Its been a while since i bore you all with our life stories here. We have gotten busy with work lately and some of the work was giving us a lot of grief. But grief as grief be, we manage to get some sorted out and some still on the way.

When i am working, Dom sits nearby... a heartbeat at my feet. When i glance his way, his ears perk up and with a hopeful look... he seem to ask "are you free to play yet?" When i turn back to my work, i could sense disappointment.

Its great to be able to work from home and to have a furry one beside me. On really warm days, we both just lie on the floor and i'll give him some tummy rubs. He is easily satisfied. With back and tummy rubs, he rolls over and over and yelps in glee. We can go on and on with the tickle games and he will still yelp in glee. Such a simple minded creature. Not quite a creature of habit but certainly the most well behaved one. He does have better manners than some people i know. *LOL*

My dad usually sings with youtube on his computer while playing spider solitaire. He has the headphones on so as to hear better and to let me have some quiet time to work. But sometimes he sings out loud to some of his favourites and you know when he has the song on loop. He goes on and on with the same song. Sometimes by different singers of the same song. That's the wonder of Youtube.

Today my dad was singing this song by Hank Williams, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry. At one point, i thought i heard him singing, I'm so lonesome i could die. Yes, we could get a bit melodramatic when we are bored. And when he stresses on the dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... i guess he must really be lonesome and bored.

Why do people get bored? We should fill our time creatively with things to do. For an old man who's been there and done that, don't you dare tell him to find things to do. *LOL* But what am i to do with my bored old man.

Everybody's busy living their own lives to notice this old man. Everyone has their things to do but not this old man. Even Dom is busy snoozing and running after cats.

Then it comes back to the issue of companionship. How important it is to have one to hold hands with when we are old and grey. My parents were the perfect siamese twins. They go everywhere together. They do everything together. But mom had to go first and left my old man to fend for himself.

I am not exactly one with a lot of patience. My dad tries very hard on some days to make me happy. He buys me breakfast everyday. He reminds me to drink water each time he passes by my window. He reminds me to sleep early. Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming because i have lived on my own for a while before i came home. He asks me a lot of questions in a day. Usually he asks me where are his things and if he kept it with me. My poor dad.

I live in a community where there's more old people around me than young ones. The young ones have fled to the city to work and build their own lives. When i was walking Dom the other day, i met my childhood friend's mom who lives few rows away. She was quite happy to chat with me and showed me all the things she has planted in her garden. She even asked me if i wanted this plant and that plant.

I asked if my friend has come home lately. With downcast eyes, she said... she hasn't come home since Chinese New Year. But she still defended her own child and said, you know she's busy. Chinese New Year is like six months ago. And to come back and see your mom is just a two hours drive away. How busy can you be. I told her, if she can't come back, you go over there to see her. Then she smiled. She continue to chatter away about the vegetables on her plot and ask if i wanted to take some home. Makes me miss my own mom.

How busy are we really. Our parents were never too busy to give us the time of day. I'll end this post with one of the seasonal Petronas commercials by Yasmin. She keeps reminding us about filial piety even in death. May God Bless her soul.

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The Daily Pip said...

Thanks for sharing your life with us! Life goes by so quickly and we are so busy that sometimes we forget what is really important!

Your pal, Pip

BeadedTail said...

I work from home too and it's so nice having the furbabies close by although they don't understand that I can't always play with them. I do sneak in more play times than my boss knows!

It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your dad. It is true that people use the excuse of being busy way too often and it's sad that your friend hasn't taken the time to come see her mom who's only 2 hours away. I'm sure she appreciated visiting with you about her garden though.

Nessa said...



so many thots swirling in my head...

some of us are so busy to even notice the ppl around them...

Unknown said...

You are most welcome Pip :) Our lives are for sharing.

Life does go by quite fast on some days for me, but for an old man the hours could be dragging on.

Unknown said...

It is always very nice to have a heartbeat at your feet.. or a few heartbeats :) glad you are just as lucky as i am.

They don't understand that we cannot play all the time but they don't really get angry if you don't play with them. The minute they know we are free, tails are wagging and everything is forgotten.

My relationship with my dad is better than some and i should be so lucky. I wish i had more patience sometimes *LOL* But i am trying.

Unknown said...

Oh boy.. i didn't mean to upset you with this post Ness.. it was meant for some other people. Its the little things that matter most. Cheer up ya! *hugs*

Nessa said...

It's OK, Anny :)

Me ok oredi... I love thot provoking posts. Keep writing the way you do :)

Something was troubling me for quite sometime and it struck me deeply when you wrote...'But mom had to go first and left my old man to fend for himself'.

My dad is very close to mom and when she left... well, he kinda wilted away. Now, he's bedridden.. unable to move nor talk.

Sometimes I wished he moved on, found someone then maybe he would have never got sick. Am I selfish or stupid to even feel that way? :(

Spiffy said...

It's good to be bored once in a while cos when we get too busy, we tend to forget loads of things and sometimes we forget the people we love also ... as someone dear to me told me, we need to slow down and smell the roses once in a while ... :D

And I like your dad's taste in music :D

Unknown said...

Late night posts are always a bit on the deep.. *LOL* so sorry if i have made you sad. Sometimes the posts are just about clearing the mind before the end of the day.

When you are troubled, its good to share it with someone.. or write it down somewhere. It helps. Don't keep it pent up inside. It just eats you away.

Your dad would be like mine.. the siamese twins type. They are those who only love once and its forever in a lifetime. Old skool and very repectable kind of love. They find it hard to move on when the other half is gone. They just give up on living. Which is wrong.

We remember with love but we must carry on living.

I am so sorry to hear about your dad. Like i told my sisters, i am ok if my dad found someone new. Its all about companionship. The road is long and weary if we were to walk it alone. With a companion by our side, it should be a walk to remember.

You are not selfish to think such thoughts. The heart aches so much to see them wilt away that we only hope for the best solution.

Talk to the one closest to you. The one beside you each day. You will feel better when you get it out. *Hugs*

Unknown said...

It is good to be bored once in a while cos when i am bored.. i'll usually nap away. *LOL*

When we get bz, we do tend to forget our loved ones and we assume that they won't mind. We also assume that they will always be around when we are not bz anymore.

We really should slow down sometimes... and be like Pebbles. Nap and eat.. nap and eat :p

My dad's taste of music is pretty good.. but i wish he didn't go... I'm so lonesome I could dieeeeeeeeeee.. spooky.

leewo said...

i just told myself this morning to go home to see my parents twice a month instead of once. i think I have to...
lovely writing!

Unknown said...

Sometimes time do not allow us to do it that constantly but if we did try, it could happen. You can all take the electric train next time.. it would be easier :) launching next month.

Anonymous said...

Yasmin's art always gets me everytime..well done Anny on the post. Made me cry a river..i miss my mom..


Soulie said...

I miss my parents! Just like you, when my mom passed away, i knew my dad was bored. Luckily, most of our neighbors were around my dad's age so they can hang out together. But it's not the same as companionship. And now he's gone too, life is so lonesome without parents.

Unknown said...

Yasmin's art always gets us somehow.. Don't cry Stormy.. i'm sure both our moms are having a ball up in heaven :)

Unknown said...

I'm sure you miss your parents everyday Soul!

Its never quite the same as the wife for companionship. I am sure Bem and you will be great parents one day soon... very soon. You are both very nice people.