This dog is hungry. We saw it looking for food.. scraps of food by the lake at Gunung Lang, Ipoh. If she is fast, she could get herself a very big fish as there were a lot of fishes just by the jetty and near where she is now.

This house was filled with hungry kids... teens to be exact last week. It was the school holidays in Malaysia and my niece and nephews were home. It was nice to have so many people in the house. We even had one of their friends who stayed with us for a few days. The last of the kids left this morning.

Dom was so busy herding people here and there, he even forgot about his naps.

Blimey! Herding sure is hard work. I got kids flowing outta my earssssssssssss...

I had fun too torturing my sister's kids :) 

First, i told them.. this is a self-service house. 
You need anything... get it yourself. 
If you are hungry, fry an egg or eggs or find something to eat. 
After you eat.. wash your own plates. 
When you wake up.. fold your blankies... 
When you open the door.. close it back...
Open a shampoo bottle... close it back.. 
and and and.. 
yada yada yada.. 
nag nag nag... 
i didn't know i could nag so much *LOL* 
Then it got to.. take Dom for a walk.. 
and and.. 
hang the clothes out to dry.. urmm.. 
keep the clothes.. 
fold the clothes.. urmm.. urmm.. 
i can be quite a slave driver sometimes.

Actual fact, i am the slave ^-^ most of the time. But they did help a lot in the house. It was fun to have them around. You can poke them and open their eyes to get them to wake up. They don't get angry with you. You can nag the living daylights out of them, they will still smile and grin at you. You can ask them to wash a whole lot of dishes and pots, they don't mind. My sister did bring up some very nice kids. She did well there.

The above picture of the hungry dog by the lake was taken by my niece Rachel. As she is the youngest in the house, we always bully her. Her brothers and me. She's a tough one, she always smiles even when she is bullied. Her brothers calls her the blurr one.

She loves to draw and she loves photography. She never handled a SLR before. But to teach her to be more observant of her surroundings, we made her the official photographer that day when we went on our outing. Quite a big heavy camera for a kid of 14 to handle but she did well. She had the biggest grin on her face that day. She took some very nice shots. Very steady hands.

Children can be quite brilliant if they are given the chance. They are always hungry to learn. 

With social media taking their world by storm, children see more of their computer or mobile screen more than the faces of their loved ones or the things that are around them. They would stand to lose so much in the years to come. They might only see the Rafflesia in wikipedia and never know what a beautiful but stinking flower it is in real life.

Social media. Are you good or bad for us.

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Ann said...

wow your niece did a great job with the camera. Perhaps she will be a world famous photographer some day :)
I can't believe Dom forgot about napping. Is he catching up on them now?

scotsmad said...

We love the blogging world of dogs, but otherwise stay off social media. We prefer the face-to-face uninterrupted communication between people....and dogs....and nature.

Sounds like you had a GREAT time with the relatives. The hungry dog is a beautiful photo even if the subject is sad.

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

yuki the dog said...

your niece's pic came out so good! very talented :)

Mr. Pip said...

First of all, Dommy get some rest after your busy weekend!

We agree about kids. They can be so creative if given the opportunity. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line of life, most of lose touch with those gifts.

Your pal, Pip

Lorenza said...

Sure it was an interesting time herding people there!
My mom does the same thing whenever my cousins come to stay with us!
Kisses and hugs

baincardin said...

Jom breakfast! :)

Spiffy said...

Yup, it's official, you're a slave driver ... hahaha!

Aiyooo and kesian that dog has to look for food unlike a particular little diva I have over here that is sometimes hand fed!

Maybe I should just show her this picture.

BeadedTail said...

We feel sorry for the hungry dog! Your niece did take wonderful photos of him though. We hope Dom was able to catch up on his naps!

Sandee said...

I want to feed the poor hungry dog. Bless her heart.

Dom must have really been herding if he forgot about napping. Wow.

Have a terrific day. :)

Chewy said...

Wow you guys were busy! Your niece takes good pictures!


houndstooth said...

Your niece has a fantastic eye! She should study art!

Forgot about napping? What is the world coming to?


Anny said...

She will probably be great one day.. with the right opportunities that come her way.

Dom is catching up on sleep now Ann.. :) still snoozing away.

Anny said...

We love the blogging world of furries too.. but i try to stay off the social media radar :)

We had a great week with the kids. The hungry dog did find some things to eat as there's a food shop near by. Sad but she looks happy to be free to roam.

You would love this place Bella. You love the water.

Anny said...

Thanks Yuki. I will tell her that.

Anny said...

Dommy did rest.. and is still napping Pip.. hehehe.. do not worry. He sneaked in many naps in between.

Some children do lose touch with their gifts... but hopefully with the right guidance, they will be on the right track for a while.

yuki the dog said...

hey there,
it's award night for so many bloggers! but i wanted to let you know we have awarded you with the Inspirational Blogger award. stop on by whenever you get a chance and pick up the badge, :)

Remington said...

Cool post!

Elizabeth said...

Could I hire you to nag my kids sometime? What I wouldn't do for a nearby nagging Auntie. :)

The social media thing is a double-edged sword, especially with kids. Balance is essential, but kids need good adult role models in order to find it. Such a tough topic.