, i automatically put my cuppa of coffee on the roof of my car while i search for my keys in my pockets :D I drove off slowly and the donuts seem to be screaming at me.. EAT ME EAT ME... Being the glutton that i am... i parked my car a few meters away and quickly munch on one of the soft donuts. Yummmmmmmmmm. Then it hit me.. where's my coffee?

Damn! I must have left it on the roof of my car. I quickly got out of my car... and walla! There sits my beautiful coffee. Not a drop missing. It was just clinging on for dear life when i drove that few meters. *LOL* Good thing i drive like an old lady and i didn't make any sharp turns. I think the cars around me would be thinking why this idiot is driving around with her coffee on the roof.

The donuts did save the day and the coffee. Dunkin Donut's coffee is better.. nicer.. smoother.. urmm.. urmm.. maybe coffee that is "saved" taste like a million bucks.. hehehhee.. Not that i know how a million bucks taste like.

The internet service here is crawling like a snail this week. Is it me or is everyone experiencing exceptionally slow internet speed? I am crawling at 1Mbps.. hahahahahaa... It is almost an impossible feat to do any updates on heavy websites. Ah well... i think i'll go read a book for now. This slow speed is driving me up the wall.

Oh.. i am currently reading this. How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves by Sophia Yin.

I got it from Borders on Monday. We are just a few pages into the book. Both Dommy and i are reading it together ;p This book might help me to understand my dogs better and their behaviours. It is suppose to teach me how to behave so that my dogs behaves :) The book was going for a steal :D

I was searching for Emila's My Mother's Garden in Borders. I couldn't find the book that Emila wrote and illustrated in Borders yet. But its available at Kinokuniya. Maybe i'll go drop by Kinokuniya soon :)

If you have a kid, this book would be a wonderful book for him/her. Its beautifully illustrated and i just can't wait to get my hands on it. Visit her e-shop to get it if you are overseas and interested to buy it. Here's the link. My Mother's Garden @ Emila's Littleshop

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Marg said...

Those donuts sound yummy. Made me hungry just reading that.
That book looks great. Glad you are sharing with your pooches. Are they training you well??? My cats train me all day long.
Have a great day. Thanks so much for visiting our blog

Mariuca said...

Hi Anny, ala cian kena wake up at 6am! I oso love Mc Ds breakfast!! And I don mind the coffee oso lol! ;)

Nessa said...

wow... you sure can write a long post, Anny. Reminds me of someone... hehehe

But it's such a joy reading your posts. My face automatically smiles when i read them, especially dis one.

aparah... kasi lupa itu kopi atas keta. Nasib baik tak terbalik... hehe

donuts... hmmm... ive been staying away from those evil round thingies for a while now. the last ones were from cupcake chic which were horrible... uwekk!! :(

you're a wonderful aunt. Boy is lucky to have you!

Soulie said...

lol! u really can't wait to makan the donut. if the coffee spilled kat windscreen, sure terkejut tgk ujan color hitam hehe

Spiffy said...

You mean, the coffee still intact even after you drove off?

Tabik la! LOL!

Incik RestNrilekS said...

Aha.. masa rizal baca post ni, Rizal memang tgh makan donut pun.. tapi donut rm1 3 je.. Minum nescafe o juga.

Tapi.. ayoooo cara anny tulis buat balik ni rizal macam nak singgah dunkin donuts masa lalu mrr2 nanti.. hehe

Incik RestNrilekS said...

Aha, cuba bayangkan kalau ada orang perasan anny bawa kereta lepas tuu berhenti kat tepi nak makan.

Musti dia kata , ish melampau betul orang tu, sampai kopi pun malas nak bawa masuk.. hehehe

Incik RestNrilekS said...

Cerita itu kopi ajer dah terasa nak cuba best ke kopi DD.

Lepas tuu Rizal ni bukan peminat donut, tapi tak kisah makan.

Hari tu masa kat esso ada nampak donut disalut cokelat. Tanya la berapa harga?

Jawab peniaga tu "rm2.50"

"Owhhhh" jawab rizal.. hehe

Anny said...

Those donuts were so soft and yummy Marg.. hhehehehe.. glad i made u hungry :)

My pooches.. one is stubborn (extremely) and another is too playful.. hehhehee.. but they do try hard to train me well every other day to follow them and do all their biddings :D

have a great weekend!

Anny said...

6am memang torture for me Marzie.. i love my bed and my sleep.. and and it is the best time to sleep.. hehehhee.. but responsibilities sometimes have to override my sleep.

i dun mind a coffee now actually.. i am so sleepy at 3pm

Anny said...

hahahhaa.. "we" sure can rite very long windy posts Ness.. and you know who the other person is :)

glad i made u smile.. :p

memang blom abis bangun lagi... kalu the kopi terpelanting on top of my car.. memang padan muka saya jugooo

the evil round thingies are still calling out to me every morning when i pass by them on the highway... evil evillllll

hmmm.. now i want cupcake.. hmmm...

Anny said...

i memang cannot wait until i go home Soulie.. hehehhee.. i am a glutton.. even gardenia butterscotch bread also i cannot wait till i go home.. i must eat 1 slice right outside 7-eleven.. hehehehhee

ujan kolor itam mungkin amat menakjubkan :D

Anny said...

i think i have a pretty smart coffee that morning Spiffy :D it knew how to hold on to surfaces :D

Anny said...

i memang suka makan the donut mamak.. the one sprinkled with sugar punya.. :) any donut is still a donut jugak :D

dunkin donuts memang best in the morning Rizal.. cos fresh sangat :D

Anny said...

kopi DD ok sajoooooooo.. i love kopi cap kapal ke.. or kopi dekat kopitiam biasa yg guna kopi cap gajah.. hahhahahahaa.. ipoh memang famous kopi cap gajah :D

donut for 2.50 memang mahal.. cos donut costs tu tak banyak.. hehehe.. tapi aku malas buat donut sendiri.. urmm.. i never buat donut before.. but it should be quite ez :D

but as Nessa says.. the evil round thingies memang always call me on the highway.. i pass them all the time.. and i always fall culprit to the donut on highway.

Anny said...

kalu ada orang prasan.. malu laaa akuuuuuuuuu... nak sangat makan donut sampai kopi pun tertinggal :p