Days are so warm and even though i love the sun a lot, i am not allowed to roll on them grass in MY garden for very long as SOMEONE says that i bring in a lot of dried grass and sand. What's wrong with dried grass and sand i tell you. They are nature's most lovable things to me. A Curly like myself love my dried grass and sandy garden.

It is summer here in Malaysia all year round.. all 365 days + 1. We sweat more and extremely on some months and somehow SHE says i stink too easily during these months. I never complain that SHE stinks sometimes *shhhhhhhh*. SHE must think that she smells like flowers everyday but hell no. If only she knows. *BOL* She does smell better because she gets 3 or 4 baths a day while i only get one bath a week, surely i stink more... i think. Even a Curly can do the maths here.

My Boy's been bored lately. He should play more with me and give me tummeh rubs. Then he won't be bored... i think. He should take me for long walks but he's in a world of his own. Cloud 11 maybe. Aimless creatures of the night. Sometimes he talks to me. I try to keep him company as best i could. I stay in his room in the late evening to keep him company but sometimes he is too busy playing with his puters thingies and forget i am there.

Then i worry about the one that feeds me. SHE is in another room all alone and SHE might be snacking on something delicious and i could be missing out. And then there's grandpa... i have to keep an eye on him too because he gets lonely sometimes. But grandpa don't give me tummeh rubs. He just shares his food with me. That makes him my bestest friend.

Even though everyone says that a dog gets the best deals around because we do not have to work... but... i do have to do a lot. I am the social magnet in the house that connects all of them dots. Without me, them dots will be aimless and lonely... i think.

Some people do not know what wonderful companions we can be. We listen to all your woes and troubles and we lie on your lap while hoping for a tummeh rub. We just listen without trying to get a word in. We give you an occational nuzzle nudge or a lick to show you we understand.

Kids should have a dog or two or many many doggies while growing up. We are wonderful educators. We teach them to turn around three times before they lie down. We teach them to be humane and kind. Sometimes we also teach them to give tummeh rubs.. hehehe We make the bestest friends that any kid could ever have.

When you have a dog at home, how can you ever be bored. Right? Right?

Here's my boy and i. We do a lot of snoozing on them floors lately.

My boy has to wear a yellow funny face as sometimes... he drool when he sleeps. He is also quite good looking and he might take all the attention from me.

Here we are snoozing again.. hehehehe.. We do a lot of this lately. Its called urmm... bonding or so SHE says.

We want to thank everyone for their kind words and comments for the last post. You are all very kind. We will try not to let her get too personal on this doggy blog next time. This blog is suppose to be all about Curly and Mr P if he EVER comes back. I miss my little brother.

Thank you again for letting HER share her thoughts and thank you for listening. It really means a lot to her that total strangers can care so much.

Her friend is okay for now. Her session went well yesterday. Some nausea. They were laughing out loud about some hair tonic thingy and they might check out a pink wig soon as Georgia's momma suggested.

Got to go now. I hear someone eating something in the hall. Must be grandpa.


11 woofs:

Terrorzinhos said...

We love sleep on the floor too!
It's sooo fresh!

Have a nice day!

Casper Bear said...

I like to sleep on the floor too when it's hot, but unfortunately we don't seem to get many hot days here where I live! You look very happy and comfy Dommy!
Lotsa Licks
Casper Bear

Sandee said...

Bonding is a good thing and we let our Little Bit roll around on the grass all the time. She loves it and it's okay with us. We just vacuum more often.

Have a woof woof day. :)

yuki the dog said...

good to hear mom's friend's session went well yesterday. oh, by the way you are too cute, i really like the picture with you in the grass :)

houndstooth said...

Oh, I love summertime when we all get to be lazy together and never have to rush! I wish it were endless!


Anonymous said...

Shew! Your family sure is lucky to have you, Dommy! What would they do if you weren't around to give them stuffs to do like pet you and gives you treats. I bet they would be super duper bored and feel just useless.

And I don't care how handsome your boy is, I bet he could never steal attention from YOU!

Wiggles & Wags,

scotsmad said...

You're right. We do lots of work! Those tiles look nice and cool in the hot weather.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

georgia little pea said...

dear Dommy,

i hope you got some food from grandpa. i hope you know humans are quite trainable and you should be able to get tummeh rubs from him too if you practise your sad and lonely look. it works for me very well.

i don't know why humans are so fussed about sand and grass and mud either. let me tell you a dirty little secret - i get my toes, belly and head hosed down almost every morning after my big play. i even get my butt wiped before bedtime [sometimes].

and they wonder why i'm a psycho dog.

i'm glad your momma's friend is doing better. pink rules!

have a great weekend :) xox

Ann said...

looks like you are having a good time bonding :)

Mr. Pip said...

Hi Dommy! This is a very handsome picture of you! You sure are a busy doggie! I agree, we dogs are the glue that holds everything together sometimes.

I think I missed a post about your mommy's friend. I hope she is OK. I will go back and read it.

Your pal, Pip

Lorenza said...

Sleeping on the floor is pawesome!
It feels soooo fresh, right?
Glad you are having a good time with your boy!
Kisses and hugs