Here's a recipe to share with you guys... from my best buddy :) The dish has a special name to remind me of my own folly with this dish.

Ikan Tauchu ala Jab

Ingredients you need:
  1. 3 mackerels (ikan kembung)
    One tablespoon tumeric powder + half tablespoon salt. Mix them and rub a dub them fishes. Don't forget to make vertical cuts in the fish so that the tumeric can get in.
  2.  Four tablespoon tauchu (fermented soybeans)
  3. One tablespoon sweet soya sauce
  4. One big onion cut into rings
  5. One half cucumber, cut into long quarters
  6. Two cloves garlic, chopped
  7. Four shallots chopped
  8. Three red chillies cut into large pieces
  9. One inch ginger cut into matchsticks
  10. One level tablespoon sugar
  11. Half cup water
  12. Half teaspoon tamarind paste to soak in a small bowl of water
  13. One teaspoon cornflour mixed with three tablespoon water
  • Deep fry fish until its crispy (to prevent the hot oil from dancing and jumping on to you, put some slices of onions in oil first). Set aside.
  • In a pan, put some oil and fry the shallot, chillies, ginger and garlic.
  • Put in the tauchu, water, cucumber, sugar, sweet soya sauce (no need salt as the tauchu is already salty). Put in the tamarind paste water. Then put in the large onion slices.
  • Let the cucumber be soft To thicken the sauce, put in the cornflour mix if u want.
  • Pour the sauce on the ikan and eat with lots of hot rice.
If you follow the instructions and ingredients closely, you will get something like this.

If you do not read instructions before you cook and leave out some key ingredients, you will get something like this... (don't laugh so loud la)

Do you see the vast difference and the follies you will get them fishes into if you don't read instructions BEFORE you cook. And not WHILE you are cooking :)

Anyways.. the darkkkkkkkkkkkk one was mine. It was pretty salty because i didn't add the cucumbers and i didn't follow the measurements properly. (I won't make a good baker). Tauchu and tamarind paste are salties, so cucumbers are important here to soak up them saltiness a little. We forgot about them cucumbers.

While dad and i were having that with rice, i had to hang my head in shame and told dad... urmm urmm.. you might need to go easy with the sauce.. scrape the sauce aside and just eat the fish *LOL*

Well... my dad loves to have his food pretty salty. Sometimes he will even have a small bowl of light soya sauce and chillies to dip his chicken or meat. His sodium intake is no good for someone his age. I am not quite helping much for coming up with such saltiness for dinner.

I bet his BP and his PSA levels went sky rocket high that night.

For the sake of my dad's health... i think its best that i stick to steaming fish or chicken for dinner :) Steaming dishes are the safest :)

Thanks to my buddy for the lovely recipe. If you are adventurous enough, you might want to try this dish. Its pretty good :) Just follow them ingredients and instructions. Its a tried and tested dish. Not by me because i don't do instructions well :)

As for dinner tonight, i'm just going to go to the Pasar Ramadhan stalls and get some real delicious food :) Its the fasting month for our muslim friends. Every evening, we have quite a big selection of things to buy to eat. I am gonna get some mini murtabaks :D I'll catch some pictures for you if it doesn't rain this evening.

We might be going on the road this weekend :) I promised someone i'll check out her exhibition before it ends... and its gonna end soon. The little one above misses home too. Probably we'll be away.

Now we got to go back to looking at some crummie codes. I am not even a programmer. I do not understand basic logic for codes. *LOL* Some people do ask for the moon.

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Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Interesting recipe ... thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Spiffy said...

Aiyaaaaa no need recipe la, just send the thing here by Mr. Raju la ... LOL!

And you can also put in that poor sad fellow together. Pebbles would be pretty darn happy to have some company ... hehehe ...

Maggie Mae and Max said...

My dad does not likes fish so he would never even try this dish, but my mom says it looks interesting so someday she might try it. Let's just hope she follows the recipe.. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

houndstooth said...

That's one interesting recipe, but we don't eat fish here! I hope you enjoyed it, though!


The Daily Pip said...

Have a great trip!

Your pal, Pip

Ann said...

Your dish looks quite um....interesting :) Have a great night.

BeadedTail said...

We didn't laugh too much! Hee hee! Mistakes happen but it sounds like it was still okay to eat even though a little salty. There's some ingredients in that recipe I've never heard of. It's always interesting to learn about new types of flavors!

Nessa said...

Anny, why your dish looks so gelap?? ;) Terlebeh kichap ni kan... hehe

I love dish cooked this way (pref. sweet & sour) but hold the tauchu cos I don eat tauchu :(

I'm glad I've only been to the Bazaar Ramadhan once! XD

Unknown said...

I was giggling a bit a the 2nd foto... b/c that's probably what mom's would look like. It's nice to find recipes that satisfy a salty tooth with low sodium.


3 doxies said...

We won't be trying dat recipe...mum don't cook cuz she don't likes to follow directions...hehehe! But hers likes salt.


Those Elgin Pugs said...

one fish two fish..
red fish blue fish.. hee hee

Looking good!!!

IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

Chewy said...

Wow that is a cool recipe but I do not think we have the ingredits here in Alabama.


Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Unknown said...

Your are most welcome Sugar :) Hope you are having a good weekend too!

Unknown said...

even Mr Raju will flip and run away if he sees the stuffs i cooked *LOL*

i am sure Pebbles would be pretty happy to see Piper.. we should probably let them both meet one of these days.. :)

Unknown said...

Its pretty nice with rice.. and if your mommy loves soury tangy fish.. she'll love this. Most of them ingredients she can get from the asian markets :) and let's hope she follows the recipe Maggie.. *BOL* else she'll end up with something like Anny's

woofs & licks,

Unknown said...

We did enjoy it even though it was a tad salty. Beggars don't get to be choosers... hehhehehehe

thanks for dropping by Bunny!

Unknown said...

We didn't make it for the trip Pip.. mebbe next week :D

Unknown said...

*LOL* Mine always turn out pretty "interesting" Hope you are having a great weekend Ann!

Unknown said...

Mistakes always happen when she cooks! Hopes your mommy didn't rolled on the floor and laughed too loudly Sadie.. *BOL* Even i laughed at her follies..

You can probably get most of the things from chinatown or some asian markets :) these are just the basic stuffs for cooking asian dishes :)

Unknown said...

I don't know why its so gelaps too Ness.. *LOL* Takdo guna thick kicaps too.. hahhahahaa.. but mebbe the tauchu was gelaps :p

sweet & sour is nice with rice.. esp for fish.. steam fish with tauchu is also very nice :D

i've been to Bazaar Ramadhan 2 times :D i am sucha glutton :D

Unknown said...

giggling a bit is fine norwood.. urmm.. Laughing out loud is also good :D Being able to laugh at oneself is good for one's soul :D

urmm.. most of her cookings is quite a disaster... she never learns instructions. She's the worst baker ever.

Unknown said...

I love your mom's idea of not following instructions and the salts too... your mom and my hooman will make great friends Puds!

Unknown said...

one fish two fish.. red fish blue fish.. BOL!

thanks for droppings by Anakin, Izzy & da Josie girl :)

Unknown said...

Probably be a bit hard to find them ingredients in Alabama.. mebbe if there's a chinatown there? or probably an asian market? hehhehe.. but that is if your family loves sweet and sour dishes Chewy :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for dropping by Tagskie :)

the booker man said...

mama and daddy aren't the biggest fish fans, but me and asa say two paws waaaaay up! :)
the booker man

Unknown said...

two paws up? hehehhee.. thanks Booker :)