A few moons ago, i showed you all my new friend in the blue sock. It sure got a few of you stumped... and wondered what it was.. *BOL* I had fun laughing at your comments. Thank you so much for entertaining me. Curly's don't get entertained much these days.

The reason my new friend was/is in a sock is because its too big for me to carry around. I am after all just a fat regular poods. Before i tell you how my silly hooman got the brilliant idea to put it in a sock, i will tell you who the kind soul that send me the "friend".

I had a chat with my friend Stormy many moons ago. I told Stormy i saw this very cute interesting noisy thing on Wilfee's side. Wilfee is having so much fun with this brilliant toy that i wish it was Christmas. But last Christmas, i didn't get any toys too. All i get are crummy bandanas.. and just a greenie. Yes, my hooman is a stinky cheapo cheapskate. But still i wish it was Christmas.

Stormy listen to my bla bla bla and my wa wa wa.. and all the woof woof wuuffff wuffs patiently. Secretly, Stormy found the toy on the cloud of the wey wey wey and bought it for me. Stormy tried to surprise me but Stormy don't do secrets very well. Stormy told me abouts it after he ordered it and i waited and i waited and i waited. Then SHE was on that road trip... and i was going OH MY... we cannots go on road trips... but SHE didn't listen to me. Murphy's Law. Each time you wait for something to arrive in the mail, it always comes when you are NOT at home.

Its a good thing we have good neighbours and many relatives around. Someone saved my big package from the rain and sunshine and dog poo and thieves and and kitteh cats.

When i came home from Sumomo, a biggie of a present was a waiting for me. I was deeeeeeeeelighted... and ask HER to open it quick. I think SHE was more excited than i was... and forgots to take pictures. So here this is my new friend before SHE tore it out quickly and played with it instead of ME. Can you believe my silly dood hooman.

Here it is again... shouting out very loudly and begging us to TRY IT. The nerve of this new friend telling me what to do.

I showed IT who's the boss in the house and took a leaf off Booker's post of today. This picture is specially for you Booker.

I toot and just tooted the Babble Ball till IT rolled off quickly. *BOL* Serves it right for scaring me all the time with the roars. *shudders*

After all that's been said and done, i have to say this. I do love my Babble Ball a lot. It is a lot of fun and when them hoomans are out, it keeps me company. Sometimes i thought the kitteh cat has come into the house but it is just my friend Babble mewing away *BOL* 

The reason SHE put it in a sock is so that i can carry it around. We got the idea from Wilfee's mama. She is brilliant to think of putting it in a sock for Wilfee so that he can find it.

Thank you so much Stormy. I will try not to bark at you so much and get at your ankles next time. Be sure to bring me lotta nom noms when you come by next.

Modeling sure is hard work. I am doing all this for just some nom noms and a belly rub. Its a day job.

Now i believe that Christmas can happen everyday of the year. Ho Ho Ho. Did i tell you about the... thing i saw on.. urmmm.. are you there Stormy??

15 woofs:

the booker man said...


heeheehee!! you tooted out your babble ball thingie!! good one, dude! i got the tears rollin' down my snooter cuz i'm gigglin' so hard!


so your friend stormy is super duper mega cool to send you that babble ball, and what a grrreat idea to put it in the sock so it's way easy like to carry around! plus, you can totally swing the sock around and bop somebuddy in the head with the babble ball, and it'll be all like, "MEOW!" or "ROAR!" or whatevs. wouldn't that be totally funny? bwuahaha!

the booker man

pee s -- i wanna help make it christmas at your house every day, too, but SOMEBUDDY still needs to send me their snail mail addie!!!

Mike K said...

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Thank You

Mr. Pip said...

Such great pictures of you today! Don't you just love getting gifts. The ball looks like lots of fun and your mom was very clever to put it in the sock.

Your pal, Pip

Bailey Be Good! said...

OOOOH, a Babble Ball?! I gotta get me one of those! It looks like fun!

Happy Friday woofs & hugs,


scotsmad said...

That was a great surprise. We'll have to look for one, too. Though we pretty much like chasing lizards and stuff.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

Sam said...

We should get one of those for Sam and Monty!


Lorenza said...

Good job showing your new friend who is boss!
Stormy was very nice sending it to you!
Kisses and hugs

Pebbles said...

I'm jealous ... that looks like a nice toy. That cheapo spaceman doesn't get me any cool toys like that. If you don't want it, send it to me ok?

houndstooth said...

We've been curious about those Babble Balls ever since we saw it on Wilf's site, too! I am so glad you found one and that you liked it. I'm going to have to bark at Mom to bring one home for us!


Anakin Man said...


You are just super adorable!
Your new toy looks super cool-

That is 'prolly one toy my sister IzZY could not destroy- heeheehaha!!


Ann said...

that is a super cool toy Dommy. I sure wish my human would get one of those for me.
My mom says that those pictures of you are WAY cool :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Domy, ur most welcomed and i promise to bring u lots of healthy type nom noms when i come for my visit..


P/S: Please don't try to nip at me fingers too much next time ok :D

Happy.Bark.Days said...

Miss Maple is so envious! How she wishes her orange ball can babble and jiggle and totter off like yours. Must be quite entertaining for your hoomans to watch you play with your new friend/toy! What great pictures of you, Dommy. We're loving your polkadot bandana :)

Chicco said...


I love the photos...
that ball was so cute, your mom was very clever putting it in the socks!
Happy sunday.
Woof, woof,


BeadedTail said...

We've never seen one of those balls but it looks like fun! We love the photos of you and hope you got lots of treats for that modeling session!