How should i start this posty. Bummer. I thinks i have been "abouts" to starts a post and i got sidelined again and again and went off to play at another playground. It has been daysssssssssssssssssssssssss... And strangely, i am beginnings to talk like some doxie i've met lately. A very strange doxie mind you. With an even strange name. Puddles is her names. Before i becomes a doxie, i should quit talkings urmmms.. writings like one. *LOL*

I love this Puddles. She is so funny. You should go check her out if you need a good laugh or if yous am a wantings to talks funny. Ops! Quit quit talking.. urms.. writing like a doxie.

PP's been around here for the past 2 weeks. He's having a ball of a time sweating and running at super sonic speed in the garden. Trust me. For a fat fella.. urmm.. i mean for a well framed doggie, he sure can run fast. Sometimes his feet don't even touch the ground *LOL*

The first few days he came, he has been giving me disrupted sleep. On one particular night, he woke me up 3 times between 12 to 6am to take a leak. And all three were big leaks *LOL* He sure have a very small tank. Or probably he was cold from sleeping on the floor. His bed is a on the thinning side. Walking around with panda eyes for days, it suddenly hit me to put a thick towel under his bed. Walla! No more midnight leaks for the little one. He slept through till morning. Finally.


I live among a private investigator and an inspector. Both of them are quite serious when they are on the job.

Each time i come back from somewhere, i get questioned by the private investigator for a few minutes before i can put my things down. I am not even suppose to move while i am being interrogated.

The Private Investigator

First i get scolded for leaving the house without him. Even before i can open the door, there will be a lot of yelling.. urmm i mean barkings. Then i fumbled and drop my keys and stuffs... that will probably induced more scoldings.

I get sniffed from toe to toe and my bags and gears have to be checked too. *LOL* Sometimes when he's not fully satisfied with his interrogation, he'll run to the room after i have changed and still check on the clothings again. Even the car tires get checked.

The PI and his yellow sidekick

When he's not throughly happy, he will start complaining to his yellow sidekick. His yellow sidekick has been through good times and bad times with him. He knows he can trust his yellow sidekick. He complains for quite a while grumbling away to his ever faithful yellow. Its funny to see a furry fella grumbling away.

sometimes he smiles

When he's happy, he's quite a darling. For a small little fella, he's quite a clean freak. He doesn't like to walk on the grass. But lately he does... to poo only and quickly run back to the cement floorings. *LOL* Have you ever encountered a doggie that don't like grass?

Now he has become quite a scruffy fella. *LOL* Quite like his brother Dom and me. When you can't beat them, join them. He's happy. Really he is. You should see him run. He flies like the wind.

Today dad and i have a new name for him. Batu. Batu means rock in our language. When you called out to him, he doesn't come to you. He's a urmmm.. a shitzu after all. *LOL* They are supposed to be arrogant else they cannot live up to their name. But if you wave a treat in his direction, he'll come flying to your side in less than a second.

This small fella's been in my life off and on for many years now. He is usually with my sister and sometimes he stays with me for weeks. I've always enjoyed his antics and company. A shitzu and a poodle make quite a weird combination but they are good friends. They don't talk much but i guess both of them speak a different language. But they do look out for each other.

Its getting a bit late now. I probably have to get to The Inspector tomorrow or probably some other day :) I do not know what i have written up there. *LOL* My mind's a bit tired lately and quite a lot of projects to finish before September comes. Goodnites folks :)

Please don't mind my ramblings :p

blissful creature

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Maggie Mae said...

Sniffin out where are peoples has been is a very important job! I knows Puddles, her is a good furiend of mine..I luvs her. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

3 doxies said... funs to talks like me ain't it? Thanks you so very much furs your compliments on my luverly self, I so very much happy dat ya'll likes my bloggie. Oooh, I thinks I be's blushing now.
They is nuttin wrong with an interrogation when da peoples come home, dat be's our job. I likes to even go through mums purse too...hehehe! Just makin' sures her didn't takes my stuffies anywheres.


houndstooth said...

BOL! We have a private investigator here, too!


P.S. We've heard Puddles spreads like a contagious disease or something!

BeadedTail said...

It's impawtant to inspect humans after they come back inside to make sure they aren't hiding treats! He's a mighty cute PI!

Mr. Pip said...

These are just the cutest pictures ever!!!!

Your pal, Pip

Spiffy said...

Hahaha ... Piper sure sounds like Pebbles. She does the same yelping at us routine if we come back from our shopping sessions too late! And then we'll need to pass her 'smell' inspection before we can really set foot inside the house :D

Train la Piper to use the toilet like what Pebbles does ... hehehe ...

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh are 'dose pho-toes cutes!!
Puddles is very funny.. we's knows hers!! She's so CraZy!! SNORTS!!

Keeps ups 'da good snoopervising works!!

Pug Hugs!!
Josie, IzZY, and Anakin Man

Jean said...

I enjoyed your rambling very much.:D)
Thanks for visiting my blog. Y'all have a great day!

DP said...

Ooooh how precious!!!!!!!! SOOOO CUTE!

-DP and Gracie
Tails and Misadventures of a First Time Shih Tzu Owner