Hello there! I AM BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!! Do you all remember me?

My name is Piper... and this blog is mine. But some Curly's been hijacking my blog lately. Even though i live in another state and in another house... this blog was started because of me. The small cute fluffy lil one. Yes yes.. i am the small fluffy cute lil one.

I came home last weekend with my momma and momma says that i can stay here for a vacation of sorts :) I am staying here for a while and my momma will come and pick me up soon. I know she will because she loves me and i saw her looking really sad when she left yesterday. I wanted to tell her i don't need a vacation but she says it is good for me to have a little break and have some fun with the Curly.

Curly. He is a riot. He bounces me here and there and in his haste and excitement, sometimes he bounces me to the side. I am just a small little fella and he is like a bouncing ball. But i do love Curly even though his mouth stinks! He is always full of grass all over his Curly self and not refined at all. Even though he is nice to me and share his only toy with me (the noisy ball that spooks me), his mouth still stinks like the sewer.*BOL*

Curly got conned into the car and was carted off for grooming yesterday. I on the other hand got to spend time with MY boy, grandpa and Anny. I got some special noms, lotta tummeh rubs and a massage too. Then i got a photo session and more noms and more tummeh rubs. This is the life.

Poor guy is so tired.. he slept in the car on the way home from the groomers.

Poor Dommy was at Sumomo for only two hours and he was back to being cute and naked like a sheep that's been shaven. He still looks somewhat cute in a way but he will surely never get to my cuteness level. Everybody speaks to me in a different nicer tone (because i am cute and small) and to Dommy in a louder tone because he is a riot. He is like a Curly on a sugar high on some days.

He is pretending to sleep here and trying very hard to look cute.

He's gonna be 9 soon and if you look closely, he has all the aged spots and wrinkles. *BOL* And he still wanna look cute at 9. *BOL*

I got a huge surprise when i got home. There are these two small kitteh cats in the garden. And one of them is like a white ninja. He/She springs here and there as if its little legs were with tiny invicible springs. They love to lie in the flower pots during the day.

I am awfully scared of them as they are very fast. The white ninja even tried to make friends with me today WHILE I WAS TRYING TO POO. Can you believe it. Here i was at the garden trying to poo.. and he walks over and said HI!

Grandpa seems to take a liking to this white kitty and sometimes we can hear him talking to this white kitty. He likes this white kitteh cat as he says it has beautiful blue eyes. Its funny but he only likes this one kitteh cat.

All these kitteh cats come and go. Usually when they are bigger, they go away  to explore the world. Sometimes some of them comes back for a meal or two. Some walk and walk so far, they never find their way back. But we are never short of them kitteh cats here. The regulars usually find their way back.

Its getting late now. I gotta go sleep with MY boy now. I got to sleep in my boy's room. Just me and my boy in his newly painted blue coloured room. He plays with me all the time. Poor Curly is in Anny's room which is much much warmer. I think being cute does have its advantages.

I miss you Mommy. I think of you alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time. And of daddy too. Tell daddy to take care of himself and he can use my yellow bed when he naps in the afternoon.

Goodnight folks :)


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Amber-Mae said...

Hey pooches! Ofcourse we still remember you. OH my look at poor Curly. Don't worry, that's how exhausted I get after standing on the grooming table for hours while being groomed too.

Pee/S: The yellow thing on me was a damp chamois towel. It was placed there to flatten the hair on my rump.

Sandee said...

Awww...how adorable.

Have a terrific day. :)

Piappies World said...

Hello there Piper!

No problem about being away for a while. We also just got back and we finally were able to post about the 1st Dog Run for Wai-Pai and Forgie.

You really look so relaxed and fresh after your trip to the groomers.

Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie

houndstooth said...

I remember you, Piper! Although I've been enjoying Dommy's posts. He has a natural flair for writing, I think! Anyroo, it's good to see you back, and hopefully you'll have fun stuff to share with us!


Anonymous said...

Hi Piper! Oh, it's SO good to see you! And you're just as cute as I remember. Oh, yes, you are! I hope you have a good time on your vacation and that you and Dommy find lots of stuff to do. And you might wanna make furends with that Ninja Kitteh. They seem kinda skeery at first but, well, I just luvs mine.

Wiggles & Wags,

scotsmad said...

Sounds like you are having a great vacation Piper. We'd love to chase those cats....but I guess it's too hot.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Mr. Pip said...

Hey Piper! It is good to see you, but I am sure you miss your mom.

Dommy looks very handsome with his new cut. It looks like he is exhausted, but I bet he is cooler, too. I like my fur short, but sometimes my mom lets it grow too long.

That little kitty looks part siamese (that's where her blue eyes come from). My mom LOVES siamese cats. They are usually super friendly and loving cats.

Your pal, Pip

Ann said...

there is no denying your cuteness Piper.
I used to have a cat that liked to lay in the middle of one of the plants I had in the house. Once he killed the plant from laying in it he had to find himself a new napping spot

yuki the dog said...

hey there piper! Yuki here, I usually chat with dommy but i think we can get along just fine being that we're both so cute. Mom laughed when she read when you told everyone you can see dommy's wrinkles...oh, and the first picture is mom's favorite, she said it's really beautiful and peaceful.

the booker man said...

hihi piper!!

i did not forget about you at all! i was thinkin' maybe you just needed a little breakie, but it sounds like maybe dommy was a little hoggy of the bloggy. teehee.
anywho, it sounds like you are totally gettin' the royal treatment over at miss anny's place. woohoo! dommy, on the other paw, looks way super pooped after his groomin' adventure. BOL!

the booker man

pee s -- i wonder if your grampy would adopt that white kitty??

pee pee s -- you were totally right about me 'n asa being at our grammy 'n grampy's!

BeadedTail said...

We won't forget you Piper! You both are so cute! Looks like getting groomed is a tough job!

Jon Terry said...

Aww..Piper you look so cute and adorable. Mommy love the pic of you sleeping, sweet like an angel. Dommy sure looks great and cute even if he's 9..LOL

Love ya,
Jon Terry

Pebbles said...

Aiyaaaaa you so darned cute, you should come and stay with me la! We can have lots of fun here, I'll even share Mac Taylor with you :D

Urmmm, you can also bring along Dommy la, poor fellow needs some time away from that human with the warmer room la ... come here la and we all can go walkies and bite that no good spaceman together ... hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays Piper! and welcome back..hope they switch on the big AC in the living room just for you.

Domy u still look super cute even at 9..I guess u found the fountain of youth which i never did :D